Dave deSure: San Diego Coach, Director and Owner of The Original "Grease" Car

June 9, 2022
Written By: Jack Broudy
Dave deSure: San Diego Coach, Director and Owner of The Original "Grease" Car

0:00:10.5 Jack Broudy: Hello there I'm jack Broudy and welcome to live in at the 45. I'm here today with a very good and dear old friend of mine, Dave do. So we've known each other for 30 plus years, and started with a set-up doubles game, and Dave's Hella, we played a few doubles tournaments together, did pretty well, and the ones we played in... And Dave is a coach actually, you're the director now, aren't you done karma Valley Tennis in San Diego? That's what I thought. He's also the inventor. Another inventor, he's an adventure of the stream. Time you ever seen that? It's a device that you used to straighten your streams, it's very nice, I have one on my tennis bag here, but I'm not gonna run and get it. So Dave's quite a character, he also owns the original grease car from the movie Grease with John Travolta, and so that's pretty iconic. Really having that. So we have lots of things to talk about today. How are you dusit everybody.

0:01:17.3 Dave deSure: My old friend. Hey everybody. How you doing, Jack? Great, just great. Life is great here in the mountains, and it's pretty good at the beach too, we missed up.

0:01:28.0 Jack Broudy: So Dan, tell us a little bit about yourself, tell us a little bit about the club you're at now, so if people are in the San Diego area and they wanna come down and hit some balls or take a lesson, you're a certified.

0:01:38.9 Dave deSure: Pro, you know how to use the board. You've been using it probably as... Almost as long as I have a roof intended it to me, every student literally for the last 20 years, I started every single student on the aboard. That's great, and it works. And everybody loves it. There's a couple of them there and the other coaches are stealing my ideas, which I stole from you, so we figure.

0:02:01.7 Jack Broudy: Out... So that's great, but.

0:02:03.1 Dave deSure: We then call it The Broudy tennis board or... I grew up in Las Vegas actually, and played some tennis at UNLV, and when I moved to San Diego, I just... Tennis is my life, everything about tennis, everything. But I've met in my life that means anything to me. I pretty much had met through this game, and like you and I always used to talk about the two things that you could never teach a student as a killer instinct and the passion to play and eerste Ts that show those two things. Oh my God, then it gets exciting.

0:02:31.3 Jack Broudy: You're in support of though, you're kinda like me that way, you do tennis is you're the number one love, but you're always shooting baskets it, and with the tears, you're an athlete all the way around... A baseball player growing up. Right, and people should know one reason I partner with Dave, I just got a last or freaking sermons Ter served, so it sure makes life easy as a doubles partner to be able to just run around and that coach off that thing and.

0:03:00.8 Dave deSure: Oh, your hands at the Tate were a threat and.

0:03:02.3 Jack Broudy: Never fear, never fear. Your partner is gonna lose it on the Serve, my friend Dave here likes to tag every ball he can, basically, he's got two speeds hard and harder. Okay, so maybe there's some anger issues who... Now, so you've got a full pallet, every time I talk to you, you're on your way to teach another lesson, and you got some good juniors, you told... I have a couple of very good juniors on Southern California is an amazing opera talent, and we just watching Steve Johnson on TV, he acting around to the French and on... I worked with him, so you're right, we were very lucky to be in that area because you do have a lot of talent 'cause the kids to play all day... I don't know if the challenge any better, but certainly the conditions are the talents always there because of the club I teach it, there's only four cars, it's a very small club, and we're very serious about what we do, and there's two high schools within five minute drive that replies in CCA.

0:04:01.9 Dave deSure: That's right, a CCA is now, I think, number two or three in the nation. What.

0:04:09.1 Jack Broudy: We... That's when a... There it was all storylines and nothing else.

0:04:12.2 Dave deSure: No, Tories dominated the 1 CIF at 26 years and five years. Yeah, they can't touch CCHS. They've got a kid who's a sophomore that's got an 11 UT as a sophomore, he is diss a college team and I Adonis... Right, that's the one ten. Exactly. Yeah. Wow, so Brandon's little brothers playing, and there's just some amazing talent that... It's scary actually. The one student I have, he's a 12-year-old kid. And they just moved here from Cincinnati about six months ago. A great kid, great family has said, the younger brother and sister who also played, but this kid is 12 years old, 6 foot 3 left, crushes the ballet, lefty and a huge... Certain massive serve. It was interesting because when he moved here, being from Cincinnati, he was the number one in Cincinnati, the 1200, obvious, it was kind a monster, and when I started coaching, I was very lucky to get this kid, it's just a wonderful, wonderful family, great report. And we've had to start working more in the mental part of the game, more than the physical part of the game, because when he came here, he's like, Well, I'm number one in my town, I'm number one in Cincinnati, I'm just gonna kick everybody's...

