Dante Bottini: Former Coach of Grigor Dimitrov & Kei Nishikori

September 1, 2022
Written By: Jack Broudy
Dante Bottini: Former Coach of Grigor Dimitrov & Kei Nishikori
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0:00:01.3 Javier Llanes: So anyway, like I said, and then it happened, it was also a very good friend with the friend of mine that they were very good in the juniors in 16, so he ended up coming and playing on my college team, so that's how he had not living with me... For two years, or some shit I did play two years with that. Was that in Florida? No, that was... Misrule was with me, Missouri a man. He finished, he finished, he finished school band in Florida, he went to... I think we're florrie after. Yeah, I saw that, I read his bio and it looked like he played tennis and went to as Florida and were a... And then worked for IMG. Yeah, so that basically you're not... So we expand a way, I think to you, I think two years now. I don't wanna say, I think he did two years. We do, and then I agree. And then he got one year left, and I think he went to the last year to West LA because he got alumni the coat or something. So I'm sure he has a lot of good points. They spend 10 years, we need...

0:01:07.6 Javier Llanes: Shalini think... You would have some insights. I think it was one of my body's told me he was working to Adrian when he can was helping me shikari. So there you got a question, there was a diner with Nicky when he was with IMG, or did he go for 10 years, 10 years you spent 10 years with me. She cares. He's being with me. She cared by ichigo. At some point, I think he hired the is an assistant and they were basically... He was sharing Nicole with Michael that... So yeah, there you go. In the footnote. Nice to meet you. Hear my Sheehan to meet you too. We're living at the 45 here and... You're our special guest today. And a hobby, or, Thank you so much, I'll be here. Or you wanna say something to your power here for a minute. I yearned on cup-an, we went out on the... The same metadata I shot at me out of that as you children. Atalanta, should we go in English or... Because I ionisation very... Yeah, we go in English. Everything in English. So yeah, yeah, the first thing I got to hear about is when you picked have are up out of jail, that's the...

0:03:07.2 Javier Llanes: What I wanna know about what you do.

0:03:13.1 Jack Broudy: That was so funny. That was something, funny story about some funny stuff to come up.

0:03:22.1 Javier Llanes: You know it happened, it happened to me in college my senior year, right before the NCAA is same thing, I went through a red light and had some open beer cans in the back of the back of my little car. And they just probably right to jail and my doubles part, my doubles partner, I was at a party, and he got everyone to chip and I said, Hey, I need 60... This is back in the late 70s, I need 60 to get out of jail or I'm gonna spend the night here. So yeah, so he got one of his tennis socks and everyone at the party put a little bit of money in, and he came to the jail and he poured it all out, all this came 60 and got me out of... Jai.

0:04:06.4 Jack Broudy: Don't remember how much was it about to... Delia three bought were very, very. Okay, but the police wasn't the idea...

0:04:17.5 Javier Llanes: No, no, exactly, exactly. So I was very cool. I was... And he go, mine was pretty cool results, a little tougher I was at... And the ware were Ritter, our apartment. Oh yeah, that's funny, I was only about less than a half a mile from my house too, so... Yeah, no, that's the way it goes, but I think that's kind of when you're 21 or so that's kind of a right of passage, especially when you're a crazy tennis tennis player, you know... Yeah.

0:04:50.9 Jack Broudy: It's, it doesn't...

0:04:52.7  Javier Llanes Let's say... I mean, I would say one thing, Jack, because you know the guy now, now he works with top tennis players in the water, you're not... Sorry, he's before he might look a little serious, so Dante, but we might as well start there. Are you married? Or you have family? No.

0:05:10.7 Jack Broudy: No, no, I have a Goren, but... That's how about it. No.

0:05:16.0  Javier Llanes: Mariani Cilic was thinking about it earlier, 'cause I used to travel when I was younger with some good tennis players, we would go to the Orange Bowl every year and the Esteban Kalamazoo and all that stuff. And yeah, I always had a girlfriend because it was really difficult actually to think about being married, even consider being married because you know, you're always traveling and you're in different cities, and it's tough to have a serious relationship, you know...

