Dick Gould: Tennis Legend & College Coach of the Century

October 20, 2022
Written By: Jack Broudy
Dick Gould: Tennis Legend & College Coach of the Century

0:00:00.0 Jack Broudy: This... Hi, I'm Jack Broudy, and welcome to living at the 45. And I am so humble and so honored today to be speaking to dig gold. I wish I could say my friend did coli gonna make him my friend, so I can say my friend did. Cool. And I've known about him since I was a junior. And it's just like I said, it's a bucket list for me, Dick, soest.

0:00:27.7 Dick Gould: Of all we know and we metamaterial cross too much being and so they can read on just.

0:00:34.2 Jack Broudy: On the internet the last 10 years, maybe.

0:00:36.3 Dick Gould: Exactly, and congrats. And all you're doing. It's really been fun.

0:00:39.0 Jack Broudy: Thank you. And now that I got this... Now that I got this interview with you, I feel bold enough to go after Roger, so I'm gonna go after it. That's a pretty big step up to A uy with Chris Andrews was my doubles part, and.

0:00:58.3 Dick Gould: Then Rich was just a just... Richard has maui vacation, he was over there when I was... We were trying to get together and didn't work out in family all around, I had Gene there, so...

0:01:09.0 Jack Broudy: Yeah, I know Richard... He's doing really well up in Norco. We still, I think he's still working. Right.

0:01:14.1 Dick Gould: Now, I just kind of retired down toward... Down toward Carmel between was filled. Carmel, noting on the beach and place in the vision. Really nice. So.

0:01:23.2 Jack Broudy: Nice. Nice. Yeah, so anyway, so the weekend goes by it, and so those two books... Do I have to read... Okay, you're ready for today? I have to read yours, and I did, and I have to read Barry buses because I hate, I had an interview with him a couple of hours.

0:01:39.8 Dick Gould: To do what a great tennis book that is. I.

0:01:42.2 Jack Broudy: Thought so too. Really, I.

0:01:43.9 Dick Gould: Thought a great job of that, what.

0:01:46.7 Jack Broudy: Incredible honesty he had that first thing I said to him, I said, You know what, you're a better... I said, you're a better man than I am. I don't think I could have been. I don't think I would be that brutally honest about where I've been in my life, and he said, Oh, he had a tough time getting to that point, but.

0:02:03.2 Dick Gould: That's what makes us a powerful... And I think that's why it's resonate so well, because he was able to come forward like that, and then he really appreciate guys like Gan always had a welcome arms for him and really a great pattern. It was amazing with him, and.

0:02:18.1 Jack Broudy: I was thinking a, Greg, this morning, he can't go any better than that. So those are the two books I'm reading. So right, I'm back and I'm thrown back into the 70s with your tennis book and Barry's tennis book. Right, and they come from two different places. Right, Barry, they say it's the best of times and the worst of times. Aries, he had that 70s, but he had the worst of times in a lot of ways, 'cause the 70s was a lot of sexual freedom... Drug freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom. But then I read your tennis book and it reminds me of my dad and it was like, things they don't even talk about today, integrity, no excuses, words you don't even hear any more loyal... I don't know, you didn't put loyalty, but my dad used to talk about the Tigers is a trend, so it's so funny to go back to my home weekend, I'm thinking of my junior career... Right, 'cause in the 70s, I was playing in the 14s and the 16S, and I went to college to play tennis for.

0:03:21.9 Dick Gould: A tennis team recruiting Jack, come on, I really felt... I, listen.

0:03:26.5 Jack Broudy: I told Barry this morning, I was one of the guys, he just had to step on to get to the semis, I was just one of those guys, but you know you have to have a few of me out there to make the tennis tournament go frame as well as well. So Monday comes in, so I read these books. I mean, I'm going through some heavy... Can you imagine me, I'm reading these two books about the 70, he's thinking of my father who passed away many years ago, and I'm living this life... I'm back in the 70s, I'm friendly with them, and I noticed that you contribute to him as well. John Eagle 10. Yes, yeah, yeah. And they just got the sports, a TV, that's a great website. I think they're doing a great job. I think they're gonna be a atonal the time and they're gonna be successful. I think there's no question about it.

0:04:14.6 Dick Gould: We work with them a little bit of providing some concussion... I work with concussion education a little bit, develop and help and develop that. And so we worked a little bit with providing them with some information on that, and so now most of those guys in here pretty well, and John, of course, is a great tennis player.

0:04:31.5 Jack Broudy: Yeah, he was... And he's a great guy. We talk maybe every couple of weeks, and we just start rambling on and on and on, you know, we talk about... He tells me about his great wins, I told him about all the great guys I lost to a cartoon that Jack... But two of us... It's funny, I was telling berry this morning, 'cause berries, you read his tennis book, so berries Dad was tough, tough, tough. My dad was that same ilk that Don wrinkles ilk. You know what I'm talking about, where you kind of sarcastically brow, beat your kid, but my dad did it in a more humorous way, his dad was tough on... My dad would always...

0:05:11.6 Dick Gould: It must have been more like an age thing, but.

0:05:14.3 Jack Broudy: My dad was more like... He was a jokester, so we'd be at the Swim and Tennis Club and people all your son so good, when in Connecticut, I looked like a big fish and he's alright, he says, I tell you if you haven't beaten my son, you haven't played tennis... Well, let me ask you some questions because I read your tennis book, and you know, I have to tell you the honest truth, you know I've known about you since I was in the boys 16S, 'cause you're probably... Where berries about eight years younger than me. Here, about 8 years older than me. And.

0:05:50.6 Dick Gould: So a little more than that, Jack, when I went to... I want to my 85th birthday deliberately.

0:06:00.6 Jack Broudy: Thank you, I appreciate that. Okay, so maybe closer to 12 or 15 years, but still, we were all brought up in that 70s, rewire all kind of in a way cut from the same cloth, because it was such an iconic era, you know what I mean? Between a battle of the sexes and stanfors tennis going from this rink ding school that would play... I remember when I was down there, I played Kalamazoo in 73, right? I asked kicked, of course, but I played it, and I remember your name, and I remember the guys at Foot Hill, 'cause I played with all the guys on Foot Hill, and we practiced every day, and I remember you guys would have scrimmages against stanfors tennis, and I'm thinking I'll bet they don't do that anymore, but I was so smart to schedule a... Hell, what's that? I.

0:06:56.9 Dick Gould: Was too smart to schedule fuel anymore, but when I came to stanfors tennis.

0:07:00.8 Jack Broudy: I... Micah gave me a chance. I go to stanfors tennis skills when.

0:07:03.8 Dick Gould: I was coaching a Foothill, but I didn't wanna be part of those teams. They were too good. Yeah.

0:07:11.2 Jack Broudy: But I'm telling you, foodie, they were incredible for a junior college... I mean, would you have you had like Stefanie, wasn't that good thing, but he got better and then he had John Hubble.

0:07:23.3 Dick Gould: Chris Andrews, Tom shared my buddy at all of...

0:07:26.9 Jack Broudy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. To I remember him. Yeah, yeah, it was great. Yeah, I got for the West Coast 'cause of Chris Andrews, I'm from Connecticut, and he and his family moved out to Connecticut, and we became doubles partners and best friends, and then that was a super... Shame, he died so young. Yes, I thought about him a lot this weekend...

0:07:46.4 Dick Gould: Yeah, that's really hard. Really? Yeah, he was literally my best friend, and that was a tough one.

0:07:54.7 Jack Broudy: But yeah, I remember from those days, and all I remember was everyone said the same thing about you, and when I read your tennis book, it didn't really change my mind much, it was just... Well, he really doesn't know that much about tennis and technique technique, but he's a great guy, and everyone would say, but he's a hell of a recruiter, he said he knows how to get the best... He knows how to get the best players around him, and then I read it in your tennis book, you said, Well, I always just made sure to get the best players, and I thought, Well, that's a pretty good way of going, and then I... I kept reading and I had no idea you really... You didn't play Junior tennis, did you... I do. Oh, you did? 'cause I tattooing in the late OBA coach.