0:05:25.0 Dave deSure: But when I get out there, it's a whole different world since you... Not even say ego, I try to try to give me a little reality checks, and he went and played his first tournament and on a Saturday, and he comes back on Monday, head down, tail between his legs. He goes, What the hell just happened? What round? Welcome to Southern California.

0:05:42.1 Jack Broudy: What around? Did he lose in first round, first round, it was like 11 to an unseated player.

0:05:50.3 Dave deSure: So.

0:05:50.9 Jack Broudy: No, that's... That's amazing.

0:05:53.9 Dave deSure: Yeah, you're right. There's so much talent. There's so much done since then. Now he understands that it's not the physical-ness of the game, it's also the mental part of the game, which is big as anything, and one of the analogies I gave him, I said, Let me ask you a question the next time you walk on the court to play a tournament, and you're sitting there waiting for your opponent to show up, and he walks on the court and he's carrying 20 tennis rackets. What's the first thing that goes through your mind? He goes, Oh my God, the guy's gotta be amazing, now go home, you just lost the nith, you put this kid on a level up here without him seeing... Getting a ball. No, no, no. We got some work to do. So it's a little bit of an insecurity issue with him, but we're working on it now, he started he last term and he played... He won the singles and the doubles, so it's taken a little bit of time, but.

0:06:37.7 Jack Broudy: At what level is he playing right now, like level three, four.

0:06:42.2 Dave deSure: Right now, right now, he's playing level level four now before that's still pretty stealth satellite. He started at a level, the first German he played was, I believe a level, probably level six, and got beat. Really? No, because it was the attitude, and when you walk on the court like you own it, without seeing your opponent play, without doing any research, not working out when... You know, Jack, when you walk on the court, you have a five-minute warm-up, is that five minutes to.

0:07:10.8 Jack Broudy: Do a Weidner had...

0:07:12.8 Dave deSure: Oh, I said, If you don't have a sweat broken before you walk on that court, what are you doing at five minutes is to figure out what your Putin's weaknesses are when you start to alteration through the net, you're gonna bring it in on that all day. Yeah, no, so he took that five minutes for himself to warm up without paying attention to what's important.

0:07:30.5 Jack Broudy: Yeah, and you got a Almere, those matches 'cause that five-minute rule is terrible...

0:07:36.1 Dave deSure: That's terrible. It's for television, it's for professional... So you can build up the drama between the two players.

0:07:43.3 Jack Broudy: Half of my lessons were just warm-ups for these kids, can we get a half-hour lesson or 45 minutes... Sure. Whatever they want. Just to warm up. Yeah, now, if you don't get connected, five minutes ain't gonna do it by the time the first sets over, you might be warm that...

0:08:00.8 Dave deSure: Well, and the same thing happened too, because I gave him... This was maybe two or three months ago. He went to likely another tournament, came to me, we worked out for an hour, I did a lot of the strategy. Boom, and these dad picks him up from the less and they're playing down at the Barton Center, the bases, they get into the car was 15-20 minutes away. That's a Botts a half an hour to get there. So he jumped in the car, gets on the freeway or I didn't lonesome right there by the club up, and as soon as they turn under the freeway, it was bumper... A bump for traffic. You can't get off. Now the kid is having a heart attack, Dad, we should have left earlier. Dad, we should have gone another way, I'm gonna be late, I'm gonna get default. And he called him. He goes, dear, what do I do? What do I do? What do I do? I says, Wait a minute, relax. Breathe, I said, you're in a situation and it's uncomfortable situation, but there's nothing you can do about it, you tear situation and call the club is gonna say, Call the tournament.

0:08:56.5 Dave deSure: It's gonna be fun. But he didn't know that. He's a young kid. I said, You have to... You may not like it, but you have to accept your bar president circumstances. Took a breath. Called the club, explained it, no problem, 15 extra minutes. I'll see you when you get here. And hang out.

0:09:14.0 Jack Broudy: Oh, you're right, you're right. And that's an issue in So Cal... I mean, the traffic is more always... I've been gone now, about seven months, I don't think the traffic's gotten any better as it...

0:09:25.7 Dave deSure: Well, now, when you remove your one car really didn't do any damage, no, it's still a...

0:09:31.5 Jack Broudy: Hey, I'll tell you one thing during covid, that was the best place in the world of Jonas going up and down the road on the freeway and El five cars on the freeway. I was loving it.

0:09:43.4 Dave deSure: Yeah, that was a good time. Well, that's funny. So to speak.

0:09:47.9 Jack Broudy: So you got a kid who's six trees, young kid, getting involved years old, 63, can you move? Or is it, you can move.