0:05:48.3 Jack Broudy: Yes, a difficult. You're traveling one week in different series, obviously it's... Sometimes different countries, you know? Yeah, but not get in any younger... So you have to make it work somehow. You have to try to... First of all, it's very important for your couple to understand your job, what you do, because it's not like... We're not like a regular person that we have the routine that you go to work, you come back, you spend the night, so we are always on the go. So it's very important for her you're a couple to understand your job and also it's very important if she can have some flexibility to travel.

0:06:34.3  Javier Llanes: Yeah, yeah, no, even the tennis players. It's tough, I mean, okay, better. He can bring his whole family because he's got an entourage, because his fame, he's Roger Federer, but the guys that are not in the top 30, top 40, maybe top 50, maybe, they have to struggle, they can't... Bring their wives and their kids and their families with them.

0:06:58.1  Javier Llanes: No, no, no, of course, no. Of course, no, I... Plus it's a little bit that... I don't know, sometimes it could be a little bit a distraction for them if you... In my sound bad, but you have to be really focused on your tournament, on your Mac, and you have to sleep well, you have to keep your routines and hopes sometimes if you're different, doesn't all wife doesn't understand. Very, very well. You're a job, you know, and they wanna go out and they... No, do things. It's difficult to maintain the stability.

0:07:34.4 Dante Bottini: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can't imagine an old married guy like have the air... It's about to have a second child. You know, and to Number Two, Number Two, I know I'm a tough, God's hard to believe, but yeah. No, I do believe it. I want a Scotia. That's good, that's a... It must be hard done for you to go and living with him at college to now see him responsible and having a whole big family and all that. But that's good, that's good.

0:08:08.9 Jack Broudy: We are growing up, so we cannot be like in college, she times all over life. That would be.

0:08:15.2 Dante Bottini: That, right? Yeah, that would be a... I certainly wouldn't be here if I kept living like that, I would be gone as we go through different stations in life, so I think now this is that time. Yeah, find an interest in... You guys are both from Argentina. I've got a few friends from Argentina, I don't know if you... NBCSN, Alex B. Alejandro Eve, he coaches in Buenos Aries. He worked a little with coding a little bit, so that... Older than you, much alto? Not really, maybe.

0:08:52.0 Jack Broudy: I'm gonna tell you I'm very, very bad with names. But if I see their faces, I say, Oh yeah, man, I know these guys. You know?

0:09:00.6 Dante Bottini: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so he's a good friend, and then there's another guy who's living in New York, Claudio, Argentina, you got some good tennis players down there, you had to run in the, I guess, the 80s or 90s with audio and Corey were pretty solid.

0:09:21.2 Jack Broudy: Yes, yes, yes. But we used to play with them. With a dinosaur kids. Yeah, well, we were 16, 17. Yeah, really?

0:09:33.7 Dante Bottini: I... Did they coach you at all or are they just nice enough to play with him...

0:09:39.2 Jack Broudy: No, no. You being here? Go there. Do we the same? I got you. Yeah, I mean, I'm one year young got it on him in a tooth. He was a tough totem 79, may e7877. And some of them, you know what they see?

0:10:03.3 Dante Bottini: I see, I guess I was looking up a Greek or... Of course, I know him pretty well. He was top 10 for a top five, I think for a while, and he's been a... Brake was number three. Yeah, he's been around for a while, he's 31 now. Yeah, and you know, I find it interesting that he's from Bogra and before you worked with Can I chicory, who's from Japan, and both those guys have been kind of historical for their countries. Right, you know what I mean? That they need history, they made history in their countries, and I wondered if you got to understand or just feel or to see what that was like for these guys to go through, you know, being the most famous tennis player from Bulgaria, really...