0:08:35.8 Dick Gould: So I grew up in a farm, and my dad, my dad played football and wrestled a little bit of stanfors tennis, and I wasn't outstanding either one of them, but he and my mom are both athletes, didn't understand tennis at all. So I started a good play, but I never played in the summer, so I was always working in the summers, so in Tom shooting in the same way, we never played in the summer, we indeterminate silicon spring, the deadly up, and some of these tennis tournaments that were been around for years, and when school was out out and we were out of tennis to the next to basketball season ended the next year, and so it was just a... I finally get raped my last year in the junior, as I played enough in the spring to get ranked and... Wow. Dates and Southern Cal or something like that. And so bulimia was in stanfors tennis sister, when I went up there.

0:09:25.4 Jack Broudy: I was gonna say, it sounds like you're a little bit like me that way, because I was good enough to be the top in New England, like my dad would say back in day, my dad would say, it's like being the heavyweight champion, Rhode Island is one of his other jokes about me, but I always was sort of rubbing elbows, like my doubles partner, Chris was a good tennis player. I had another one, Lance Dennett, very good tennis player, and then I coached... You know who, I've coached some players, so I've always been around greatness, it just wasn't me, I wasn't the great tennis player, so it sounds like your career was somewhat similar where you really had great players, you coached better than you ever were.

0:10:08.1 Dick Gould: A... For sure, yeah, of course. No, it was really good. I finally an opportunity and I went to college to play, play all year long, and playing with good players, you get better, and I have not had the opportunity for it, and so that was a great experience for me, and by the end of my... I was there five years, just stanfors tennis getting my master's, and I restarted one year because of anatomy lab being every afternoon for a major. I remember... So then my 50th year, I was pretty much caught up with those guys like Aconite, like yet still that far away from him, but it was pretty good, I got to be okay anyway, so passed.

0:10:49.2 Jack Broudy: That's what I... Tollway tell people, Yeah, my pain or I was okay, but I call myself a journey man, you know? Yeah, of course. Basically, we... Yeah.

0:10:58.4 Dick Gould: Which is why it's so interesting in this morning, like I said to talk to Barry first, it was such a... No.

0:11:04.8 Jack Broudy: It made me think of the same thing I always thought when I was a kid, which was, Damn, why is it all the great players take it for granted, and the guys like me, I'd give my left arm to play like those guys... I would do anything to play like a on.

0:11:18.2 Dick Gould: You know how it felt with you... No, of course, then you finally get up there where you're just about a stage and you get ahead in a machine, all of a sudden you get to take... You start thinking about a gushing, this will... Wow, and then you're dead. And.

0:11:31.4 Jack Broudy: So... And I watch guys like Hayes when I was younger, these guys were all my friends, and mayors, not him, but Chris may out.

0:11:40.8 Dick Gould: Picked up with you, I played some on him... Actually, we were good friends, Christie's.

0:11:45.9 Jack Broudy: In Friday, and you remember for a boat against that Mitchell and some of your guys, and I was just like, Well, you know a match point, How come I'm always chipping my back and there... They're hitting out now. And so it's a really big deal, and I guess that's one of my questions for you, is how is it like dealing with these players... I have so many questions to dealing with these players who I think have that attitude, they take their greatness for granted, and a guy like you, from what I read, you're kinda like me, enthusiasm, positivity, all that crap we learn from our parents in the 60s and 50s, right, man, you don't even hear those words anymore.

0:12:33.8 Dick Gould: That was a great time for me, the 15... The 60s.

0:12:37.0 Jack Broudy: Yeah.

0:12:37.2 Dick Gould: I was sustainable started go away a little bit. Stuff.

0:12:40.7 Jack Broudy: That's right, that's right. And then now there's participation, but back then it was, you know, you gotta give it your all, son, leave it all on the tennis court, you just do the best you can, so you know, that's all we ever heard, and your tennis book was sort of like that... It was really like an old school... An old school tennis book. In a lot of ways, I was just like, Well, gee, everything he's talking about, these are like my father's son talks I would have with my dad. So I wanna talk to you for a while. Okay, what do you wanna talk about? I wanna talk to hang... When you meet someone, look them in the eye for him, and she just, you know, stuff that they did back then that they don't even talk about today, but.

0:13:20.5 Dick Gould: You know, a Jack... I think that was one thing in doing this tennis book, I certainly didn't do this, but just say, This is all I know it because I didn't know what any of these things. I was just trying things be myself, but I think over that 40-year period, the tennis book covers players that the responses remain amazingly the same, and perret tennis book is really written about my players. I said, Yes, it is. 208 questions and everything. Did we have a culture which I didn't necessarily try to instill a certain culture, was just my back mom personal values, but it wasn't something... I try to say, Okay, this is what we have to do, and these are our rules, and this... It didn't work that way for me. That wasn't how I was... And so it was more to see these guys, you hear these guys come back and ask these things, I was really impressed, as example mentioned the loyalty and the importance of trust, these guys placed in trust, the trust in players and each other, maybe not best of friends, but socially, but the trust they had that the other guy was gonna do his best to prepare his best, the trust they had in the coach and the trust, Occitan, these things, ego didn't...

0:14:37.0 Dick Gould: He goes as a little bit to address too, because you don't have a good tennis team at you a guy or the big ego, but in the other hand, how did he go... Moves into a tennis team dynamic is pretty...

0:14:46.7 Jack Broudy: And I didn't make any conscience efforts to do without, but.

0:14:52.2 Dick Gould: These guys all had comments on these things that were really revealing to me, and to be able to incorporate these into a little bit of a flow for the tennis book was quite an experience. Covering a 40-year period starting out when the Vietnam War was going on were easier, Kenny was... Nasser thing was happening and wills going to hell. And all of a sudden there was no, this thing is authoritarian picker could... Were you here the line, you wanted it... You could ushant ed or you can do your own thing. And that's when I started coaching. So all of a sudden the world is changed, it was a bit time for me to coach.

0:15:29.2 Jack Broudy: Yeah, there was a whole big thing back then, you just reminded me, even wore T-shirts when the t-shirts were getting pop popular question authority. They don't say, remember that one question to... That was a Teahouse.

0:15:44.2 Dick Gould: The Aminata World War II, and most of us are in the military, and it was... Yester, yes, sir. How fast you hit the wall, and that's right. And all of a sudden, everyone was questioning in that and is this free what I wanna do, and they were testing the person in authority, how much will he take, how much gonna get away with... And so that was a very tiny time to coach, and I learned a lot from that... One thing I learned early on, one of my guys, so they go... You may have known Robert in the area, his daughter Emilia, a good tennis player at separate, and Rob was one of my first tennis team when we first had been admitted at stanfors tennis, and then I was hired when my coach retired after he was admitted, but before he came in school, so my job was to make sure that he came and John speak, I was not a great tennis player, not bastion, they all came the same year and... They were good, but not good enough to win a national tennis championship. And I know that the... One of the persons I learned were staying on the steps to the courts reappraisal, and I said, Guys, I really think we could win a national tennis championship here.

0:17:01.1 Dick Gould: And they looked at me like I was crazy. And Rob said, he just said, Coach is never gonna happen here. We're students and we don't carry that much face...

0:17:11.2 Jack Broudy: I read that.

0:17:12.2 Dick Gould: Before, open tennis. So there's no future in it. Really.

0:17:15.4 Jack Broudy: The guys at an age, they could eat, I.

