Andy Dowsett: System-9 ROGY "Learning with Red, Orange and Green Dot Balls"

May 12, 2022
Written By: Jack Broudy
Andy Dowsett: System-9 ROGY "Learning with Red, Orange and Green Dot Balls"

0:00:09.3 Jack Broudy: Hi, I'm Jack Broudy and welcome to live in at the 45. Today, my guest is Andy Dowsett of system 9 tennis system over there in London town. Andy, nice to see you. How are you doing? Congregate to see you. Yeah, we've chatted once or twice, but it's nice to make it official now...

0:00:31.4 Andy Dowsett: Yeah, we've had a few conversations over to Week.

0:00:34.1 Jack Broudy: Yep, yep, yeah, and I'm very impressed with the Rog system I never used, but I probably should have. It just wasn't that big 20, 25 years ago. But the red orange green dot balls, it's quite a thing today, and it's a great way to get players into the game, I think, whether they're juniors or adults, I guess, but hopefully you're gonna answer all my questions today about this stuff and please give yourself a little bit more of an introduction, 'cause like I said, I know where you are, but maybe you wanna mention your club or what it is you primarily do over there in Europe and... I see it.

0:01:17.7 Andy Dowsett: And that will really count the coach EBITDA... I do travel around the world a bit, I've been coaching for 28 years now, which is... It doesn't seem like a long time because it's not really a job as it, but I go around helping clubs, so I spent two and a half years in Denmark, and he came back to England and I'm working out of a club in Essex for a couple of composites, but private, right in the box system in bots and putting my knowledge on paper and on my videos at to see the earnestness before we even get going, where can we find these videos... System known data system, Y9 dot com, if you go there, there's a lot of the courses. We've got online courses, we've got actual causes, both race courses, you can buy the box, we've got the actual courses. It's all do.

0:02:14.5 Jack Broudy: Yeah, I haven't reviewed it. That's why... That's why I contacted you. I was really impressed. I looked at your books and like I said, I'd love to find things that I know nothing about, and this is certainly one he... And I really thought this could help a lot of players across the board, a lot of players, but even more so coaches and a lot of... Rubs you sure, clubs. Yeah, I notice you've been traveling quite a bit lately, that's... Your students at home must be upset... You're away all the time.

0:02:49.3 Andy Dowsett: I think they used to be... Yeah, none can talk to them whatever I want, especially when they're playing tournaments, I'm always chatting to her, I'm always doing a device... I know recently, one of my players, he's playing some great free over here, one one last week, she got from 75-00 12, I got for a semi-final of an under 18 this week, 75 and again under 18, and she got through final grade for you in a final.

0:03:17.3 Jack Broudy: For a 12-year-old, What A Phenom that me... What a phenom.

0:03:21.7 Andy Dowsett: Eakin, 28 years of coaching. I'm gonna say she's probably the best one I've worked with and come across.

0:03:29.9 Jack Broudy: That's saying something... I know that that's saying something there are especially...

0:03:36.0 Andy Dowsett: But she works, and when the first couple of closer, I would have said and I are Red Bull, but she was at stage six a system like... Wow.

0:03:46.3 Jack Broudy: Is that raise began on the red.

0:03:49.1 Andy Dowsett: Ball? No, so the nine stages, I know I've read it for red balls for... We can almost say, it's for a beginner. So I did this for a club recently, quite a few people know about my sister I, but the first three stages are kind of like beginner or what we call start, and then you've got to improve, which is the next few... So four, five, six. And then you got into media, even eight, 9 and orange or green books or the information is almost advanced, and then you've got like a competitive player from then on, so it's like a 10-year journey of Belinda ply from start to... I'm gonna say at the end, but start to a dean level.

0:04:29.3 Jack Broudy: Now, do they ever move quicker than that, I can't imagine it would take than... Like I said, I never used the red or green dot, and we went right to yellow, and I worked with a few good players myself, and I'm wondering, do these kids ever move really quickly, like This girl you've got and she go straight from a green dot in a few months to a yellow base.

0:04:51.5 Andy Dowsett: When I come across the... She was Yellow Book, so we stayed on labor, not gonna go... Regress back again, not to say that I've got groups of 12 and Fili would do this with rebel, go to Greenbelt, start working for the states. But you can do, you know what I said, this wants to a lady, we did a couple of lessons and we've been... I'll go say six months, she started a stage one, so we should get up is... I bet six months we got up to stage five, and she said, Right, how long to make me a really good player, I went, Well, we just gotta finish the stages and then go on to... You gotta start plans and tournaments and start plans in social, and I say as long as it takes you...