0:10:51.3 Jack Broudy: Yeah, that's funny that you say that because I was talking to the fish year, which is from Hoare, one of the fish last week in Montreal, and he mentioned that to me, say, Man, you work with the two best tennis players of each country, Japan will go... You an idea, realize with the rigor, because I wasn't with him when he reached the number three in the world, I started on a... Last year, obviously, yes, I did know the process, I worked with him for 90 years, he undercutting the war by far the best tennis player in the history in Japan, and then... But then I realized, Yeah, great ROI. Obviously, a massive in women, there were variations, the males in vulgar, that they reach number four, five and six, the Three Sisters, but then yeah, by Fraser has been the number one and made history and he's an idol there, so... I haven't been to Bulgaria. No, never, never yet. Because he lives in Monaco and we practice there, or he comes to United States, but I know about it a life are...

0:12:06.5 Dante Bottini: Hey, a lot of green, a lot of great tennis presentation.

0:12:19.1 Jack Broudy: Yeah, obviously, everywhere that we go there has so much fans and they follow him, and obviously he's had a really nice guy, he... Plastics, really fun to watch him. It's very sweet to watch it, so yeah, it's been amazing. It's been amazing to have this experience to work with these tennis players and to also to see that all the pressure that they have, because not only is fun and good, you know, these guys, they have a lot of pressure. Oh.

0:13:00.5 Dante Bottini: Yeah, oh yeah. Like I said, especially someone like him, I remember we went over to Barcelona and worked... I worked, I have some inventions that I use, I'll have to send email them to you, but I worked with meiosis and Jordi, you know Jordi Arresi as over there? Yes, Dreamtime, Maya, and a couple of the tennis players here, but Carlos Moya, he was just like that over in Spain, he was like a God over there. You know what I mean? And so I can imagine Greek or it must be bigger than life.

0:13:38.4 Jack Broudy: Yes, yeah. And plus you have to A that they're good looking guys, so that's it.

0:13:44.1 Dante Bottini: That's right.

0:13:45.9 Jack Broudy: He is the barrier even higher for them on the... They follow them on...

0:13:50.5 Dante Bottini: Yes, I remember we went to a disco over in money Carlo, and Carlos Moya was there and he had no women on each arm and B and behind him, and he can... He's gone out with some beautiful women, his fact, his girlfriend now is a gorgeous Russian.

0:14:06.5 Jack Broudy: Woman, it... Yeah. You mean geodes? Greases, yes, yes, yeah, yeah, for sure. He dated some beautiful women and now he's dating this Grouse...

0:14:22.0 Dante Bottini: Yeah, so anyway, I guess that was my first question was, it must be so interesting to work with these guys who are famous in their countries, and I mean he's gotta be one of the best tennis players ever from Japan. Yeses, I'm gonna take off. I'm gonna take off, I let you guys talk. You guys keep going. I literally have any... How you have any more questions before you go, have her. No, no man, you guys have fun. Just ripping. Casey, not the guy. He knows, I'm sure he knows a lot. He's fun. Alright. Economies, a couple of interesting things. So it's funny, I worked when I was younger at Harry Hopman Academy, that was the big Academy over in West Florida. Now, you were at IMG, I'm guessing it was a militaries.

0:15:16.2 Jack Broudy: Yes, Yes, I wanted that out of there for three years before it attitudes.

0:15:21.6 Dante Bottini: And... Yeah, and that's where you made a lot of... Yeah, me, I was a lot younger, but I met Vedas Carlitos, he was older than me, but he was playing there when I was practicing there, and then later I worked for Harry and so... Yeah, it's a good way to make a lot of contacts.

0:15:41.3 Jack Broudy: Yes, of course, of course. I remember when I rated the college, I had a friend of mine, he say, Hey, the more here, it's a fan Academy, you can start your way... Start your way up, a lot of things to learn, so you know you can make with money, if you wanna.

0:16:02.8 Dante Bottini: Cations, you have to work pretty hard to make good money at those academies.

0:16:06.7 Jack Broudy: You have to... Or really hard, yeah. Yeah, yeah, but I was willing to do that then. I also, it took me a lot of things, the three years that for the... Because I work with not only with a good tennis player, so professional tennis players, I would say, but also from even beginners, but low levels, and you learn a lot, you learn a lot how to make a play or how to improve it, the aberration. Some learn from other coaches that they were there, you know that they work for the idea if... It was a great experience for me.