0:17:20.3 Dick Gould: Learned right away, here I am with this big goal and no one to relate to, and the tennis book really becomes one on leadership and whether it be a Colwell coaches you have... You're coaching your kids every day, you're coaching your people that work one way or the other as peers or as people working in the UN or with you, so we're all coaching every day that people don't realize it, and to have a goal that your tennis team can relate to is pretty ridiculous. It just doesn't happen. So that was one... The first things I learned, I better make my goal on it down a little bit, and it was a humbling experience for me, but I couldn't eat learning his parents early on. Yeah. As I read your tennis book, I was thinking back in the old days of it, and I was talking to Barry this morning about that, books like inner game, Tim Galway tennis book, and Zen and the artist Motorcycle Maintenance. I don't know if you know, but my coach played for your tennis team... You remember Gary Green? Well, of course, was a great... Your core, Gary was your coach in.

0:18:30.9 Jack Broudy: Atlanta, Georgia, he was a real... He first moved that time at Roskill, they were friends, I guess they were doubles partners. We tail together. That's right. And so I was gonna take a half a year off school, I went to play the watch tour down in Florida, and a typical loss in the second, third round just didn't do anything, you crick one in that year, and he was too good for us, I don't know what he was doing playing that series, but he did, and so Gary was my coach in Atlanta for about a year plus, and that's how I learned more stories about you, but... Yeah, I always wondered, the leadership was what I thought your tennis book was about, I didn't really find it as a tennis tennis book, really in.

0:19:19.0 Dick Gould: A Notarial that I used to describe, but it turns out it turned out to be, and it turned out to people on leadership and it's different because I'm not telling you, Jack, these are the 10 keys to success as a leader are these five things and the things to follow in order to be successful, these are all my players, what they thought looking back at the time, there is damper and it was pretty consistent throughout the things they value, and that surprised me a little bit, I thought there might be a pretty big change.

0:19:50.6 Jack Broudy: You know, your tennis book just always brought me back... I'm reading it. It just brought me back to it. Like I said, what I always thought about you all I ever heard was, he's a great guy, a really great guy, and I thought to myself, this tennis book is a testament to dig parents. That was my thought, because I thought to myself, Okay, he has these qualities, many of which my dad would give me in my father's son talks, and he really loved him, he really loved him, and it rubbed off on your tennis team, and that's kind of what this tennis book was to me, I thought to myself, This is not a tennis box, this is a leadership of... This is be a better... But this is more like Zen in the art of most silane Nance. It has nothing to do with motorcycles. Nothing to do with motorcycles. Gary told me once you made the guys read this tennis book, and I never knew if it was true or not, but I think he told me psychodynamic was that you... Did you tell your tennis team to read that tennis book?

0:20:51.8 Dick Gould: No, we did a little bit of work with a company called Cyber vision. I remember them and a little bit of visual reinforcement of... Takes an interesting... Because it was... They're starting with video tape stand and stuff, and most of them showed you what you did wrong, or this whole episode would take your best shot and capture that, or your week or shot and capture it. When you're doing it the best you can do it. And you have to reinforce what you're learning rather than...

0:21:23.7 Jack Broudy: I remember cyber, I remember it. So.

0:21:26.4 Dick Gould: That might have been what was talking about, I don't think I've required any books that wasn't that one, but if it worked for Gary, that's great. By the way, here was an incredible coach, and Georgia Tech did a great job there is to the another couple of years, he would have been really continued for the national tennis championship with his teams...

0:21:45.9 Jack Broudy: Yeah, he was a really great tennis player. He minded me of kind of any debt, he wasn't a big guy, he wasn't a big guy, he was short actually, maybe five or 10 or something, and a good is... Exactly, and you look at him and you wouldn't think, Wow, I would a tennis player. He wasn't, so I was very solid fundamentals at all, kind of like an ad. Deborah, you mind me like a Harold Solomon type.

0:22:10.1 Dick Gould: The way he played a little flatter, but... Yes, a.

0:22:13.7 Jack Broudy: Little flatter. Yeah, I agree. But yeah, so I know Gary well, and another guy, I guess you worked with, I always thought he played for Trinity when Trinity was phenomenal, and he was also my coach, but in the juniors and he wasn't really a coach, he was a tennis player, but he would give me lessons, because we were both from the same town, Paul, Karen O. Yes, he will. He was a... He came to stanfors tennis one year, and.

0:22:38.3 Dick Gould: Roscoe signed a sting because he was my first... Well, Stanley pastoral was my first paper cut and I really worked hard to try to get stallions in Gary who had been admitted to both come at the same time, and Stanley's brother Charlie was a great tennis player. And so Sandy was kind of leading to a UCLA, and I was maybe thinking all of a sudden away from rice, maybe coming to stanfors tennis, so those two guys were right down the wire, and sandal said Janis one day, we'll stand it. I think I'm gonna see me, I'll go... If you go and say, Well, I'm probably gonna do CLA, and the next day, Daniel, any... I think I'm gonna do stanfors tennis in so that wing back forth a couple of days, but never quite clicked, and then Stan, I called in by only and said, I'm gonna go to stanfors tennis, we're gonna start to build something there, dance that... I just said in the letter, a tent for a rice, and so tandem the next year, all the Kurian came at Clapham, down a Florida, it was a good tennis player. And Paul came and Chrisman couldn't plan or was that they could play in the NBA, but the pack eight conference, our conference would not live in Plant of rivers.

0:23:52.5 Dick Gould: Who.

0:23:52.8 Jack Broudy: Was the rich... Was he red-shirted? No, he just...

0:23:57.3 Dick Gould: You wait a freshman tennis team and played for it, call agent, that's a good MuleSoft as a freshman tennis team, and so he wasn't getting the competition he needed, and in Roscoe originally sent it to let her intent to go to Tennessee, a conference line Tennessee. He was Canoga, right next door. And so he turned out he was not going to come, so then all of a sudden Paul started thinking, Oh, my best friend by McKinley was treated to a...

0:24:28.3 Jack Broudy: That's a long LaGrange stocked and that was... That was a...

0:24:38.7 Dick Gould: That was Trinity and SAPA, they were good friends of Paul, and Gary was coming in. But he was a year younger than Roscoe. And that's right. So he was... And so Paul didn't really know him that well. So Paul Rocco was gonna come... Yes, her younger. And so Paul said, Coach, I want the nationals. We did a good job there, we took a... Actually a close second to Trinity. But Paul said With all freshman, more freshmen play in that tennis tournament, and Paul said, I just gotta go with my friends are and where the players are, and so I'm gonna transfer to Trinity GoHealth, and now he was living.

0:25:22.7 Jack Broudy: On kids... That's how they do it. I did a unit. I know Paul, and he was a very season, nice guy. He wasn't... Yeah, he wasn't your typical tennis tennis player, he was... Lately.

0:25:38.3 Dick Gould: Was no. That was a great group of people. They had a trinity, Clarence had a great tennis team. Panchayath ended up at five or six... He was outstanding. They had ricin Vanden play for them. No, I went to USC, played doubles as dance Mather was God freed Paul kirkenes, right? Bob mckenney.

0:26:02.4 Jack Broudy: Earning did a hit that was a... Dicky stands an insanity draws. Unbelievable. They had a power house.

0:26:13.0 Dick Gould: Barely do. I think it's a mistake though for Paul, because stanfors tennis is a much better education-wise, much better, so.

0:26:21.5 Jack Broudy: We Ewell down there. And who's to say that? He's just a good guy. Ready was a crustal left. You know, I have to ask a question probably no one else would ask you, but after talking to Barry this morning, it brings up other things, and I thought to myself, Well, alright, let's put yourself back there, Jack, so you're back in the late 60s, early 70s, you're 40 minutes, 30 minutes away from heat, Ash Berry, you're 25-30 minutes away from miserly. That's what they used to call it. And I'm like, How did he keep his tennis team from.

0:27:00.3 Dick Gould: The back off and then probably lived up there.

0:27:04.0 Jack Broudy: How did you keep your tennis team from temptation or did you... Because what happened to Barry, I told Barry, I know a lot of players, I've coached a few. It's not that unusual. His story.