0:09:54.9 Dave deSure: Oh no, no, you can move is one of those things that I don't think he understands. The gift from God, that this kid is previously talented, and now we're starting to work on the mental part of the game now, is he starting to appreciate it more, the physical is always came easy to this guy, but you and I both know when you get down deep into that third set, it has nothing to do with this house aero, that person has...

0:10:20.0 Jack Broudy: Is he got off both was good for.

0:10:21.8 Dave deSure: People go on both wings to point open clothes, I'm starting to train them on the 45, so a swing is a little bit shorter. Crisper quicker. Yeah.

0:10:32.3 Jack Broudy: Right. Oh, that's great. What else? Tell me more you... What about other things at your club, I mean, as pickle ball taking over a court or two or three...

0:10:45.4 Dave deSure: Okay, they have tried, because we are owned by the city, and there's been a big thing here, Peninsula tennis called down by barns. Yeah, I know it's pickle, the local pickle ball organization, it's been on the news like crazy for the last couple of weeks, the there pickle ballers or trying to take the entire Club, everything, is that... And they're saying, Well, the reason they wanted is you've got the barn center across the street, Well, it's not true because there's always something going on at the barn center, that's right. You just walk over there and play, so it's a very big thing. Then the tennis guys are saying, Well look, if you want pickle ball courts, go build them, we built this place, go build your own... Right, and at our club, they've been trying and being the director of tennis, at least I have a little bit of say so, so I pretty much told everybody there, if you ever see me on a pickle ball court...

0:11:28.6 Jack Broudy: Yeah, shoot me, I just, I just can't do it. I say I'm a SAN, I know why people like pickle ball and I appreciate it and all that stuff, you know, I like piping too, but it's just not for me right now, as long as I still... I'm old, but I'm in pretty good shape. I'd rather play tennis any day of the week, I played a little... I played some Bobby Riggs with Dawson over the most.

0:11:52.9 Dave deSure: And that club has gone completely pickle ball almost... I think they only present, it's a national pickle all headquarters at this time, but I was over at the constant... Oh, maybe a month ago, and I was sitting with a friend of mine and they had a pickle-ball tournament at the time, and I don't wanna... I don't wanna throw everybody into the mix here, but... Well, number one, the sound is terrible if you're unpleasant to... Yeah, the other thing is people were walking on to our court with their arms on the fence, watching the pickle ball, they just didn't have any idea of the etiquette, and I think it was the area... I didn't think about that. There is tension ThinkPad they just walk on the court and you're yelling it to people and guys, we're trying to play a match and they look at... It's like there's something wrong with us. No guys, there's a tennis etiquette, been out there for 10 years. Yeah, just play by the rules. And one guy wanted to get elite with me, I can do... No, you really can't. Now, and he was getting a huff and puff, and you know me, I'm not a confrontational person, Jack.

0:12:52.3 Jack Broudy: No, you're a big teddy bear, but it... But I have seen it, but I have seen you. When Enough is Enough, get tough.

0:13:01.4 Dave deSure: You gotta do what you gotta do, or.

0:13:04.1 Jack Broudy: I'm sure you were tough in the juniors, like forming, you know, someone cheats you too many times, you might get like, No, no, no one. No one will do it.

0:13:13.0 Dave deSure: Yeah, yeah, I hope there's not a USDA official insight.

0:13:17.8 Jack Broudy: So pickle all is trying to take... The players are trying to... ANSI was coaching a Bobby rates for a while, and then I went over there and I just couldn't believe it, it was just... It was all picea and apical. I think there was two ports being used for tennis anymore, is it of the seven courts and five were being used for... Pilot's a pickle ball headquarters now. Wow. So Southern Cal, which used to be the tennis club, had tennis headquarters really...

0:13:48.1 Dave deSure: Well, Cooke's the fastest growing sport in the United States. And I don't blame Steve. Steve did an amazing job. He really did.

0:13:55.6 Jack Broudy: Well. Yeah, he knew what he wanted. He saw it was growing and he saw people liked it, it was easy, but I mean, it's a funny sport because you don't play the whole time, people say around on my wife described it kind of, at least she said, Well, she said she had to play tennis but she says when she watches most pickle ball players, I'm sure I like tennis, there's a few great players, she says It looks like the new shuffle board, you know where people can get outside and a finality and not really... You don't get too much exercise unless you're one of the top ones, and there's really no form to it, I've watched a lot of pickle ball in just kind of stick your butt out, stay out of the kitchen, so to speak. Of course, tennis players go into it, like Martin and some other guys that good players go into it and they look like they did in dentists, they're filed against these terrible, terrible players. The good players come in and it may look in the Make pipeline a completely different sport.