0:16:46.9 Dante Bottini: Yeah, you work with a lot of juniors too, look a lot of juniors on some of the junior of the two, we thought that I wanted to lead it, then they become a prostitute... Yeah, yeah, and the juniors, I worked with Sam query, Stevie Johnson, Coco Vanda, and when she was young, like 90, 10, 11 and right in there. So yeah, no, I know exactly what you mean. And it's kind of fun 'cause you can always tell the tennis players they hit a heavier ball, like when I met Sam when he was 10 years old or 11, 11, he hit a heavy ball at 11... You could feel the difference. You didn't say, Oh, he's gonna be a pro, I mean, you didn't say that, you didn't think... There's two difficult is.

0:17:36.5 Jack Broudy: If at that point, you know how that day, you know there are so many factors after, or you can tell, Oh, I think this guy might make it, but then you could... Never knew. You could never know if they only... They made it up and you say, Oh, I didn't see that. No.

0:17:50.1 Dante Bottini: No, you really don't... I mean, I remember we had a bunch of kids that were really tough, I had about eight or 10 kids that were all good, Sam Querrey was not the top, but as he got older, he got really big, like when he was 16, he got really tall, and then all of a sudden, he was the guy instead of losing in the third round of the national tournaments, all of a sudden he's getting to the finals and he's playing Donald Young in the finals of tournaments. But by the 14s, he didn't really excel. He didn't work that hard.

0:18:23.8 Jack Broudy: And yeah, well, yeah, I knew a lot of guys like that too, that you never thought anything like that. And the tennis salary at 16, 70, you know, they start, get more mature, more developed, and then... They made a difference.

0:18:41.6 Dante Bottini: Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then other guys start quick, like Stevie Johnson boy, he was great in the 12 and under, have been winning national titles in the 14... He was great.

0:18:50.8 Jack Broudy: Unbelievable college career, yes. Oh, I know. Yeah, everybody knows that. That's a.

0:18:56.5 Dante Bottini: Grade. Yeah, you know, I think one question I don't wanna forget to ask, so I'll ask it right in the beginning, 'cause I think a lot of people wanna know this, and I know the answer, I think, but I think I wanna hear from you. I can tell from the background, you don't have a lot of women behind you in a lot of loud music, and I know it can be a quiet life sometimes, even coaching a tennis player as good as K or Gregor, you have you... And it's exciting, the match time is great, and practice time is just kind of like practice time always is, but just day-to-day life, tonight, it looks like you're required in your room by yourself, and there's a lot of down to not a lot, but there's plenty of downtime too, where you're... I don't know, you read or this or that, or maybe look at videos. I was just curious, sort of a day in the life... What's a day in the life of Dante?

0:19:54.8 Jack Broudy: Yeah, well, after we finish everything, the practice and everything is done with my tennis player then I like to relax sometimes I like my quiet time by myself, if there are any sports like soccer or medical pool, which I like to work when I own or any other sport I like to go to in my room or to Abarth it. If I can, if I came up with some of my friends, the coaches, I tried to do it to go to dinner or something like that, because that's probably the most fun or the fun part for us on the road is to go for a nice door shut up beer or wine in a bar. Because then of that, then you are traveling, we have sometimes you're a two month... I went from your house, so we try to... I try to do that because that gives me saying, Hey, we was out, and I try to... Obviously, sometimes I do them dinner, so I go out with my tennis player Ben, but I try to separate the little with that, so we are not to get 247. Yeah, no, it's very healthy. I know, like I said, I would travel with a few tennis players, mostly in the juniors mostly, and yeah, I couldn't wait for my quiet time 'cause you with them all day long, and it's a pretty intense...

0:21:35.7 Jack Broudy: It's pretty intense, especially if you have a rough workout or he's not playing as best or something, so that it doesn't... Or you're always... I feel like I'm always on his us telling him what to do and what. So I like to separate things and I like to say, Hey, go on manure thing, have fun denied, or meet up with some people and talk about whatever. And I do my thing too. And then the next day I'm gonna... I know I'm gonna see him in the morning. I tie.