0:05:37.1 Jack Broudy: Yeah, yeah.

0:05:39.1 Andy Dowsett: Let me ask you to start stage one at any stage, and at any age, it doesn't have to be.

0:05:42.7 Jack Broudy: Redfield, I know so little about this that I have to ask probably some dumb questions, but is there a competition with these other balls, these red dots, yellow dots Orange, Is there competition or is it just purely practice.

0:05:58.6 Andy Dowsett: Now, plenty. Competition. You've gotta play competition. So I like to think when you've got fruit... In fact, you know what, I stayed on, I'm doing a competition of tutor conversation.

0:06:08.2 Jack Broudy: And that's the reason...

0:06:11.4 Andy Dowsett: Yeah, that's Redondo years old. There's no reason why you can't play some sort of competition, but if it's slow tennis just to get him into it, and we all know what flatness.

0:06:22.2 Jack Broudy: And you can be a competition later. That's interesting, you know, it makes me wonder why the USTA over here did away with 10 and under when I was a kid, and when my students even... This is how old I am, this even my students like Steve form in her Sam query or any of those guys, they played ten and under back then, but then they did away with canines, which I always saw it was a mistake. I guess they thought it was too grueling for a little kid, but I didn't see it myself, I thought it was a big mistake to hear in of the tenant on hers, but you have kids four and five years old competing with these red dots.

0:07:00.0 Andy Dowsett: You can do we recently, I've been working with a clubhouse re at the ripple program. Totally. And they're doing right now, and then what I like about the system is coaches can follow it, teach in kind of like a progression. So I start a stage, why don't we give him what to teach, stays to what to teach, and they just tick it off, turn by a term and an eventually, you're gonna have a good little player or first tournament ever in this club or for certainly a long time I said, I don't care how to save, dropped the ball, hit it in play, and we're gonna help them score, we have teenagers that help them score, help them score, letting get into... I have a bit of fun. That's a were after start the journey with.

0:07:44.7 Jack Broudy: Fun. When I originally thought of the softer balls on the red dots, a ROC would just call it... I always thought it was for the reason that when I was a 10 and 11-year-old, I like playing with debtor balls because you could swing away and hit really hard now and the ball would still drop in somehow, but one of our conversations, you told me that it's even more about the balance itself because it doesn't bounce as quickly, it's easier to see, it's easier to line up and judge the distance and all that stuff because it's a lower bounce, plus you don't have to go to the western grid, the Extreme Western grip because not everything's bouncing over your head, like.

0:08:30.5 Andy Dowsett: The only... The only time it's gonna bounce side the shoulder, 'cause I teach seven different four hands you can hit in the game, six different back ends, but the only time the balls gonna about so... So shoulder or scream, by which time they're a little bit stronger and they can handle... Have been playing on eSports as well. I've been a school doing all their power Pete, if you wanna call it that, and they're from nave to be out handled the ball over the shoulder.

0:08:55.2 Jack Broudy: So the green dot is the closest... And like I said, I do know that the Green dates the closest to the yellow bar...

0:09:03.9 Andy Dowsett: Yeah, and that's the boat I use for beginners. I don't care, you renter gonna use that to start with, I use that to start with.

0:09:11.6 Jack Broudy: I would imagine you could keep the ball in play in Yancey.

0:09:19.0 Andy Dowsett: I did it at a club where we played for the older generation, because Canis watching them play challenge would be yellow, and it was serve and return, and the next one never came back on, I couldn't get to it or bound... Just see how it goes, put the green-balling and see how you do and the rallies lasted longer way... Do you know what just that, that alone, you're having more fun, you hit more balls to get more fitness... I'm not trying to beat them 'cause the... Older people are stuck in their ways. They like the yellow border more a green book. You get to me.

0:09:52.9 Jack Broudy: I would imagine... So I had a couple of boys that were really kind of on the lazy side, 14 years old that typical... They were pretty talented too, they weren't high-ranked players, but they were challenged for high school, and I wanted to push them a little bit, and it was so funny, I had these red dot bus or red balls, I only bought a pack of... Let's say a dozen. This was a couple of years ago, and it was... 'cause I had a couple of little kids under six years old, and I said, You know what, I'll give him a shot, so I guess I did try the red ball once, but certainly not in a system like yours, I wish I had... So I made my 14-year-old boys play a set with these three red... The red balls and... Oh, after about half the set, I'd say, I think it was about four, three, they were both going all coach, my ass is killing me, I hardly look because I guess they were bending their knees so much, but it actually turned out to be, I think, a great exercise for these kids, you know, you can't just hit a big back end and the points over, you have to...