0:15:02.5 Dave deSure: And there espresso Al tennis players versus a 30 course.

0:15:06.2 Jack Broudy: Kinda like that, kinda like that, but yeah, that's nothing... I really wanna spend too much more time up, but I was just curious to see if they try to take your cords over there.

0:15:17.7 Dave deSure: They have tried Mutinies and goodness, the owner of the club back... Yuba, wonderful lady owner for as long as I've known you, she has a lot of clout in the community, were both on the San Diego tennis district... To the association. Yeah, yeah, I know that we have a little bit of say So there. So it's worked out well. Worked on a Appetit that way.

0:15:37.6 Jack Broudy: Good, good, good. Tell me a little bit about what recently I saw you on posters and the TV show, Pawn Stars, and I... I just want a wild, you know, a smile ear to ear, that's my body as my double partner right there. That was really cool to tell us a little bit about that and how that came about. And for starters, where did you get that bloody car... Like I said, Folks, Dave owns literally owns the car that I was in the movie... Grease, a super iconic car. I guess it's from the 50s, right? Is that.

0:16:15.9 Dave deSure: This one's in 1949, there was two feature cars in the movie, there was the good guy car, greased lightning, which John Volta drove. There was a bad guy car, which was called hell chariot the crater face drove, those were the two that raised each other at the end of the movie... Right. And you know me, I'm a car guy. Right now, I'm a Rogers Raptor, good guys. I'm always playing with or Russians, but each other dotting make it so flames come out of the exhaust pipes, I think that... That was for when I first met you, you were doing that. That's why I was doing this not for a long time ago, and there was a rumor that all the cars from Greece disappeared, but it was this urban legend that one car survived and they went to go to a movie called used cars with Kurt Russell, they used Greased Lightning and he's sharing in a background scene, and the guy who was driving the truck transporting the cars from Paramount Studios to the shoot knew that that was help chariot, and he marked on the clipboard that he sent it back to the studios, and in fact, he stole the car and he put it in his garage with the studio self-insurers.

0:17:20.4 Dave deSure: So they don't keep track of anything, they just go to a back lot where there's 400 cars that they just use for movies and TV shows and for whatever... Well, rumor had it that the car disappeared and people... For 27 years. We're looking for this car. Where is it, where is it, where is it? I'm just a lucky Chaco found it.

0:17:39.0 Jack Broudy: And this guy was from... He was actually from the movies who stole it?

0:17:42.7 Dave deSure: No, no, he was the truck driver, he was driving the big semi-truck on so long... Long story longer, this is 10 years ago, I'm online and I'm on Craigslist, and I really wanted a 49-51 mercury Chop, I wanted a full customer... Just as what I wanted... Yeah, do I go online and I see a picture of one? And it was stunning. It was sober job, gorgeous, and all the ad said was mussel need money, 15000. Well, anyone who's into cars understands that cars worth three to four times that...

0:18:19.6 Jack Broudy: Did you recognize it yet for the... As the grease, it wasn't...

0:18:22.2 Dave deSure: Oh, no, no, no. It was even better. So I called the phone number in the ad and it goes to a voicemail, I leave a master can... My name is Dave, but Bob's San Diego here in Huntington Beach. I wanna come up today and buy the car, I'm not gonna negotiate the price more than fair, don't get a phone call back, so I call back an hour later, leaving other messages... Don't get a phone call. Okay, that's a little bit I forget about it. And then I had lunch with Scott. I remember Scott, my business parenting manufacturer, right? So he said, Oh, this is... He found out that the phone over that I was calling was a landline, it was an answer machine, wasn't even a cell phone, and you know, Scott, being an engineer, he said, Well, I'm just gonna hack into his answer machine and let's see what's going on... That's not really at the call, but... Hey, what the hell? Go ahead. And there was a 187 messages for the car, and it took him two hours, he raised all those messages, but mine... What Senussi public, but what the hell? Anyway, while he's doing that, I Googled the phone number, I'm like, I can recognize that number, and it comes up, it was a shop in Huntington Beach that sold for dimera, and I've been there many times buying parts, and I'm like, Wait a minute, I know the owner of the shop, that's Bill.

0:19:28.6 Dave deSure: He doesn't own that car, something, I think it's a fake ad, so I Googled Bill, and unfortunately, he passed away a week earlier, and people... He had a reputation, he was a very tough guy, some people like them, some people didn't... Evidently, somebody didn't like him, and they put this fake out out there to blow up his phone to get Eve them for whatever reason. Who knows? So the next morning, Scott and I drive up there because I know the place is gonna be locked up, but I knew we had a couple of cars I might wanna buy, so we're there.