0:22:07.1 Dante Bottini: Plus, you want that space because if you're too close... That can create friction, I think to close. I think you need that space, I think... Yeah, I do. Do you always dictate what goes on, or him being a top tennis player, top 20 in the world still, and he's been around for a while, 10 or 11 years. Or does he tell you, Hey, Dante, I wanna work on this today, I wanna work on this, or is it you more, or is it sort of the combination alleyways the one doing this stuff, but I'm also... I'm the one asking him, Hey, is there anything that specific that you wanna work...

0:22:52.7 Jack Broudy: Is there any... Because I like feedback, it's not My way or the word, obviously I have my things that I know that I have to work with him, that they are good for him, so I usually put it on my notes and then I go and I do them, and I also like to hear the what he feels, because sometimes he might feel, Oh, now I need to work on my form forename ran because he is the one that feels he... So I always ask him, and if he tells me, Yeah, man, let's do this. Okay, let's do it, and then I can also adjust some type of... This.

0:23:30.9 Dante Bottini: As you're talking, I'm wondering, I'm coaching a guy right now, you may know him... He was number one tennis player in Belarus. Really good guy. Who's your exact age? His name is Anton sale smelled in played. He said he played song ever, he said The Juniors, he played everyone, he was number one in his country, from the 12s to the 18s, and now he's in the United States here in Colorado with me, and where our goal this year is to be one in the country and the men's 35. But I wondered if, you know, have you ever heard of him? Or.

0:24:03.3 Jack Broudy: Played against him? No, no, Lennon's younger than me. I'm 43, Matheson that. Yeah.

0:24:12.2 Dante Bottini: He just turned 35.

0:24:14.0 Jack Broudy: Yeah, yeah, no, probably, I probably know because I came to call it the when I was on, so he was pretty... Yeah, yeah.

0:24:22.7 Dante Bottini: And I do the same thing with him. In general, I'll start working them out, but I'll always ask him, Hey, anything you wanna work on, you wanna work on your kick, serve on the ad court, you wanna serve in Valle. What do you wanna do for a A?

0:24:37.1 Jack Broudy: I think it's very important and to... Especially if you go to professional guys, for all the guys that they already know, for example, your guy that he's terrified, he already knows, but he goes, Some play, I say, Oh man, I messed up this, I need to practice is... It's always important to ask them a little bit, you know, I think, Hey, do you feel that you need to work on the... Sometimes what you're thinking, right. But it's different than when you are coaching or tennis player that you have to develop tennis players like he's a young... That they need to work in many things, and it's kind of like, okay, you have to guide him and tell him... He can tell you, man, I'm not feeling the back and okay, let's go. I feed you 20 minutes from the back of whatever, but I feel like it's a different... It's different, he's developing. The kid that he's 12, 17 foremen that much.

0:25:35.3 Dante Bottini: Yeah, well, plus it's more technical tennis when they're younger, I'm guessing with K, you did more technique even with key... He was younger, maybe. You did a little more technical. Once a guy is 30 years old, I'm guessing it's gonna be hard to... Alter any technique.

0:25:52.0 Jack Broudy: Really? Yes, yes, yes. It's very hard. He can still in certain things, but it's obviously... Yeah, it's hard to change a green or some type of the nice... You know? Sure. He can still manage to do saltash that he thinks that he can do now. But if he needs to change is a more... Technique-wise?

0:26:20.3 Dante Bottini: Yeah, yeah, technique is probably more for the younger tennis players coming up, and then as they get to be in their late 20s, it's just probably, I'm guessing mostly fitness, right? I mean, a lot of fitness make sure that they... They're gonna play these long matches and not get hurt...

0:26:37.4 Jack Broudy: A lot of feed-ness. Yeah, that's right, you know, you just have to work your stamina, you just have to work more your body in order not to get in here, because as you know, tennis teams are brutal, you play by week, different services, different tennis balls, different weather conditions. So it has a lot of factors. Oh.

0:27:02.2 Dante Bottini: Yeah, you've gotta be protective of things like web courts and Clay tennis that has maybe a nail sticking up out of the line... All kinds of strange things. Oh yes, yes, yes. And anything can happen, that's why I think a guy like joke of it has been so strong because he's so flexible and he's really worked on that, you know...