0:27:17.3 Dick Gould: I don't think stanford tennis, everyone lives on campus. So it was pretty... People just didn't leave campus very much in the... Would go to the city once in a while, MacroPoint in a while, but it wasn't the norm and you had to have transportation and transit wasn't that normal to go to the city, so that helps also... That was more the exception rather than the rule, frankly.

0:27:41.2 Jack Broudy: Okay, okay, that makes sense to me. 'cause like I said, I was practicing at Foothill in 7273, those two summers. And you're right, it was sort of kind of like Southern California, if you were on this side of the 8055 split, you stayed on this side, and if you were on the other side... You stayed on the other side. Yeah, that's a lot, truth, because there was so much going on when you started coaching in the late 60s, and it was all... It was all in your area, it was all in that heat, Ashbury, San Francisco area.

0:28:15.5 Dick Gould: A lot going on, a lot of going, but no, it was an interstate to coach, believe me, and it was... And I started out teaching at a high school level, so I taught and coached in high school for a couple of years, and then went to Food College for four before my Cosmo retired. So I had a couple of years of high school coaching and in four years of JCC, which I love... And then stanfors tennis opened up and that was the one place I would have gone. But it's funny because I started lorries to thank you and tennis Jones started a lot of this guy's antennas.

0:28:49.1 Jack Broudy: Oh, did you? Okay. Not Larry, I started a severe... And John, that I had gone, by the time we hit came along, I.

0:29:00.4 Dick Gould: Was at stanfors tennis and I left the club, I was working at a site...

0:29:03.3 Jack Broudy: That's funny, that's how I got to Larry. I took a few lessons from his brother, Steve, he was a earache, he was a great coach, he helped me with my Valletta, a Green Valley, and he said, Oh, you should play with my brother, my little brother. He says, You guys the same age. And so we started playing, we became best friends and so that was that back in those days, the hard-working group up there... Yes.

0:29:27.3 Dick Gould: That was a great family too, they really... Oh yeah, thank you. For me, I taught his sister started a sister, Megan, one of sisters, and it... Great family. Yeah, yeah. You have so many questions. I don't... I haven't even looked at this yet. But I don't know where to go. I guess your most talented tennis player had to be Mac or a rose, or the two of them, we... Thetis a break for players, I'm so bad. A chance to talk to him. He's been through a lot and it's just really a great person and...

0:30:00.6 Jack Broudy: Did he reach out.

0:30:02.3 Dick Gould: To a Sears Roscoe? The glass, I think his greatness was really that the glass was never half full, I was always... We were flowing and so he never really thought twice about it, A... I do ever had any question within, I was gonna win a match, and that quiet it was, but inner cockles of sour confidence really served him well, and I just thought that it really set the attitude for a tennis team, I think... It really got us over the hump. It changed our attitude and change our culture largely, another fellow on the same tennis team with Gary and Roskill was a guy... Logan, Rick Fisher. Oh, sure, and.

0:30:47.7 Jack Broudy: Rick, Rick, he was a great, brilliant tennis player in his day, I rebut.

0:30:53.4 Dick Gould: Not necessarily a great athlete, but really got a ton out of his game and he ended up getting the insulates to my wines and singles, which to me was just amazing. And he had a really good attitude also, read go into a matching last year it was 81, let's even get to enter to make it 7-2 or so. And they look at me like I was crazy, coach. We're gonna kick their butts. And here, I would say my tennis team short, these guys are a lot more comes in what they could do that I did. Which was a big learning experience for me. And I also learned at that time that I really wanted, in my own mind, I on ego, such that I really wanted to prove that we could win a national tennis championship because stanfors tennis's a great location, and no reason that we couldn't be good... We just had to get something started, and I put a lot of pressure on my players and guys, we win this match, their position in this, and we do this, we're gonna do this and do this, and when we finally on our tennis championship in 73, I felt that died had gone to him and I didn't care with every one, another one I'd done, I satisfied myself and I was trying to do it, and all of a sudden we wanna get in 74, I had em mind and with a different tennis team actually, and so I stopped talking about winning and expectations of winning to my tennis team, and it changed me as a coach, I become much better coach that I didn't put much pressure like, Guys, we gotta win, this match is an important...

0:32:31.2 Dick Gould: Really important match guys, they get a tight... They couldn't hit a ball. So that to me was a big evolution in my coaching, and I think as you read through the tennis book, I see time and time again, or coach never talked about wine, talked about getting better, and it really changed me and made me a much better coach.

0:32:50.3 Jack Broudy: It was more about the quality. It's more about quality. Improving.

0:32:55.6 Dick Gould: I'm getting better. I'm not getting better, be measured by a wind, been getting better by major how you toss the ball and you serve, or you're back swinging or for... And your foot work on your back end or you're moving into your valinor style of play was always pro back... It was always make it happen, but we sit back and dread out really, someone just... Let's see what aversion the line, get to net, and that was our trademark, and it really worked well, but it was a natural podigy at all, and most of them were... I think the natural server, all the volumes we had really were good at where Sandy mirror and Jimmy.

0:33:36.6 Jack Broudy: Grant rest about... What about Rocco? He was all serve.

0:33:42.4 Dick Gould: Well, he was all serve and had great first... Or set up some pretty easy Wallis. But guys finding, learn, just make that first servant at wee through the second said he got a retired a little tight, and then they climb on a second Star and all was in as well as I was exposed. So we would go through practice dated in practice, where I only give him one sir, so he learned to make that better and have a little togoland, you become a better... All here, because of that, I think often.

0:34:12.0 Jack Broudy: Did you go in and really... 'cause I could be, I guess I am wrong. Like I said, all I have heard it was a great recruiter, a fantastic guy. How often did you go in and change and work on technique... Did you do that much? I mean, especially in the end, I.

0:34:29.3 Dick Gould: Did a... Otani didn't do much of the grips, I didn't do a very good job of the grips because they were all over the map.

0:34:35.8 Jack Broudy: Especially with Western Tartars.

0:34:38.0 Dick Gould: Hearer, I would guess, all of sudden the guys started coming over the ball at... Right, and then of course, James as a little pathos swing and everything else, and I was much more, much more linear and now every invocation, Al and I was much more eating through the wall and getting around the outside of the ball and on your walls and your ground strokes, I really put a lot of ad kicks her, it can be really helpful for cervical, so I went of my guys really to picture, I really... I think the biggest single thing was Talal, because most of these kids in those days that are pretty good was the net, but they hadn't got into their Gilford yet, so they hadn't really used it in matches. And the good part about castes is from a teaching standpoint, is you can talk to players while they're playing a match... Right. And so I could, I knew Jack, which you could do in practice as you do it, I could see to do it, and I knew when you're ready to do it in a match, but if I asked you doing a match before the match started, and I got to be a match point against you reduced and the third setanta, you wouldn't do it, you go back to your comfort on...

0:35:44.0 Dick Gould: But coaching the match, I could insist you do it, so you were sure to validate down the middle or whatever, and then it was my mistake, if it didn't work, it wasn't... The onus was on and you as a tennis player, so it took a lot of pressure on the tennis player, and that's where these guys they could learn it and as a style beautifully, and we read, I think attacking a second server turn was a daily part of practice, and Doubles, we forgot in the word Labatt fell, its working a lot and staying back and working the point in doubles with a lot of lab drive, lot drive exchanges. I never saw in the practice that like we did, but we worked a lot in style play, and I didn't do very much the grips, which he turned in, we slate would work with gigantic man, but again, it was linear footwork, not setting up a rotational stands...

0:36:41.1 Jack Broudy: Yeah, so it was more kind of like your tennis book, it sounds a little more strategic and motivational than technical passed by the time these guys got to you, their games have to be pretty well stamped in stone, but that...

