Javier Llanes' Vision Training System (Part One)

June 30, 2022
Written By: Jack Broudy
Javier Llanes' Vision Training System (Part One)

0:00:11.6 Jack Broudy: And welcome to living at the 45, I'm your host, Jack Broudy. And today, I'm again with my good friend, Javier Llanes from Chicago, and a great coach, and he's turned out to be a very great friend as well, and a big... A big... Not only a follow of our system, but I follow what he does 'cause it's very, very fascinating. He talks about things that I know very little about. And today we're gonna talk about the visual system and visual training and how you can, through your eyes and all of your senses can become a better tennis player by sharpening your focus, I guess that might be the simplest way to put it, to a hobby or... I hope it's correct or they are once again, say hi to everyone. A lot of people know you already a hijacking Hi through everyone that could be potentially working and watching this, and... Thank you, Jack, for having me. You know, I love your system, and I think he compliments with the way that I look at tennis or sports in general, right now, I'm focusing maintain, but I think your system as well as mine, they are connected because they work with what it is, the vestiges and really understanding how the Lassie of the right side of the body should work together and not for you to create a better swing for the better Tesla you're gonna put it or ways...

0:01:38.8 Jack Broudy: Would you say in general, it gets you better focused on the ball or better balance or... Both. So

0:01:47.9 Javier Llanes: If you do vision training, yes, you're safe. So the tennis vision training, what I will do is open exactly, if you improve your vision or if you improve your brain, but what happens is your training your training muscles in the eye that are connected by nerves to the brain, and you improve the connection between the brain and the eye and your body... Because they are all connected. Right. So the better you do this, you can for information of what you see into the brain and the brain, cento, the masses to make the decision of what you want to do with your body. So basically, my point is, if you play 10 is compared to a kid teases, you probably will have a better eye-hand coordination because you're working with a ball, people are not working with the board, so if you're working with a gun around your vision, your dynamic vision which is not in Paris, how well your eyes are able to move together to track... A ball will improve. Now, the problem is, you play 10 is five, 10 hours a day a week, let's say, and your kid in a tennis Bottas the same size, and you move that...

0:03:15.3 Javier Llanes: I don't know. Dirhams PE. Okay, they say, I don't know, when you start... As you get better, you can go to 40 to 50... Sure, for the most part. And then if you get really good, you're healing in 60 or 70, but the speed of that ball, it becomes non for your vision, because you see it every single day, you don't see something as tremolo, what happen is your eyes are not gonna keep improving because you can iterate difficulty of the bar because you most for the most part, you're playing a game at the same STEAM, does it make sense for you to wanna stimulate your vision? You have to take it to another level. Okay, and what happened is two things, first, you gotta make sure when I do... One of the things I do with my program, which is teach you how to use your eyes together, because it's like if you play tennis, you always have a site that is more dominant than the other one that you control, so if I'm left, I'm most likely... I control have more coordination on my website, but I have more strain on my right side because the right side locks me in the go for me to work with the left side, so...

0:04:44.8 Javier Llanes: Is this been between the left side of the right sides of a ginger... So what I try to do with my training is to even now my life, I am my right side, the way, I got less disparity and I can be more cabinet whenever scattered, because let's say I don't wanna lose your Jack. You tell me if I'm losing you or what... I say

0:05:12.3 Jack Broudy: Absolutely. All of that. Great, so I'll try to follow along.

0:05:15.3 Javier Llanes: Not now you do, because some kind of stuff can rambling and I might get... So that's why we oostende and I and indie wanna make them to work in the same way, what happen is the same way that you have a lapse body and the rise a body, if you're left in your website moves better than your right side, you wanna move them together, you wanna have those two part of your body working in Scranton makes sense. It is the same thing, if this doesn't get so good, we happen is we lose the tracking and we shut down the capacitor, see what objects are in the space. Now, if you look at above with one, do you still have some sort of debt perception or able to see where it's an object in a space... Yes, but it's not as great. Sales pearly when things are moving fast, it seems to moving a slow. It's okay, but things are moving fast and object like the tennis ball, it's moving, it's harder if you only see in the board with one is... Does it make sense?

0:06:28.2 Jack Broudy: Yes, it does it.

0:06:30.9 Javier Llanes: So I try to train that now, like I was saying to you with the exercises, why you're able to see the Bowie or better is because you nerse to put the eyes right on the ball, which sometimes it doesn't really happen if you don't... Then not working together. If you were here with me, I can make sure you an exercise when you can experience what I'm saying. Okay.

0:07:04.6 Jack Broudy: I guess my first question would be, how do you know which is the dominant eye?

0:07:10.8 Javier Llanes: So the first question, so you're the best, you put a diamond in front of you... Okay, and you into something that you have and you wanna look at it... Right, so you can look at me. Do that looking at me. Look, aeros open, right?

0:07:27.9 Jack Broudy: Okay, let me move to a

0:07:31.5 Javier Llanes: Vitya. Okay, alright, so you're gonna look through the eyes... We both at... You're gonna look through the diamonds from there, you're gonna close one... You see me, right? You can see my friends. Right, yes, with both. So you close one of the eyes and then you look at it with one, and then you close the other one, and you're gonna see that we wonder what when you work... One was opened, my faith even move and with the other one by face move, the one that your... I was open, I might face this staining. Does your Domitian, I would say for you is the last...