0:27:27.0 Jack Broudy: Yes, I believe on His nutrition is no reshoots, buddy, everything.

0:27:35.4 Dante Bottini: Who does that when it comes to trainers and nutrition and... Chiropractors and stretching and all that. Who's in charge? Do you pick out these people like the nutrition or a chiropractor or a weight trainer, do you pick that out or you decide it together, or is that more of Eeyore what... You start, for example, with Gala, which I started last year. This is My Son in, he already had a team behind him, so obviously we kept everything that he had.

0:28:06.4 Jack Broudy: Of course, a physical trainer, we get to his manoeuvre of his find, then we are other fishers on the road, we had an ablution is too. But yeah, here it... They had a team. I was more like the one from outside. Yeah, my nephew, he is on the tour now, he comes from baseball, he played college baseball, but he's a chiropractor too, and he tells me never to mention who he's working with, but he worked some with some guys in the top 50, and I think he's got three or four guys he's working with now, I think they're all the time, they're on the top hundred and a couple are in the top 50, but...

0:28:48.3 Dante Bottini: Yeah, he says, that's a big deal. He says, Oh, I work with them every day. He says, You know, shoulder massage hierarchical. Do you have that for Gregor as well? A chiropractor or something like that? A physio?

0:29:01.4 Jack Broudy: Yes, yes, yes. He likes, he likes to work with some kind of tennis practice, so obviously when we are on the road, which I to have some with him that he travels with us, and then were his home, he has someone he can do massages or stuff like that. Yeah, yeah, so I think most of the tennis players today, they travel with the coach and with the free... Or a chiropractic. That's the main thing. Yeah, physio and a coach. Yeah, because the physical trainer is, you have that many days or that much that you can do on the road when you're playing tournaments, I mean, unless you lose on the face round that... Yes, you have four, five pass to work, maybe on your body to do really care is plainer, but if you play way by Week, there is not much you can do to thinking.

0:30:06.1 Dante Bottini: What would you say is the ratio... What do you play a couple hours a day of tennis and then work out in the gym a couple of hours a day, or more gym or more playing...

0:30:15.3 Jack Broudy: I'm just curious.

0:30:16.7 Dante Bottini: I know everyone's a little different...

0:30:18.6 Jack Broudy: Yes, yes, that's at the battle. Usually we do the three hours of tennis, no one here on the road, when we are on the road is less lesser or an Owen have dependents, you manage... And then on the James so... Well, let's say that we do two hours of 10-something in the game. He has an hour, an hour and a half.

0:30:41.7 Dante Bottini: Oh, so that's okay. But the...

0:30:45.6 Jack Broudy: You gotta have an hour or are of something of mobility.

0:30:52.1 Dante Bottini: Treasure, that was my next question. Stretchy for.

0:30:56.4 Jack Broudy: Before the race, he needs one hour of more, we let the treatment, then we played two hours of 10, then he goes to the JMA, he lived away, do runs whatever another I will or our 50 minutes. Then he eats order and the case does treatment treatment, it's like more like massage, I... Roofers.

0:31:19.8 Dante Bottini: A busy day, that's six hours of basic training...

0:31:23.5 Jack Broudy: Yes, yes. Yeah, constantly. You do that, and there's one more more people didn't know that they tend to play and I say, but it takes take... So obviously, you need to eat, you need to rest on the days that you don't play, like say you match today, and then to move even play it so that of day that you say this, we go... We play one Howard. He does a little bit of core, maybe 20 mines, and then he does... They wanna attract... It's also like half day, you know...

0:32:01.7 Dante Bottini: Yeah, and I'm sure he does all the road work, the jumping rope, and then running the lines and all that stuff too.

0:32:08.2 Jack Broudy: If you have... So yes, yes, which she... I'm in contact on him too, you know on the feast feast to... We're in contact with a physical trainer and we say, Listen, we have... Which already kind of know they very much as they do the same thing, but let's say now that he lost and now we have his playing does tomorrow, but maybe if we don't play anything next, really we have five 00 days. Maybe he can Botetourt on the gym.