0:36:55.4 Dick Gould: But like I say, only two of them were certain ballers, and when they left there almost all of the work that was a style of play back then... Sure, but that was a college aid, it's when you're 17, 18 years old, when you're finally strong enough and big not to do it, you just need someone getting her with an Uptempo you to do it and encourage you to do it and making it a part to make it a part of your game. And so that was, I think it was probably for most of... The biggest contribution I made... The game has changed so much today, nobody goes, and I mean, my living with a grassy Denniston wafer to AP and make it happen and then put it all the line to what have... I think the style of play is also very good for playing in depressor because instead of waiting for the guy to lose or wondering what to do, you have a game plan, you gonna put pressure on the guy and how do your best canned it and you're gonna play by and more open to a quarter, and that became really important, and I think that was really our trademark as a tennis team.

0:37:58.3 Dick Gould: Yeah.

0:37:58.8 Jack Broudy: You know, it's funny, before I talked to Rosa a few weeks ago, he didn't have a tennis book, so I decided, Okay, I'm gonna go back and I watched the fifth set of Hamburg Wimbledon.

0:38:12.2 Dick Gould: And I didn't remember it. The way I saw it, I couldn't believe how much even bored, I thought board was like a dull... 'cause he had the Western grip in the first real to... And I was like, He could win.

0:38:27.6 Jack Broudy: He was in it all the time. I couldn't, but they were both a net all the time, and I thought, Wow, the game has changed more than I thought, 'cause I thought board was the first AAs or nodal, whatever you wanna call it. First Westerner, and I just thought that I was so wrong. He was in net all the time, and.

0:38:46.6 Dick Gould: It was successful. Operas, Lely. Yeah.

0:38:49.9 Jack Broudy: It was incredible, but that's how I did my homework to talk to him, it was... It's pretty neat. It's funny, most of these podcasts, not most of home, that's not true, but a lot of them... I'm just talking to guys from this era, 'cause this is the Gold... I thought this was the goal of an age, but honestly, now that I've packed in a big life, golden age has to be Roger, Rainbow have been alive. And so I say that all the time, we're so blessed, and.

0:39:21.2 Dick Gould: Think back though to the late 50s and 60s with the labor erroneously that was all Australian and a little bit of us, America, but for that time, the tennis player is a often working with were incredible.

0:39:38.0 Jack Broudy: Yeah, yeah, no, I guess we always think it's the golden era because we're living it, but...

0:39:43.4 Dick Gould: Well, this was exceptional. Low.

0:39:45.9 Jack Broudy: I think it was a tennis team not gonna say, you're gonna have three guys win 60 grand slams plus... I just don't think that's gonna happen for a while.

0:39:57.4 Dick Gould: I totally agree. And.

0:40:00.0 Jack Broudy: What do you think of the new guys, sinter, Alcor, they're my two... They're my two horses I pick.

0:40:03.9 Dick Gould: Well, yeah, I think... Yeah, they're pretty good, but I don't think... You don't sell the merengue if they're not, for every indentured looks good. Go looks good. We just played each other in the files of Toyota.

0:40:17.1 Jack Broudy: Lori just edged them out to... A couple of times I Asahi saw that. There's no way I'm gonna be able to tag. You have to give me another day to talk with you, by the way, 'cause there's no way I can get... And it's not even for my audience... Not for you folks out there. This is for me, I need to find out more stuff. I've lived my life in tennis and written a few books and coach some players, but this is a talk I've always wanted to have, so let me fire another couple of questions a lot. Go. Alright, so one of my students, one thing I like to do is I like to... I don't know, I like to include my students on my life a little, so I talk to some of my virtual students, I have one in the hall, and he's got a kid just turned five years old, I've been coaching him virtually, and he's been... He's been using my boards and all my accent ions, and so his kids just turned five, he was a beast, he was really something, and the father played D-1 tennis, and they met me through Warren Wood...

0:41:20.9 Jack Broudy: I don't know. You ever heard of Warren Wood? I don't think so. He won the NCAA is D3, but still a good tennis player going... Absolutely, and he's unto right now, actually, I think he just picked up his first ATP points. He had to go to Africa to do.

0:41:37.3 Dick Gould: It.

0:41:38.8 Jack Broudy: But that's what you gotta do. Now a days, it's hard to get it here.

0:41:43.2 Dick Gould: Oh, you're nothing to kid's.

0:41:45.4 Jack Broudy: So hard, you really have to go abroad to get your points.

0:41:49.8 Dick Gould: Well, and you start at a young age, and the problem is it pulls the kids out of the junior tennis tournaments. You don't go to the junior tennis tennis tournaments, it used to be everyone played the same... Everyone played St. Louis, everyone played Springfield or won't play Amazon, they'll play Kalamazoo, but otherwise it didn't see each other. You're playing.

0:42:05.5 Jack Broudy: Berliners. Berlin game had a big one being.

0:42:10.0 Dick Gould: Named National recreational state, people were that... Everyone came to those two tennis tournaments and then it just changed because, I mean, the rankings now, how do you... Their art, they don't mean much because guys... But first of all, the guys started playing out of their age of you I start playing up, they went in turn emesa, I'm ready, go up now, but then they don't learn how to play not to lose and protect themselves. So I don't think that's a great move.

0:42:37.5 Jack Broudy: I don't either, unless you're that far above your group, I don't think it's a good.

0:42:41.1 Dick Gould: Henderson, the choice is not just the United States, but you're gonna chase the ITF junior tennis tournaments to get into a woman, junior wobble and junior French, whereas it used to be in at he's got so many slots, someone has got somebody's lots, the national tennis team got into them, so that's changed the whole thing a lot now, so I didn't know that, and he just... Playing the same guys all the time. I used to... I.

0:43:03.8 Jack Broudy: Used to be a lot of different... We play each other to her second set, to give each other five times a year.

0:43:09.2 Dick Gould: That's right. Some way, something like that. Well, pretty soon one of us gets a little better.

0:43:14.0 Jack Broudy: And now you just still even see each other the same rate... Is that right now? I didn't know that. You're right, 'cause Barry talked... As we we chatted this morning, I talked about how he met Wiki every tennis tournament, as he said, it's like we had a magnet for each.

0:43:27.6 Dick Gould: Other, so my question or my students question, the father. He wanted to know, you know, is he pushing his God too hard? What do you think of teaching a five-year-old and having him play four times a week, and he just wanted your opinion on that, so I wanna include him and asked that question for in his stead, what do you think about starting young man, other than the fact, you might burn a kid out... Well, I start utterances, that's about as... As you good start, you started younger than that, you definitely had two hands, because you couldn't roll the rock in one hand in the back and side, and nine was about as young as I have to get people... When I started teaching, I was very selling when it takes someone younger to it, they could get by barely... But that's too late now, if you wanna be really good, perhaps on the other hand, you know as a parent, that's the best way to look at it. I start in my own kids and yeah, this was earlier when the rackets were heavier in the courts are bigger and Henshall, but I started...

0:44:40.7 Dick Gould: And that would change now because I would start them earlier, but I would say probably I started my kids... Because I was a coach, I started in there about 90, I started my daughter teaching your gross scout troop and a a group lesson, something like that. Or friends are doing it as well. But much younger than that, I didn't really go. And I think, I think it Be careful because there's no... I had my five-year kid today, I would expose us to a lot of things, that's my responsibility to parent, something in the arts, stopping in music, something, athletics, maybe a couple of things in athletics, being a coach, but to try to make that thing there, they're one thing I'd be very careful of personally, I would rather expose into a smorgasbord of things in different areas and just see where they're... In an interest developed. My host daughter was a very good tennis tennis player, my second daughter was pretty good, my... That kids were swimmers. And very good swimmers. My fifth kid was a volleyball tennis player and a dancer, and college at gains of their teams in college, stanfors tennis clever. Stanfors tennis is, however...