0:19:58.1 Jack Broudy: Yet to beach is what? 45 minutes.

0:20:00.7 Dave deSure: And less than an hour.

0:20:01.7 Jack Broudy: Listen to... Or no biggie, right.

0:20:04.4 Dave deSure: So we're standing outside the shop, locked up, 'cause Bill's not there anymore, and two minutes later this guy pulls up, big guy gets it, or do you go... Is doing here will ablative out. Just are paying, I respect to Bill. I knew he passed away, and I understand he had a couple of cars to... He had a 324, I might wanna buy that. And he goes, all the cars are gone. Okay, he goes, I have one car left and it's up on the hoist and we can't get the hoist down because it's broken... The hydraulics are broken. He goes, It's a 1949 Greece Mercury, and I'm like, Well, I'm pretty good with the cars. And Scott goes, What the hell is a grasmere Scott? I've never heard of a green Mercury, and this guy had this big attitude, I was just... The attorney for the estate, he goes, Well, this, the car from the movers, he actually told arson in to my stomach, I'm like, hellcat, you're telling me how stories behind the door, the one car that everybody's been looking for for almost 30 years, you're telling me is behind the story, he goes, Yep, I go prove it.

0:21:00.5 Dave deSure: And he goes, When we can't prove it, but we know it's the car, Bill found it from the guy who had it and the Garifuna, so we go in there, and Scott, being an engineer, he gets that car back on the ground in one minute, and underneath the car was all this dried up my, I'm thinking, Well, that's the lirae maybe... And the car was in complete disarray, there was no pain on it, there was no motor in it, in the car was on, but next to the car was this Mangold bumper, and that was the buffer where he ran into the back of her voltage car. We still have that bumper, so I'm not gonna go to the whole detail, but we had the car completely authenticated, we've done many TV shows, it was... We did an ad for OPI nail polish, we did the line for Nordstrom, it was increase live a couple of years ago, we traveling non-John down the strip, and at once it got completely restores, Google Health chariot and it'll come up. So there's a guy that I give lessons to, a wonderful guy, Adam Weinberger, he's from New York and has a place out here, and he's on posters all the time, he sells vintage books and things that are signed by Abraham Lincoln and short washing is just a wonderful wonderful guy, and he's always on Pawn Stars selling things, and he said, You know what, they're new put their new seasons coming up, and they're looking for things to enhance the rating shows me on a long time.

0:22:16.7 Dave deSure: And he says, Don't you then I said, I have the car from the movie... Are you only surviving car, he said, You wanna go on the show? And I said, Well, I don't know. So he calls a producer and she gets right on the phone with me and she goes, I just googled you and I Googled the car. She goes, Would you consider bringing the car to Las Vegas for an episode? I'm like, I'd love to... It's my hometown. I just don't have time. He goes, Don't worry. We're coming to you. Really? So they came down here and shoot...

0:22:45.0 Jack Broudy: Yeah, it looked like it was in front of your greatly Norman's house, a North...

0:22:50.2 Dave deSure: Very first place you and I played tennis. That's the house we shot it at. Anyway, they shot it in December and its season 20 Episode 3, and it's on the History Channel and it's on YouTube, and we just had a blast in the show with the guys...

0:23:06.0 Jack Broudy: I saw it on YouTube, I'm telling you. He was blown away. I was laughing. Just doing that is fantastic. Yeah, they tried to buy it off you for what? 600000. Well, okay, it's a... Heretofore, you right there, I know you started it started at 75000, but when he found out it was the real deal and member took it to someone else, and the guy said, Yeah, this thing's worth a couple of hundred thousand minimum, and.

0:23:34.6 Dave deSure: He said It's worth 650 and an auction situation. 7750.

0:23:39.6 Jack Broudy: Yeah. So he offered you 600 iPhones. He goes, Well, okay.

0:23:46.7 Dave deSure: They weren't gonna buy the car jacketed me before we even filmed, he goes Really? And we're having this conversation, and I'm telling them, with your name, you could take this to a parent Jackson, a big name option because of who you are, and you take your money, because it's gonna be on the show. And anyway, he made me an offer and I said no, and the up the offer to you said 400, and I think he went to five... Yeah, Titania, let's make a deal. And as soon as I countered, which they always say, Well, let's split the difference, they always play the game 'cause it's kind of fun, and when I counted, they said, Oh, have a nice day go by and they just walked off. But they got it to the...

0:24:23.1 Jack Broudy: We're gonna walk off. Any left?

0:24:25.4 Dave deSure: I said, Yeah, yeah, I think I did. Yeah.

0:24:28.4 Jack Broudy: That's fantastic. So now what do you do with the car? You same thing, and just keep it in a.