0:11:02.9 Jack Broudy: It's almost like playing the doll where you have to win the five, six, seven times to win the point. Yeah.

0:11:09.4 Andy Dowsett: And I design recently with some yellowish, I'm gonna go that they're at Stage 5, 4, 5, a little lazy teenagers. You're ever teenage? Yeah, I am a tennis cause I've been dropped off.

0:11:23.1 Jack Broudy: What would that say? A language... Would that be like a TR3 or two?

0:11:28.3 Andy Dowsett: They can make him really long line, a Calico Colangelo got a... Sure, Fisher's a UT.

0:11:35.9 Jack Broudy: 2 is. Okay, so go ahead. So I.

0:11:40.1 Andy Dowsett: Just, I looked it on one day, 'cause I've been working with them for maybe two months, I took over from an Arcuate, not so lazy, you lazy, you don't move your feet, you don't think throats, no follow through on following... We got a sponge ball to women, and the funny thing was the lazy skills just... Yeah, I don't wanna be a... She won the whole time responsible, but they actually hit the ball and follow through and move even though it was slower and they really enjoyed it, and then the following week, we went back to the Green Bowl, and their technique was a lot of where... Where there's this technique in, you follow through your lining up to the ball, and then you're 45, here's all this Pinellas come out, and I went, This is why what we can... Week out, I was on that spot on on like we do in our next week, they love the sponsor's really, but improve their footwork, they improve their technique, improve their game, and they're understanding which is what the slows do, it's not just all of that technique is about the tactics as well, getting to understand tactics, having time to think, which is Key...

0:12:48.6 Jack Broudy: Sure, opening up the court too, because if you wanna hit a winner, you can't just go down the middle, blasting through the player, you have to sort of get them off the court with some angles, and then when you have the wide open court, you might be able to hit a winner with the softer ball, and.

0:13:04.4 Andy Dowsett: That's the finding you go to a toilet, you can always see my players because you can see them, they've got a set his tennis tactics and the older players understand their own game, they know how to be... Or they now have to figure out how to be their opponent, and when you've got that, you've got a plan and you have... You've got a competitor, Robert, somebody just says he will ever to that, and you can always stand on and go, Yeah, that's going here, that's going down, that's going now, we... Is the other person over and out over that.

0:13:33.8 Jack Broudy: So for the people watching, I wanna ask some questions that I think that they would really wanna know, which is number one in your course is system dash 9. Obviously, you have all this for the beginners, right on stage one through nine, you've got all that beginner stuff, but have you got all the advice for coaches that want to take players to another level that are already using yellow balls? Do you give them advice on how to go back to the green ball and what types of drills to do, strategy, all that kind of stuff, or is it pretty much just call beginners?

0:14:14.3 Andy Dowsett: No, no, no. The whole system. And so if you start at say four or five years old, and it is the 14, you've got a dam to clarity hands, who understands the game, understands their own game, understands their own chat tips, Rowan their own game style... My next book is actually on GameStop. Okay, yes, this game stop because 14, my job and the job of the system is to make him uncle class. They've got to do everything. When I came across this one player, she was a base line, and I started working with... I went to see him play, it was a 40-90 goals to Appian came and I want to say a plate and it was no wide both running from the baseline, no approach shots.

0:15:00.1 Jack Broudy: Just Moonbase a move or.

0:15:02.5 Andy Dowsett: It could have been a really... On an orange ball color, all I can see and I brought where I said, Well, she come and did a performance score for me, so it was a ginebra, the system in a former school, she came down and you know what, we had a so volume. And she was damn good at it, and he turned around, he goes, but I've never had the opportunity or been told how to approach or been well-versed in approach in a Balinese could... Billy's got lost hands, and she can use the chopper grip, even though she's got a western Ripon, four hands, you can use the COBIT, she could chip, she could chop this goes, but I've never been given the opportunity to hit the wills to serve Valley to come forward but why not? And then she picks it up very quickly, I would actually go and say that she's gone past the nine stages and now moving three months, when I picked up, you know, she was a Stage 6-7 and now we're working on other parts of the game, especially the psychology part. So we need to have the routines in the How to deal with cheap and things like this, how to make it a little more mentally tough, which is that it is one of the books I've caught, I'm gonna re-read jigger.