0:32:39.9 Dante Bottini: So you're taking... The week before the US Open. You're taking it off. Yes, yes, I think that's smart. 'cause he has a chance, greener has a real chance. So he's not like the other guys who play right to the bitter end and then... And they maybe even win the tournament, but then they're toast.

0:32:58.0 Jack Broudy: Yeah, but usually we do that. Usually, we take it off. Now, we're thinking only with Sallie, we don't know, but considering that he didn't have that many matches in this last three tournaments, so he played too much is Washington, he played to my month around... I followed him, I play one mic here, so I think considering that, and then in Wieland, he had a leg that he had to... He get to retire on the Prisma, so he hasn't been playing that much tennis, I think a couple of more matches now they will help to Pace.

0:33:45.4 Dante Bottini: Who does he like to practice against... You ever play practice matches against Corda or Roger or any of those guys?

0:33:51.4 Jack Broudy: Yeah, with everybody would play the lathes. Okay, he likes the bread, but he's very good for me would go find... So we break this a lot with him, and he has finally with Raffaele like to pray this Lord, we practice a lot, but that whoever I choose, he's coping with it, he always had different...

0:34:19.4 Dante Bottini: So he's a pretty chill guy, generally... Yes, yes. Yeah, he seems like it. His personality seems like...

0:34:26.9 Jack Broudy: He's a very nice guy, very... Changes, I have to ask you, Rohan, a play the open, I just... I'm dying, and now it looks like he might tell you through... We haven't heard anything. And they use up in it, if you ask me now, so maybe he started playing Somerton ENTS or smaller tournaments. I hope they let Nova play. I really do, I think they should. Yeah, that's also... I think I said the difficult. Very political. Very prideful situation. Very situation.

0:35:02.6 Dante Bottini: Yeah, you know, looking back, but over your shoulder again, it does remind me of those hotels I used to stay in, do you ever had any trouble sleeping... You really don't you... How a green doors he a good sleeper? Or is that an issue? 'cause I know that some tennis players, I talked to my chiropractor nephew, and he said Some of his tennis tennis players, they don't really love traveling and the hotels and they have issues sleeping, and so I started thinking about it lately, and I was just wondering... And I know Sam, I can tell you a Sam, he never liked traveling, he... Not even the juniors. He hates traveling, so... Yeah, that's not a problem for you guys. For me.

0:35:46.3 Jack Broudy: For me, no, you know, obviously sometimes with a geo have some role, sleep about that, but Greenwell, he's good about it. Sometimes he has some issues, but one to sleep, but... But no, he's pretty good for what I hear.

0:36:02.3 Dante Bottini: Hey, so how long do you think you're gonna do this?

0:36:06.1 Jack Broudy: That's the question that they asked me a lot. It's impersonal, I love it, I really like it. I don't know, I have to see in the future of what it's gonna happen, in fact, I would be a father one day or not, I'm sure that when... If that happened, that will be a tough season, you not to leave your kid behind, but... I don't know, I really like it so far. You know, sometimes I'm worn out of traveling that much, I'm not having my it, but I know that once, if I stopped doing this and then I stay home, I would probably also miss this board you get for... Yeah, yeah, this is a pretty exciting life... You're with the best tennis players in the world. Yeah, you go to the marches, you have that really like if you would be playing, obviously when you lose, it's not fun, but you have that really in all you... I don't know. So far, I'm doing it, I love it. That's great.

0:37:16.9 Dante Bottini: And you can go to some beautiful places, come in Monaco and French Open and New York's exciting or.

0:37:26.5 Jack Broudy: No, no, you got... That's definitely... You go to a really nice places, you got to really, really as hotels, not every week, but most of the weeks, so... Yes, I mean, I'm not complaining about that. For sure.

0:37:43.6 Dante Bottini: And how about your physical shape, you have to... You have to go to the gym too, right? And you have to keep playing because you can't... You can't be a bomb, you gotta still keep your matching or else you're just gonna be an old men on the tour, so you gotta stay in shape...