0:24:33.3 Dave deSure: Good... Anteriorly say, Jack, this is where it got and I have been kind of having some fun with it lately, there's a company that approached us, they wanna NT the car non-fungible tokens and do something for a tea, but on the other hand, manage cars right now, even with the economy and everything is going south, as much as it is, vintage cars have been pulling, they've been setting records at every action, and we've had the car for 10 years, and we're kind of thinking Maybe it's time, this thing needs to be an ism, it needs to be places where people can see the car, so we are probably... As of right now, it's gonna be at the MICO option in Monterey on August 20th. Now, there's a chance we might not do it if the NFS... We don't know yet, but as of right now, we have secured that day to be a feature car at August 20th and Monterey, California and Michoacan. That's exciting. You might variations, I'll retire and come up and hang up with you in Colorado.

0:25:30.9 Jack Broudy: Hey, that sounds great. That sounds good. Great, I know. Great places to invest your money too, just letting.

0:25:40.1 Dave deSure: Me trying to buy a house in San Diego.

0:25:43.0 Jack Broudy: Yeah, no, we'll see. Yeah, I mean, even if you get a million for the car... You might not be able to buy a house in San Diego.

0:25:49.4 Dave deSure: No, you could it to Levis.

0:25:51.8 Jack Broudy: At the board. Oh my God, dad, that's amazing. So that's May 20. That's coming right up August, August 1th. Oh, I'll get sorority day after my birthday. Wow, that's right, that's right. That's right, man, I hope you have some luck up there, I guess you're gonna be... It's gonna be a feature in. How many cars? Iconic cars. Do they have like that?

0:26:17.6 Dave deSure: Well, most of the options do about 3000 cars. This is a smaller venue, 600. Some of the cars are gonna be up, there are some incredible vintage dos and birds, very, very, very high-end cars than its Ferraris isn't worth the value of those cars on your hair... Yeah, with grease being the biggest musical in the history of the world is still tripled his biggest grossing film... High, yeah. In satani? Absolutely, I did. Most people don't know that, but the grease is his biggest grossing movie.

0:26:50.9 Jack Broudy: Oh no, I never knew that. Yeah, you're right, so that would bring in value... The car itself though, what would the car itself... We were 15 grand, 20 grand.

0:27:00.5 Dave deSure: Without the movie provenance, probably about 50-50 to 19, 49 car. Yeah, 1940, I... Mercurius are still stable made cars, they really are, but when you add the provenance to check, who knows, we're living in crazy times, I may go with me, not go, we may bring it back home and put it back in the garage. I know.

0:27:23.2 Jack Broudy: When you and I were down together in San Diego for all those years, there were times kind of like paging, so there were times that you would say to me, Oh, you... You can't give away these cars 'cause you were always flipping cart starts, always having fun with cars by a 1956 Chevy or something, and then you put your detail and you put the flames on, if you make fire come out of... The flames come out of the dual exhaust, stuff like that, and you Cheriton and you make your profit and you just get another one, but there were times, and I don't remember exactly whether it was the 80s or not, I've known you so long, I know it must have been the 90s? In the 90s or the early 2000s or 2010 and up, you were telling me all, you can't give away finish cars right now, and so there's been bad times in the US... Oh gosh. Are always is, of course. But they always come back like, for whatever reason, I don't know why, but I don't research a ton of it, but I know that crypto and Bitcoin and everything's sliding big time, and I know that I...

0:28:30.6 Jack Broudy: Then people are putting their money into tangible assets, that's what the housing prices out here are still ridiculous, vintage cars are pulling twice what they normally do.

0:28:39.4 Dave deSure: Old...

0:28:40.1 Jack Broudy: The old is going up. Everything. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow, that's really something. You're still doing it with the other cars, are you too busy at the club, are you still flipping cars.

0:28:52.2 Dave deSure: Mayor head... I always am gonna be Jack, you're always gonna... If I don't have a hot run the garage, I'll pull my hair out. That's a classic. There's nothing like jumping in the car on a Sunday morning and a little 32 Roadster, no top and just cruise the beach and just go up to Orange County, have lunch. Turn around and come back. It's good for the soul.

0:29:14.0 Jack Broudy: Do they still have... I forget what night of the week was an insane remember and sanitary Thursday, that's what I thought.

0:29:23.0 Dave deSure: A proven insanity, which is a coastal town right on the beach.

0:29:25.8 Jack Broudy: And they still do every...

0:29:27.2 Dave deSure: Oh God, yeah. And every Friday during the summer, which they just started two weeks ago, every Friday in Escondido, they have a cruise night that probably draws 300 cars, 400 cars.

0:29:39.8 Jack Broudy: It has to be every Friday night. Yeah, Do you go out there and cruise? Yes.