0:16:14.7 Andy Dowsett: That's another book coming out amongst many...

0:16:17.8 Jack Broudy: That's great. No, that's great. No Rust, you're working hard these days...

0:16:23.7 Andy Dowsett: Well, the idea is to have a complete package for coaches, the whole system... It's quite nice in the club I was recently at, he was telling me that they've got a free month waiting for coaching, they cannot fit anymore in, and they used minor crop... The parents love it. The coaches love it, the management love it, they will understand what's going on, they get nice reports that the in the term, and you know they've got another two weeks for its restart their term and I've got a sign-up again.

0:16:51.8 Jack Broudy: Ready? That's so brilliant. It really is, what would you say would be the average for, let's say a 10 to a 12-year-old. Someone's starting late. I can imagine for the four and five-year-olds, but if you're 10 or 12, how quickly on an average athlete would you take them through all nine step stages?

0:17:14.0 Andy Dowsett: It's an individual journey. There are a plantation on the coach down and how hard they work on the court away from the court, it differs, and it also depends on what were experiences they've got weeded cricket or hockey, 'cause obviously then they've got the receiving skills and is senior skills robes ports to use...

0:17:36.4 Jack Broudy: Yeah, I find players that play soccer at a football over there really, certainly with my system, are the best because they're so into their lower body as opposed to their shoulders and their upper body in their brain people... A lot of players over here when I first teach them, they move their head as the rack, it goes behind them, their head moves and it's almost like they're hitting the ball with their head, but the players that have played soccer, they think with their lower body a little better, obviously with Nadal and Federer, Jo ABI Mardy, all those guys play soccer, you see him kicking the ball around, so I think... As opposed to what you would have thought maybe 30 years ago, where a baseball player or this or that, or some of... It has something to do with their hands. I find the best players are the ones who understand their entire body, and plus soccer players are more ambidextrous because you gotta be able to kick with your left foot and your right for equally as well.

0:18:38.2 Andy Dowsett: And that's what we do as part of the system. So you get to a geo, get to orange, but... We're working both sides of the body. Your right hand is your left hand on everything you do, so we start... And she uses of the body... Actually, we do that early on, but that's why it's important to play over sports, so you learn from it. Sports as well.

0:18:56.9 Jack Broudy: I agree. I have never had a problem with my students playing other sports, Warren was a very good surfer, Warren Wood, he went the NCQA good player, but he likes to see retaliation... I'm a... Sure, for myself, at least when I was living in California, I see several times a week, and that was my sport other than tennis, and I had other players that like to play basketball, I think there's great touch and great movement in basketball as well. So I do believe in that. You know, it's funny, one of the reasons we got touch with one another because what you and I do are so different, you're so organized, and yours is so about the growth of entire player from start to finish, soup to nuts, and mine is...

0:19:48.6 Andy Dowsett: And then you can join state, right.

0:19:52.5 Jack Broudy: And mine is heavy on the technical, you know, I really believe in the line up, the 45, the figure eight and the hips and continuous motion, and I don't necessarily buy into all the cliches, a load and unit turn, whatever is in this year, bugger year, it's something new, and I've stuck with my system for a long time, and I'm really excited to see how you and I are going to put these things together to even be better... My system could be better with a little bit more of what you have, there's no question, 'cause I've never using those red, orange and green deals, I think you can still perform the proper stroke with the hips and the line up and the arm moving off the body in a nice ripple fashion, and I'll be very interested in the next few weeks, months, what we do together to, you know, to sort of enhance what we both do individually, I'm looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are on...

0:21:00.5 Andy Dowsett: Yeah, definitely, 'cause I've looked to your system, and as you know from my mind, I will say, Look, now you've gotta teach the forehand or this type of teacher serve, and I have my ways of doing it, but I don't tell him a coach anywhere around the world, this is how you're gonna do it. There's so many different ways, it's how they teach you is where you're gonna get across, but then I come across you, your system, and Jesus blew my mind after 28 years a coach or a fault... Everything I know, simple. Well, you want... You describe it.