0:46:00.3 Dick Gould: So they all did different things that they took to, and I think that that's important that they're doing with the... The other part two, and not so much with tennis, but in other sports, is that there are all these club teams now say You're a season there... Neonates thing is seasonal for it, the same muscle gotta use over and over and over again, because you finish your middle school volleyball season, and then if you're good enough, there's a club season and that goes the other nine months of the year for your playing all you long, and I think we have to be careful in tennis, we don't get in bed, Rudi think it's really important to have some time off a different season. I played a little bit of football all NFL for up to half way through high school, I played basketball all the way through high school, not very good, but I played it, being a tennis team, a tennis team sports, a little different than individual sport, like Dennis and bias, very valuable and I really related to experiences, so I think... I don't think it's Enron playing at five years old, but I think that how you sausage...

0:47:07.7 Dick Gould: The goals is important. I think that I've always believed in stepping stone goals, and most of the most centered around improvement, let's do this to say 10, 40 and a tennis court, then we'll go to this in 20, then we'll go to 30 or 40 rather than... And rather than You can't beat happen a city to champion black Atacama, there's another step, but let's do one thing at a time, and I put something way out there and sure that meets an... Keep some kids, it being great, maybe because being a sincere, we're gonna be the one players and roll before they're out of the womb as an example, and how exceptional that is, and because they were pretty well-rounded too, there's a lot of parents, a lot of credit to parents, but that's a big gamble, and I would not want my kid to go through that and experience the frustration of not feeling... The feeling worthless, perhaps if they're not reaching the goals that tend to come along with starting one sport or one activities to soon and life, would it be dance, gymnastic, whatever might be... So they're in hair and deter fortunes working with you, and you can see the big picture a lot better.

0:48:27.8 Dick Gould: So you can help Castaneda about getting too... Period. Away with that.

0:48:32.5 Jack Broudy: Yeah, I try to make sure tennis isn't what it was for me as a junior... Which was a beast of burden.

0:48:37.8 Dick Gould: Yeah, and I didn't have that. I parents don't play with God my first tennis tournament, another southern Calaveras. So I was driving an hour and every tennis tournament... My mom drive my first tennis tournament, I got one game and it was given to me by a guy, a nice guy, I'd like to give me a game. And all the way home in a car, my first didn't really play tennis, I kept hearing about what you said and this and you do this, and that was the last time I watched me play ever. College, whatever. Wow, I didn't wanna ever go through that again, so...

0:49:09.4 Jack Broudy: How funny, I didn't think I thought I was the only one. My first tennis tournament, I lost 0-1 to Mac and Rose doubles partner, a guy named... Was his name luminary.

0:49:23.1 Dick Gould: Reiner.

0:49:24.2 Jack Broudy: Or is... This is the boys 12 and under my first tennis tournament, he beat me own one, get me like a drum, but.

0:49:30.7 Dick Gould: He was a nice... It was shocking because... Well, you used to know more than anyone, you had mayor, you had all these guys, and I know their person, I know Mayor, I sold him a bunch of eight boards, and we got on the tennis court together a few times.

0:49:48.3 Jack Broudy: So I know him... So you had a lot of... Let's just call him personalities, and I was shocked that this guy, Gary Reiner, 12 years old, he was much taller than me and want much more mature, he said to me, he said, after he beat me on... When he goes, Is this your first tennis tournament? I said, Yeah, he goes, Don't worry. You're gonna be a good tennis player. We... Mit's so rare, I found out 10 years later, it's so rare to have a nice guy who's a great tennis player, and of all people, MacInnes doubles partner, 'cause Mack and Rose, not the type who would say, Hey kid, you're gonna be a good tennis player. Okay, I'm not gonna say anything disparaging, but he's just not that type, but his doubles partner, I couldn't believe it, he actually said those words to me, I'll never forget it. And I thought, Gee, what a nice thing to say. And that was, I guess, it leads me to my next question, I know the guys on your tennis team, not withstanding Paul Keren, who's quiet and probably easy to deal with this, he must have been easiest to deal with, you had big personalities on that tennis team.

0:50:53.7 Jack Broudy: And I don't mean just Mac and roll, and mayor was a big personality, and they can be huge ego. They can be very abrasive. I know, 'cause I know these guys. And how did you tip toe around that or was it just my way or the highway type of coach... How did you dentist to kill each other? Is what I'm trying to say.

0:51:19.7 Dick Gould: No, very intent. One of those teams had six guys later, we're in the top tier in the world, which I have that many American and to under any more little on non-college players. And again, he goes, important to believe into belief in yourself, and these guys were good because they were still to believe themselves... Rightfully wrongfully, a lot of you're the best thing in his ear, and they're not, but they believe that if they believe that that's a big content.

0:51:49.7 Jack Broudy: Hey, did they did... I was a junior man. They did.

0:51:55.1 Dick Gould: Billy May is that it was one of those teams, the MAC and at Mitchell and the right. Perris, a great tennis team, and then I remember six on asses on asses on that tennis team, St. Louis and guys five, number six, light load born and Peter Renner became... Both of them do better in world, and Jim Hodges, that was a great tennis team. Great egos. And really amazed, and she included a tennis book, we were talking whether there was a part of the re-emerged to be a section on ego because of these guys responses to some of these questions, and.

0:52:31.8 Jack Broudy: You have to have any...

0:52:32.8 Dick Gould: You have to believe in yourself, but how you manifest that in a tennis team situation can be destroy the tennis team or make the tennis team better and really was talking you about myself. He said, You never pushed back. He said, It's like, you had no ego. So when we tried to rupture it and didn't do us any good, basically, and because there was nothing there to push back on, and I had never thought of it that way, but you guys did to me to go off and practice something like that, and he's gonna roll off me. Well, I knew that was part of it. And come back the next day or just give the guy I pastor her menus and they seem to work out pretty well, and you guys really ended up living themselves and playing together. Mac was a great tennis team tennis player. By the way, really? I don't know. Yeah, he was probably one of the best. He later had... I didn't know this because I gave him a fall off and we didn't have any masters in the fall then anyway, and he started playing in the spring, or terminal rudder minehead back in the...

0:53:41.5 Dick Gould: East of the time when he was in high school, senior high school. And then he played all summer and he did well and he never stopped playing, and I knew he was in practice usually, and usually get better at repetition, repeating something over and over and over again, that used to be the standard philosophy and to the beam second nature. Well, Matt couldn't do something over and over and over again with destroying himself as NATO artistic history and so forth. I was smart enough not to get involved in that, but in so doing, I gave him the fall off because that's when we do that kind of thing, and it gave him a rest and break, so it's freshman spring, but my first chance on STEAM in a tennis tournament was in management is constant early Meru National tennis team indoors. And he was the Ateneo to console a teammate you lost... Can you regulate tennis team? Maybe one. It was a great tennis team tennis player. You think about it. No matter how tired I was, but I heard a little bit. I never made a difference. It was asked, Is company always played? Always played. Never turned it down.

0:54:47.3 Dick Gould: Very, very loyal. And that way... And.

0:54:50.0 Jack Broudy: Very loyal anyway. And that surprised a lot of people. That's very true. That's really interesting. I've played on a tennis court next to him many times over at Port Washington and the juniors, and then just a few years ago, I was coaching a boy in New York City, and he was over at Randy's Island, I think is what it's called, and STD. I would never pick that up 'cause he always... Even in the juniors always seemed a little... Selina, Kurt, somewhat. Kurt.

0:55:23.1 Dick Gould: Yeah, and he was always looking for... He would release the energy and the happiness personality by taking it out on someone else, and that was just what he did, and ironically didn't come from ten, his parents as well, and dad didn't, and they just sat next door because Port Washington ringer, he lived... He had walked there and.

0:55:44.5 Jack Broudy: Learn how to play tennis.