0:29:46.5 Dave deSure: Not every week, but I try to go out there when I can...

0:29:49.1 Jack Broudy: Yeah, yeah. No, those things are fun. I remember the one in instant, I used to love it when I happened to be there on a Thursday night, I just going, is so cool. And you just watch them, I'll go by. And it's a big deal. So how has always been, I don't know if it's the Beach Boys or what, but Jan and Dean and all those old songs about hot rods and cars, she's real fine, my 40009, stuff like that. But so Cal has always been really huge when it comes to classic cars, where it all started Parrott-ed out here.

0:30:20.3 Dave deSure: What they used to do back in the day when guys were coming back from World War II, they wanted... They were young, the war was over, they take their cars, they take the fenders off and the hoods off and make them lighter and to raise him, and it was just a whole different time, it was just... It was freedom. It was American. Yeah.

0:30:43.7 Jack Broudy: Let me ask you before I actually raised the cars on abandoned runways, that's how gathering was really big. Dead Man's Curve, right in that Uthman drive up in LA. Right. Yeah, yeah. Well, let me ask you, are you doing anything in particular at the Club other than just you only got four courts, so you're really working the kids and this and that. Well, we should pick for the French, were in the middle of that.

0:31:21.3 Dave deSure: Meal pack for the French, if I leave out my personal feelings on some of these guys because of their attitude and how they do things... I'm not a fan of a lot of the players. I'm a big fan of some other players, but I pick for the French... My gut is telling me. His joke of it. Yeah, me too. That's telling me it's gonna be... No back, he's hungry. He has not played a lot. He's got... He was not matched off a couple of weeks ago, the last two weeks, he has looked incredible.

0:31:50.5 Jack Broudy: Some, and the Italian open, which is a one, that's a good one. And that a builder going into this turn...

0:31:58.5 Dave deSure: Exactly. An Alcor had a tough five-setter yesterday, so I'm thinking, You just turned 19. He still little green and joke and bitches these healthy. So the inside I see, I see no back...

0:32:11.1 Jack Broudy: Yeah, waves a little tougher to predict, I gotta go with the number one set.

0:32:16.4 Dave deSure: To swing, she's in... Yeah, I agree, I agree that.

0:32:18.0 Jack Broudy: That's what the one good... And she's a little more consistent. And then the last thing I wanna ask, 'cause another unique thing about you, Dave, that not a lot of people know, unless they live in our area, you're like the Terminator of tennis, they're like this big guy who should have played football probably, but you ended up on the tennis court, and I can tell the folks, just a great partner, a great friend, a great guy to play doubles with so much fun, those doubles inside an hour, but you have had more injuries, literally. And anyone I know, and I'm not kidding the shoulder, other arm problems that Achilles... Didn't you have the Achilles? The terrible thing with your foot.

0:33:06.8 Dave deSure: Lawn, it happened... I thought I ruptured the Achilles. Right. And come to find out, Norman arbitrators, right? I'm sorry, Plantar fasciitis was... Oh God, no, no, I wish. It's funny because Jack and I were talking a few minutes ago about this gentleman who he played at his house, Dr. Norman came, he used to be the doctor for the Chargers, right when I thought I ruptured the Achilles, I called him and he said, Yeah, no problem. Just come to the office in the morning, won't get an MRI. He gets the MRI and he comes in, he goes, Hey, I got good news and bad. And as I said, Yeah, great, I was... Good news is you did in rupture or Kelly... So I'm like, Yes, basis you did in rupture the Achilles. I'm like, Well, what did I do? He goes, It was called Achilles avulsion, which means where the Achilles attaches to the bottom of the heel, it ripped off of the hill and came all the way up the hill and ended up in my calf, so I have four screws in the middle, plate holding my heel back together. I thank God, I had an incredible doctor, I haven't...

0:34:04.4 Dave deSure: To this day, I move better than I did before. I had absolutely no pain and reconstructive shoulder surgery, he's telling me, you're never gonna have a big serve again, I'm at back over it, I'm thrilled, man. Look, you're right, the term... I'm lucky, I got some genes. I don't know, maybe 'cause I'm Jewish, I don't... Who they help?

0:34:24.4 Jack Broudy: Ones, a couple of iconic Jewish tennis players, I'm not sure.

0:34:29.1 Dave deSure: Not a lot of us out here.

0:34:30.3 Jack Broudy: No, not a lot of us is probably a pamphlet, maybe not a book.

0:34:35.0 Dave deSure: I'm like, I'm like you Jack look, injuries as part of athletics, it is you can either say, you know what, I'm never gonna play at that level again, or you can see... You know what, screw it. I'm gonna die on that court before I give up... And you know my attitude? Yeah, I do die on that tennis court before I ever give up yet does not exist to me. No, no, I know you ended up back in the operating room, a intubation. The operating room, I'm not gonna give up.

