Who is
jack broudy?

Jack Broudy is a passionate tennis player, coach, speaker, author, inventor and one of the most accomplished tennis mentors in the world. Jack is now making his revolutionary teaching methods available to all. Broudy worked with many of today's top-ranked American tennis players during their formative years, including Sam Querrey, Steve Johnson, Coco Van der Weigh, Abbigail Spears. He also influenced today's top tennis coaches with his system and tennis training devices, including Emilio Sanchez, Nick Bolletierri, and many college coaches including Peter Smith of USC Championship tennis teams. Jack is a mentor to thousands of tennis coaches and tennis players around the globe. According to Jack, “to become a real tennis player you need a real tennis education, as mere tips and drills alone won't do it. You need a tennis philosophy on which you can depend. This is a complete tennis system based in mathematics."

the birth of broudy tennis

I played tennis my whole life - high school, USTA Nationals Junior tournaments and college ball, both D1 and D3. I was a typical journeyman, who worked hard but couldn't hit my opponent off the court. In tennis terms I had always wanted to be a baller (big hitter) and not a grinder (retriever.) Like many tennis players I played to not lose. I thought it was simply nerves but I have since discovered, looking back, I didn't have the solid, natural tennis strokes of the top players. So my quest began in the Juniors. I would watch the best junior tennis players in my area that I looked up to - guys like Ferdi Taygan, John Hayes and others. They put the ball where they wanted, played steady and could dial it up and hit big, seemingly whenever they wanted. They never appeared to play nervous or with any fear of losing. They played to win. That's what I wanted. Through my decades of tennis experience and the mathematical study of movements in nature (like the waving of a flag, the cracking of a whip) I uncovered the thin red line that goes through all of the great ball strikers. I don't want others to go through the frustration, time and money I experienced trying to play this better game of tennis. All of our players and coaches love the way they play. As all of our sertified tennis pros will tell you "there's nothing like it." I'm so happy to be able to bring this game to you.

Everyone agrees, “Broudy tennis system is the best!”


My brother Bob and I have known the fluid strokes and the feeling of being “connected" in the game of tennis for much of our lives. It’s great to know the science behind this feeling, so as to use this knowledge to play even better.  Jack's revolutionary system and various training devices, can help every player feel the natural strokes."

Mike Bryan, World #1 ATP Doubles
Juraj Novota, Student

Jack is the first coach who patiently taught me how to use my hips properly and to play tennis non-linear. Using Jack’s concept of non-linear I can create power while staying balanced and dictate the play on my terms with fluid and powerful strokes. My tennis enjoyment has increased greatly and I’m ready for more as playing non-linear is so enjoyable and addictive. Thank you Jack!”

Juraj Novota, Student
Will Boucek, Founder & CEO of The Tennis Tribe

Jack can teach technique more effectively and faster than any coach I’ve ever seen. I once watched him teach a beginner to serve in less than 20 minutes. The student served with incredible pace and accuracy. When I watched it, I remember thinking “tennis coaches have been teaching the serve wrong this whole time!” If you have the chance to learn from Jack, I highly recommend it!”

Will Boucek, Founder & CEO of The Tennis Tribe