0:21:30.2 Jack Broudy: It's funny, you see ways to coach and I don't tell player coaches had a coach either. All I do is say, I believe there are certain fundamentals. I don't care if you like a western grip, semi-Western, I don't care if you like stepping in with your left foot or open stance or semi-open stance that I leave that up to my players, but I do believe in fundamentals, like lining up the shot, like letting your body, your lower body right, your hips and below, move the upper body, and just things like that, and you can still have different styles, but have similar fundamentals, you know when we were kids, not so much you, but more men, when I was kid, they had fundamentals, right turn sideways, pointed the ball, follow through to ridership, at least we had fundamentals, I'm not sure they were the best in it.

0:22:22.5 Andy Dowsett: When he used to stand in line and get fed one bulimia was now here...

0:22:28.0 Jack Broudy: Those were the olden days. But that's correct. And so I'm not sure about the fundamentals, but at least we talked... The word fundamental is used, what I found today, what I find today is, it's really just a matter of what tips your coach likes, and it's become more about tips and style. Oh, I want you to finish looking under your own, or I want you to finish looking over your arm, and I don't really believe in teaching style, so I do think there's a way to have your unique style and still have fundamentals. So it'll be very exciting to see how we put this together to... I have to say, I'm looking forward to that.

0:23:11.3 Andy Dowsett: Certainly mouthing wealth to go, but your technique and all my system of tactics and how to play... Can't get wrong.

0:23:22.5 Jack Broudy: No, I agree. And it'll be interesting to see, my guess is that you already line up to the 45 without saying the word 45, you probably already had many drills that line you up properly, or you had many drills that made you use your body as opposed to muslin the ball with your arm, maybe I just, in a way to say it a different way or say it more in a mathematical way that... But it'll be very interesting to see what drills and things that you already do that I can say. Yeah, but you see, you're lining up the shot, you're doing this, you're using your body to move your arm, a.

0:24:00.7 Andy Dowsett: Bunker that... You might be more aware of it. So if I was doing it great, but I was more aware that I was doing it when I went for your course, and it's just to improve my game now.

0:24:11.2 Jack Broudy: In... Oh yeah, so you're still playing ball like I am. You still enjoy plan?

0:24:15.8 Andy Dowsett: I'm gonna enjoy competing.

0:24:17.8 Jack Broudy: Yeah, you know it's funny. Guys like us, which is most everybody who's listening right now, even though we're coaches and we love coaching and we love winning, and we love seeing the smile and the kids faces, we have to admit, we're all addicted ourselves, we just... I love it, I love to hit the ball, I'll hit with anybody any time, I just love to hit the ball, and if it's a beautiful day... That makes it even better.

0:24:44.5 Andy Dowsett: Yeah, I am. I'll find a therapy just to go out and he... And say, If I can hit it better than the BOL before on a day before. The year before.

0:24:52.0 Jack Broudy: Yeah. Well, you're preaching to the choir, brother. I feel the exact same way. Hey listen, I really, I really love this, I love this conversation. I can't wait to continue and see where we're gonna go, if there's anything you'd like to tell the folks watching one more time, system as in dot com? Correct.

0:25:12.5 Andy Dowsett: Yeah, that... And then you just have a look around, see what you think, you can sign up for a newsletter there that we send the... I wouldn't say regularly, but we send every now and again, when we've got something in political, when we've got some interest in IT, culture, give you every now again some... Come to be in the middle of the night, I'll write down in my little scrap a paper that I've got on my own book, vitae, don't know I did value that day, and then off we go, That's a numerator you.

0:25:36.9 Jack Broudy: Low tech tennis baby. I'm all about low tech tennis. Very good. Well, thanks so much and I really, really enjoyed this, and I think people are gonna learn an awful lot and they should go to your site 'cause I did. And I learned so much, and like I said, I got really excited about it. If I were coaching again, I would absolutely 100% use this system.

0:26:00.9 Andy Dowsett: Yeah, and I'm maybe just for people to know system in, but they have not broadens given your sight so to the people that follow me and I can spread the word as well. Oh, they can go there.

0:26:11.4 Jack Broudy: Great, well, I do think we have a future of collaborations and endeavors together, so we will most definitely we'll be chatting here in the next few days to a week... I'm sure. And enjoy your trips I know you're going to some more clubs coming up and you're transforming what you just go to the club and you transform it right.

0:26:30.4 Andy Dowsett: We go there we teach the coaches and then once they've told that it's like a revelation for a lot of them they went right what else can we do so after Jeremy next week to go do some work it's interesting I enjoy doing it.

0:26:42.8 Jack Broudy: They're good me too this is why we do it definitely Andy Thanks so much for everything you do for tennis. cheers

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