0:34:57.9 Jack Broudy: Well, you had the screws in the shoulder, I remember that, and then you must be a hell of a partner to go on a flight with.

0:35:06.0 Dave deSure: And actually the screws are used now actually dissolving to the bone, so I think they're just all part of it now. Really? Yeah.

0:35:13.5 Jack Broudy: Really? And didn't you have a little problem? Your elbow once too. At.

0:35:17.2 Dave deSure: Jack, I've had probably everything. Alright, that's really it. You wanna see here and talking about injuries, I'll be on the one thing with the all day. That's true.

0:35:22.8 Jack Broudy: We towel let it go with that. I just want people to know they can come back because we had some serious injuries, interest, and you always come back and it seems like you play better when you come back, maybe it's because you get a little more conservative and you're not just trying to hit this not out of the ball like you always do and you go, Oh, maybe I'll take 5% off and get a 100 miles an hour, and.

0:35:44.4 Dave deSure: The difference between being hurt and injured, you know if you're hurt and you get through it, you play through it, if you're injured. Well, then you might have to be a little bit more attention to it. But jackal, I look at it, every day I get up every day, I walk on to the tennis court. It's a gift, and I know that so every day I'll walk on that court, Jack, I appreciate it more. Every single day that I'm still out there, I love to hear that in small... And you know what, Jack is just... It's everything to me.

0:36:08.4 Jack Broudy: I'd love to hear it. I swear, I feel the exact same. I'm playing today with this guy Anton, I told you that that would be... But R12, the great, it's too good to play points against, you know what I mean? That's too rough for me, but God damn, I love hitting with it, I love getting with him and I could just blast the ball with him, and you have to just wheel me off the court, he's so much fun to hit a good ball and Dave, by the way, it's a very good ball, and he's not one of these seniors that just slices the back end, and even though you do a good slice and pushes the forehand, you're getting as big now as ever got that lively, you always have a lively or... Very great served. Great touch, great hands. So yeah, no, a just so happy to get back together, I'm glad we did this 'cause I learned a lot today, but I didn't know that I've always wanted to know about... I never knew the original story about that vehicle, except I do remember when you got it... I remember when you went to Huntington Beach.

0:37:09.2 Jack Broudy: Yeah, told me You're gonna be... But I didn't know that the CD side of that, the dark side of that story would stop me, but I should have... I should have put two and two together. You guys somehow enabled you way, but the class... Well, Dan, thanks so much, I'd love to do this again some time and talk about something else, maybe one of your juniors will start kicking ass and make a name for himself, and then we'll have someone to talk about that...

0:37:35.4 Dave deSure: I'll bring him on the podcast too.

0:37:37.0 Jack Broudy: That'd be fun to.

0:37:38.2 Dave deSure: Casting like this would help him.

0:37:40.8 Jack Broudy: Oh, great. Well, yeah, let's get it in the school, man, that's it all... I'm sure you gotta live in at the 45... I'm sure.

0:37:47.1 Dave deSure: He's living to the 45 is at the 45 digit, they get... It's funny because a lot of the other... We have, even though we only have four courts, we have a number of coaches 'cause we're busy from... The courts are taken from the minute we open to the minute we close at night, the courts are never open, and it's interesting because a lot of the other coaches are... And we have some very good coaches, excellent players, good people, good kids, and they walk by the court and they're like... Two of the other coaches are taking lessons for me to learn the 45 and to learn about the Brody board. Nice. So they're incorporating the time... Can I use the board? Can I use a US play?

0:38:24.2 Jack Broudy: Yeah, so much. And use the board.

0:38:25.6 Dave deSure: Yeah, it's.

0:38:26.6 Jack Broudy: Nice. So they're a and get him get up, get them to join up because I have to do that, they get a big discount. You know, the pros get a 30% discount, so it's pretty much wholesale, so... Yeah, no, that'd be great, but that's a great... Damn, I love it all. And then I'm glad, I'm glad we stay connected, even though we don't talk on the phone every other day like we used to, and I used to be so nice to just be able to go over to the club and hit a few or go over a 1100 but I'm glad we're staying in touch always. Well, Jack, anyway, anyway, and if you ever make it out to the mountains, look me up, you know, you'll be one of my first calls if I get down to... So.

0:39:08.6 Dave deSure: We'll get the other son, Jack.

0:39:10.4 Jack Broudy: My friend, thank you so much.

0:39:12.3 Dave deSure: I love you, my friend, I'll talk to you, so I really enjoy it. By everybody, take care

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