0:55:45.8 Dick Gould: As parents, duty wells, your kids is something, and first of all, and all of a sudden is doing great, but when you see a tennis team, a situation, a different man or guys and your old tennis team really respected him, for what he gave to the tennis team, and when he brought to the tennis team and it could have been the disasters here, we went to Camp Hope day here. I'm on a tennis court, I don't know what last match was, I forget, but I was in the stadium at Georgia, and we won the term usually jumping up and down, I just put a towel over my head, try to shut the noise out... I took a great big breath and he said, Thank God we didn't self-destruct because we weren't clearly the best tennis team, we had some real basic culture and a company in those days, and we weren't clearly better than they were, we were good. We ended up undefeated, and it was an amazing year to get through and it wasn't easy and our biggest one, it could have been ourselves, but the guys stayed together really, really well in spite of their individual of characteristics. And it was an amazing year.

0:57:00.2 Dick Gould: I'm gonna stay with this question, did you ever have to pull guys like Sandy Mayer and John Mack and Row and people like that, and they do have big egos, did you have to pull them off each other ever... 'cause I can see Tennessee.

0:57:15.2 Jack Broudy: They're funny, they're either socially awkward or they're just too obnoxious-ly cocky, and I'm wondering how you kept the cohesion and Irwin.

0:57:25.4 Dick Gould: Said he didn't know her lab, it would be Sandy and Roscoe.

0:57:30.7 Jack Broudy: Is... He's older, that's right. Ross.

0:57:33.0 Dick Gould: Colas older than a year older than Sandy and saying... But it was really interesting because Sandy... By the time Rose was a Junior, and he and Sandy both got the inlay to my finals, and they both lost a trendy people with one of those matches, we would have one get stocked and won against Godfrey respectively, then we would have tied to the tennis championship against Trinity, which I was really good at the time, but we didn't... But by the end of the year, Sandy was at least as good at Rocco. And I know Sandy wanted a chance to play ahead of him, but I just didn't wanna rock the blobs, but rather change the program's attitude change is culture. I feel loyalty to him. Roscoe turned pro up to that match and that... Oh my God, here we go, we're never gonna win it now with finished second to Trinity that year, we're never gonna win it now, but then Sandy stepped up and number one... And you want it, the singles the next year. So we won the tennis tournament. So they said, If Roscoe come back that year, I had a problem, I was gonna be one, I'd have to start the year fresh and really sandnes bother playing.

0:58:51.7 Dick Gould: It's Walton the year rosters. I could have flipped in the light up easily, asked over 20 years and macaws in the fee season to 1998 as post 1978. My tennis team then is the brand brothers. Paul goals ten, who I want... Three straight Colossus.

0:59:12.1 Jack Broudy: Coach now, I think, right?

0:59:13.8 Dick Gould: Yes, yeah, and Ryan Walters on the all-American termite was a great tennis team, and then at number five and six were Jeff Baron National tennis championship in the 14s, I believe at came went in last two years later, but that was a great tennis team. And it was just as a competitive tennis team with Matt Mitchell was defending champion, but back in replayed 1 after some challenge matches, Eileen, the juniors that you were a part of Northern California. But a big rivalry between the two of them were fighting from the number two spot and period, right in the year, the brain number 12 and clients that year, and he was number four, and so I was gonna play one and we survived. Round-Robin sanath ended a Mac, Billy, Matt and Barry period actually. And then fast forward to 20 years later to another undefeated tennis team, which I only had three, those were two of them, 78 to 98, and I said, Well guys, we gotta line up, we got a set for the indoor tennis championship. How you wanna do it? We're sitting on a core talking about it, and I said... And as an example, Mike Brian said, Well, Rinaldi won the All-American tennis tournament is full.

1:00:41.4 Dick Gould: It should be number one. And in said, Well, Bob, Bryan went to Kalamazoo or whatever. He should be number one, and then Bob's pooped say, Well, what about Paul? He went three straight, Kalamazoo had a great year last year and past something about... Well, Mike plan, but anyone right now, he should be one hell for voting for someone else.

1:01:01.6 Jack Broudy: Wow, that's an unbeliever.

1:01:03.8 Dick Gould: You decide? So I went in the office of John with her, my assistant at the time, and we sat down and said... I mean, Matthew had John, he's in ewe, have 24 and bingo. So let's play everyone and number one, an equal number of times, they must play two, they must play three to use, play for... So they play 61, 60, a 260-3604, and we're gonna tomorrow practice, make it up and make it a spiel, so they know tomorrow, this is February, who's gonna play first and made 55... Lived we gonna play one, two, three, four, and five, and six. And we made our skid give it to the next day and told them, Guys, if we do this, invariably gonna be you're trying to play on the guy's gonna assign to play for that day or that week end is gonna be playing better than you are, but can you stick an Yantai stage a tennis team and doing that. Yeah, we can do that is... And they did it and they lost two matches and singles all year long combines... Unbelievable.

1:02:06.4 Jack Broudy: That's a Atalanta. They weren't fighting to play to be number one, they were pushing other.

1:02:12.3 Dick Gould: About it totally. Totally a different kind of tennis team. Very selfless. Amazing. Whereas the macro tennis team there a lot of veggies that tennis team, where there was another tennis team too, but they're different kind of... You go, I don't know. Well, I know the Bryan brothers pretty well. We've really crossed, has a lot of name endorsed the really nice guy, really nice guy. I.

1:02:33.1 Jack Broudy: See that I can see them a lot for...

1:02:36.1 Dick Gould: What's that? I'll see them Saturday, I tell them all for you that at a Saturday after, I'll tell them a lot for you too.

1:02:44.6 Jack Broudy: Good. Well, they really... No, I like those guys, but yeah, they're different than the max and the Sandy mayors and even gene may or they're different. They were always kind of mellow, almost server type guys. I felt like when I play, I play with Mike for an hour one day and just seemed like such a regular guy, and we...

1:03:06.6 Dick Gould: And you have to appreciate the parents way, and Kathy, Kathy was a tough... I don't know, Kate, she was top 2 in world, and she was in a C. And then Wayne was number one when he played Santa Barry first years ago, he has paid number one, you see Santa Barbara and.

1:03:24.7 Jack Broudy: Really it was a great patent coaching then to A... And actually...

1:03:33.0 Dick Gould: Okay. Yeah, he was a lot younger. But no, it was pretty interesting in just in the family, they had no TV in their home. They brought up on music and tennis and just really were well-rounded and really were impressed, it stays were really impressed upon him, Paulsen, folks, everybody, to his parents, the parents at all, and Wales books didn't play in a way like an is, very much, and they were real tennis players, but parents, but really supported parents in all cases. No, I didn't know that the mother even played... Everyone knows Wayne because Wayne took control when they started becoming number one in the world and double, you saw a lot of wine.

1:04:17.8 Jack Broudy: But I never knew the mother was a great tennis player, so she was out sail... You can tell me, like I said, when I read your tennis book, I couldn't help her go right to your parents and really weird, I just thought to myself, Well, you know the guys, you know got heart, and he instills that in other people, and he's courteous and respectful and just kind of all those old fashioned to me, I had a the old fashioned turns, but they are on fashion.

1:04:44.7 Dick Gould: Either sat me down and said, This is what we expect or anything, we just... Then by example or myself, we just... By example, exactly.

1:04:56.5 Jack Broudy: You know, another thing that was interesting about your era of tennis, it's so different from today, you didn't... Not only didn't you have a ton of foreigners, so many of your players came from your backyard, I mean, the mayor is lived up there, they live... They're in Palo Alto, I think, or... I know I patient.

1:05:15.5 Dick Gould: Time in New Jersey a time, but there were... I learned a lot. Their dad, Alex senior, he was a man, Coach Renee, I had heard that really was good. He come out every spring and worked with him for the week we had for spring practice, and I just as close to this tennis court was working with the boys, I could... 'cause he was reading a really good learning too, man, you had to get some good coaches in Nor Cal, you had to think he was a good coach.

