Beyond Tennis

The best stick for your strokes.



Find the sweet spot. Every. Time.

Train yourself from the outside in

Excalibur teaches you how to line up to the 45.
Unlike our Swivels that teach you how to line up the 45 from the inside,
Excalibur teaches you how to do it from the contact inward to your core.

Get deeper into your hit

You'll learn how to get more leverage while using less effort.
Everyone knows the racket has a sweet spot. But, not many take into effect that the ball has one, too.
Excalibur will teach you to find it more consistently, giving you a more powerful, penetrating shot.

Dial in your lag with the correct arm shape

Excalibur forces you to do everything right.
With the length of Excalibur being exactly 27", you'll be forced to have the correct arm shape on every shot.
Long gone are the days of, "all my shots feel different!" and in are the days of "I can't miss!"

Improve your tunnel vision on contact

No other training aid has this small of a sweet spot.
There's only one place to hit the ball absolutely perfect. Excalibur trains you to look right at the sweet spot every time you swing.
Unfortunately, there are only so many Excaliburs in existence
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Embark on your training journey with Excalibur and witness a remarkable transformation in your game!
•Unlock the secrets of perfect contact for every stroke as Excalibur guides you to pinpoint the optimal contact point. •Experience the difference as Excalibur trains you to extend your arm upon contact, resulting in enhanced strokes and increased power through improved leverage.
•Gain a whole new perspective on tracking the ball with Excalibur – it's time to elevate your game to new heights!