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Jack works with players and coaches 1-on-1 virtually, either in real-time or through personalized tennis videos. With Zoom/Skype meetings, you are able to work on your technique or practice drills in real-time and be coached by Jack where he will analyze your movement and show you precisely what your next steps should be, in order to ingrain new good habits.

Jack offers virtual tennis training at your home and you can take him to the court.

You can set up a camera tripod and Jack can watch you play, analyzing your tennis strokes. By the end of your session, you will understand exactly how to proceed with your game. There is no question that real-time, virtual lessons are as valuable as tennis lessons on court with Jack.

Plus you get the video from each lesson! Jack often includes slow motion video with his comments and/or side-by-side video showing your tennis strokes as they compare with those of top players.

Many tennis players love virtual private tennis lessons in part because there is no pressure to perform and you can detail your concerns with your tennis technique without being put on the spot. You will see exactly what you need to practice and you will incorporate this into your game at your own pace, on your own time. This is an intelligent and dignified way to take tennis lessons that has proven extremely beneficial for countless coaches and students of all levels - beginners to touring players.

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Everyone agrees, “Broudy tennis system is the best!”


My brother Bob and I have known the fluid strokes and the feeling of being “connected" in the game of tennis for much of our lives. It’s great to know the science behind this feeling, so as to use this knowledge to play even better.  Jack's revolutionary system and various training devices, can help every player feel the natural strokes."

Mike Bryan, World #1 ATP Doubles
Bob & MJ Esther, Students

Bob & MJ Esther, Students