1:05:41.7 Jack Broudy: Another guy, I'm trying to remember it was his name, they used to tease him. Hangar, Nick carinthia.

1:05:48.9 Dick Gould: Nickel clubs is when I was a Teaching pro in coaching high school and JC. And we both, I think I had 20 or 25 ranking kids, I started from scratch at the club, and he had like 25 or 30, and we were in our cubby three miles apart, and we apply ourselves... We play a gopay every week. At least one.

1:06:10.0 Jack Broudy: Is that, right? Yes, I met him when I was up here, and that summer of 73, he coached some good players.

1:06:18.3 Dick Gould: Or he did some really good players. I.

1:06:20.2 Jack Broudy: Think the coach, I think he coached gene may or if I'm not mistaken.

1:06:24.4 Dick Gould: I don't think so, no, I would be surprised. He never spent time in Northern California. Other ones? Stanfors tennis. Oh, that was a good point. I didn't mind say went to someone else, a lot of my guys good, my letter guys like Jerry Palmer would go take lessons from Jeff Ararat, you played for me doing the area, so my early guys would go take from Nick... But at the same time I started, I started to tank. Yes, I started next avian.

1:06:49.5 Jack Broudy: You did really a.

1:06:50.7 Dick Gould: First lesson, you ball being my yard, my tennis court all day long, and I give my lesson... End of the day.

1:06:57.0 Jack Broudy: He was at the top of the heap.

1:06:58.4 Dick Gould: I tell you. He was... Now, that goes back a long time, but he and Butch Waltz, and we had a lot of... But you're right, we do a lot of good areas and a lot of good players in the area, and some other good coach as well, but I think Nick and Nick and I had the players at time, 'cause when I go work with people like I was working a lot with Peter Smith over USC and Arden.

1:07:25.1 Jack Broudy: He was a Pepperdine for that, and I went to both schools and I brought my boards and he bought out and he was the best. Peter was the best, he bought all my study and I healed, I just remember more than half the guys on his tennis team were from Spain and France. And that's the way it is now, a days. It seems like all the... Water.

1:07:51.4 Dick Gould: Never gave a Scots IP to foreign kido, although I did call... I didn't call it a mobile for Taman, mine was done and we ministers working for... For water company. And so this guy, my club is really good. You got to talk to him. I called up, talk to her, I'm a... And I said, Hey, you ever thought about college? 10 says, a little bit is, I said, What do you wanna do when you get out of school? They said, Well, if I don't play tennis, I wanna be an attorney. But if I got the United States, you have to go four years a call, he's then three years and two years of law school... Down here, I can do it all at once. In law school, I can do it as undergraduates, so to speak, and I stand... Then I have been board we playing in Sacramento was a 16-year-old and someone said, This guy is a very good... I call it Sacramento the tennis tournament and talked to Borelli on the phone, talked to Buster match and wise. Those guys, I would have held financially, but I figured that if I could get the top American at some of the top five juniors of the high school seniors, if I get some of the top five juniors, Jack, in the United States, and some of the second five juniors in the United States of the high school seniors, that that was enough to give me a good, fair chance of winning, and every once in a while I get a third kind of top 10 admitted as well.

1:09:09.3 Dick Gould: And that was really good. And that was about... I went on the top five usually were admitted. So that worked out pretty well. Yeah.

1:09:19.1 Jack Broudy: Yeah, that was one thing I had noticed back in those days, it wasn't a bunch of foreigners today it is.

1:09:25.0 Dick Gould: Well, yeah, to a point of it, when I was playing, we would go down in Modesto where a game reader was the coach and a DSC, and we always limited... See, we never meet them, but they had the whole Megan Davis Cup tennis team there, or Matamoros, and they would all go from there to USC, so he was a theater school for us, so he was... A lot of Mexican players at the time, Latin players. Corpus Christi has some.

1:10:03.7 Jack Broudy: But you got Charlie pastoral. Wasn't he from Mexico as well? Not.

1:10:07.7 Dick Gould: Chaotic, but they were living his Puerto Rico and he went to UCLA. That downtime is the younger brother Denham.

1:10:17.3 Jack Broudy: Okay, why did I think he was from Mexico as.

1:10:22.3 Dick Gould: One of my first years of coaching. And all I do this once, and I never did it again. I was Titanic. I said I was a good student. I said, Stanley, you take Spanish 1. And that was his nitty language is Spanish, take Spanish 1 and you got one course you can get by pretty easily. Well, how you speak it eloquently and how you... They want a teacher in a class, I want you to do it, but to re things you almost didn't pass the course, that was a testimony I ever give any advice about taking a course in...

1:10:53.6 Jack Broudy: It probably hit you hard, like that one thing I read in your tennis book when you told the guy to serve to his forehand or a more... I would have felt the same way as you did. I would have said, Hey, that Macola because... But he double... He had double psychology, that guy 'cause he... Neuropathy.

1:11:16.1 Dick Gould: Had a big... For a great guy.

1:11:20.1 Jack Broudy: You've been just way more than gracious and I can't thank you enough, illiterate.

1:11:25.8 Dick Gould: Jackets or you go to talk to you and I love her. It is a lie. I love hearing more about you and what you've done and tense, been very, very lucky to have you well, as a member of this great maternity, that's awfully nice to you to say... I appreciate that, I don't know. Like I said, you're a legend, I don't think I'm at a heathen. I grew up in my goats like that.

1:11:50.9 Jack Broudy: Okay, well, tell me when your birthday is, maybe I'll help you out. I'll let you... I'll let you say a Worthington... Let's just say one more thing, just because of the heavy weekend I had, I told you about before we started this. Just last week, and I'm sure you feel this all the time, but is there anything you'd like to say about gratitude, just that general... Well, I've been thinking a lot about gratitude this weekend.

1:12:19.0 Dick Gould: You having for good cause to acting. God didn't work out. Yes, than I think that's really important. And I think as a coach of anything, a sport, music and an organization, we have to be sure that the people who are working with, working with... And in essence, we understand by our example, how important is to give back... Nobody's an island. I think, I think showing that you care is critical, that came across so loudly in the tennis book, Shantou care about an individual and their families, it really influences how they respect you and how much they go to bathe and you need them... That's not why you're doing it, but that's the result of it. I think that... Just when you go to a tennis tournament, so we used to be mad 'cause you lost or I think if you're above it all, 'cause you're on, but to thank the umpire at Y, to thank The tennis tournament Director to write in to the tennis tournament when you get on the same, thank you. As a great event for Lamy play, we do this for a tennis team, which that I do, and we had a whole family to turn a mutter, someone's put on a dinner for them like that, it all sit down and write a note to the next day of practice that people had hosted this tennis tournament, but it'd be the build Kellogg in the way or whatever, they've also done and write a note, just really...

1:14:01.9 Dick Gould: And we have to teach, to teach those people within we work are associated with in the day-to-day basis that this is a part of life, that none of us got here by ourselves, and we have a responsibility to give back to this game of tennis in our case, or whatever it might be, the responsibility to give back and give a ourselves and to be sure people know, I think for... For you are for it. They have done to make what we have done possible, and that's just a fact of life and too many times overlooked. I think it's really, really important to give back to the game, and so...

1:14:39.1 Jack Broudy: I couldn't agree more. I couldn't agree more. I feel that way, and I do try to.

1:14:43.3 Dick Gould: Testosterone every day.

1:14:46.3 Jack Broudy: Well, I am, especially now, now that I've had that brief scare, after I told you after you, I'm going after Fed now. I'll just tell you much, he'll be at that, I guess, the night, but he... Obeyed did. Good on my show, come on. You can do it, Roger. Hey, you're real Mitch, I really appreciate it. As appreciate, I should. Hope we get to talk again and do this again, something it.

1:15:15.5 Dick Gould: Would be a pleasure is easy to do, and I'd love to do it. Thanks, thank you to a Atari. Talk to you.

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