0:38:00.8 Jack Broudy: Right, I know, yeah, yeah. Tyrant kill myself in the gym, or I try do it healthy, I try to maintain to say, Okay, be lazy these couple of days now I gotta go and push it, you know I go... But yes, yes, I like to be healthy. That's for sure.

0:38:22.9 Dante Bottini: You get to play a lot. Do you hit much? Just from the baseline with Gregor... Just a long time, sometimes.

0:38:29.3 Jack Broudy: Yeah, every time I'm gonna try to hit, you know about the... Some weeks that I was that I don't... Because I always get him a tennis player or a head environment or... I don't know. This winner that much. Yeah.

0:38:46.6 Dante Bottini: If you're like me, you love to hit the ball, and I remember when I was traveling with the kids when they were 18 and under, especially 16, 18 when it got serious, I'd felt like weeks without hitting him, Boland, I get kind of frustrated. Like, Hey, I wanna hit the ball. Yeah, but you do seem to get to hit every week at least a little bit...

0:39:07.4 Jack Broudy: Yes, yes, yes, I live it. You know, I usually hit the... The holy standing there, the man, the Lord, in a core, I'm not gonna be playing point with him and I'm not in the Bushey...

0:39:21.0 Dante Bottini: Oh yeah, playing points, that's a whole different world. And hitting down, say, sitting in a... Are you sitting in a corner with the basket, he hit it, running him around and he ate everything back to you... That's a whole different world than it. Enhance, you know what, I really enjoyed this, I appreciate you spending some time with me and I know people are gonna love it and... Thank you, Erich.

0:39:48.1 Jack Broudy: Sorry to make you wait that. So much about the... You know, you understand you got to re-tournaments or be... Well, it was a pursuit.

0:40:01.0 Dante Bottini: I see, I got you. I got you plus, like you said, he's only played a couple of rounds in the last couples, there's gotta be a few serious talks, and how do you... How do you get back and get ready for the open because that's the money... That's the money tournament, right? On the Big Four slams, that's what you guys... That's what the top tennis players live for.

0:40:20.8 Jack Broudy: Of course, exactly. Exec, you made this kitchen on your water and you choose the tournament that you're gonna play only for the less... That's obviously... That's where you're mine. Obviously, you wanna do good. Wellbore, to.

0:40:38.2 Dante Bottini: What's happening next week, Winston Salem it. We've done selling, yes. Yeah, I think you're smart. I feel like I said, I agree, or he's gonna be a top 20 seat, I bet, and he's got a chance to get very far... Very far in the tournament. So I think it's a good idea it, yes, we're gonna...

0:40:58.2 Jack Broudy: Actually, we're gonna talk, I'm gonna have a meeting with him. Now I'm gonna have a meeting and discuss to see how I feel. I'm not saying that it wouldn't be, but also to play with those at this point, because to a non-matches, but I'm gonna have a mining with him and we're gonna decide if he wants it... We do it.

0:41:22.5 Dante Bottini: They haven't made the draw yet... No, I was talented. Okay, so he can still get... Well.

0:41:29.8 Jack Broudy: Sure, they would want him in, they want any top tennis player in, so they would make room for him if you say you're in, but we wouldn't... Intakes, we would say.

0:41:39.1 Dante Bottini: Okay, okay. How's the doubles going this year? Is that fun for him?

0:41:42.9 Jack Broudy: China's playing... That was more like... He's playing tomorrow, he said, I don't know, with that role, it's more like to play... It's not like, Yeah, we wanna be a host tennis player, but he is more for him to work on certain things and the returns on the walls... To give him a Taconic too.

0:42:02.4 Dante Bottini: Sure, he's a real singles guy.

0:42:04.0 Jack Broudy: I get it. Yes, yeah, for sure. Or should I get it?

0:42:07.3 Dante Bottini: Alright, hey, Dante, thanks a lot. I'll be rooting for you guys in the open, for sure.

0:42:12.7 Jack Broudy: And thank you very much.

0:42:14.2 Dante Bottini: Thank you very much. And good luck out there.

0:42:17.9 Jack Broudy: Thank you, Jack. The right, so long.