0:08:17.5 Jack Broudy: It's not a left.

0:08:19.7 Javier Llanes: It's my list right now. I didn't even need to ask you. You know why? How did I see it? That was your life. Because when you have the... I look like this. You were looking at me, you were putting to less time to the... Into the circle. So that's why I need ask you before you even share, I say, Well, you have your leg, because you were looking at me in like this way, right, showing me you in that high... So

0:08:49.5 Jack Broudy: It has nothing to do with which side of my body is dominant, like I'm a right-hander... That has nothing to do with

0:08:56.2 Javier Llanes: That. So yes, he does. So normally, the left side of the brain connects to the right side, let's time you know their brain connect to the right

0:09:08.8 Jack Broudy: Set, heard that, that

0:09:10.4 Javier Llanes: The brain connect to the left out, but on the eyes, he is straight ahead. So does it make sense? So I'm left, so I see the ball with my right, or This is my dominant, and my body moves with that side, so I used my Ibrahim left side of the bottle.

0:09:40.4 Jack Broudy: I believe that's called cross transfers, right? Yes.

0:09:44.2 Javier Llanes: Yes, yes. So yeah, so what they're saying there's a German and that was working with fad, that is the guy that everybody's kinda repeating this thing we got into, if you're right, you should do this if you're left to use shouted, so I don't agree with that. Now, I'll explain why. So the whole idea of if you're writing, let's say if you're close, for example, Faris cross, so fear should keep better for hands and terrible back ends because he can see them for the ball more aveiro on the forehand, and he set later on the back end

0:10:29.6 Jack Broudy: As his left eye is dominant.

0:10:32.4 Javier Llanes: Exactly, so when he turned, he can see the ball better with this, for for example, feather in there has no problem hitting close, Dan. Now you get a guy, let's say that like Johnson, he has better back in... And he was not a good one for him. Okay, so in the case of Jonah is same site. So if he only had better back in because he Nepean, see the bad cross side on the back end and the other way on the forehand, so he can he close hands on the back end, not only for him. Now, if you get up with that opportunity, in theory, the best players are the ones that are cross because they can keep those tents on the forehand, and basically the week show, which is the back end. It's not as important. Now, thing is this when you're a same side, if you're a semi-player, you're simply like, Do you want to try to pay 90% of the time for his open stance, but now what about if you have a grip like more of an ester group-like metal let's say if you have more of an ester group and you have to hear everything open, it's kind of a problem set, doesn't make sense, because in Spanish players, the heating Western, because they have...

0:12:12.9 Javier Llanes: They're playing on a sites to offer the stance. So what are you gonna do? You're not gonna keep... You're gonna hit the Say, you're free and you're playing on clay, so what you're not gonna keep close to... Because you have the grit. So Desi makes sense. I think to me, you are a aim to keep the ball with bodies, obviously, I've left... You probably write him, but you don't run with one neck, you run with Bo and you're not training yourself how to profile to put stand out to run with one leg. Right. So to me, I think you need to use bodin matter what, which one is Domini. So all the big would a shallow that...

0:13:00.7 Jack Broudy: It's funny you say that all this stuff is coming in at me, one of the reasons I did these trade shows, these... Not just physical therapy, but Occupational Therapy, people with brain in a non... They said that The Brody board, because you would swivel to the the right and then swivel to the left, it was good to connect both sides of the brain by going equally both sides. And then the other thing that I keep thinking of is the 45-degree angle, because at the 45-degree angle, even if with a weakness, you're gonna have to one eye as closer than the other to the target, they're... The back guy is gonna have to work a little harder, and then that creates a depth perception. Yes, it's very interesting 'cause I've never really preached much about visual training, but it seems like the system kind of works for that, that kind of... Yeah. You know.

0:14:00.7 Javier Llanes: That's why you... Your sin, that's why I like it. That's what I like when you say the 45. But because I believe that that's what you've gotta be with division, because again, he goes back and you have to use both the same way, you get on the broader... What you see when you give a proctor, somebody's in kids most more than the other one, most of the time, you'll see that one guy loves my camera as I move to the E...

0:14:30.2 Jack Broudy: That's right. I do notice that sometimes when I get someone on the board, only one foot moves and I'm at... I have to get down on my knees and turn their feet for them because they don't seem to feel it

0:14:45.5 Javier Llanes: Exactly the same way, you know to me, you play with Bonham, they had the unimportant as the other hand, because it's like if you're writing a contorted on one side is going to Laramie. You're going... Not around. That's right. You wanna go forward, Antonios? It makes sense.

0:15:05.8 Jack Broudy: Yes, let me... Before I wanna get into your system, I really do, but I wanna ask one more question because a... A couple of months ago, you and I were talking, and I was telling you, I was playing on a very hot day, very hot day, 97 degrees, and I was hitting with a good player, my good friend Anton, who's a solid UT 12 solid, which is... And I'm in on, man, so I can hit fine with him as long as he gets to me, but I do notice after about... Especially on a hot day, after about 30 minutes, and you would told me this and I just thought I could beat it, but I couldn't meet it. You said to me that the eyes get tired, 'cause I said to you, I said, Why is it every time I hit with this guy, and we have the best hit... I have such a good time, but the last... If we play an hour, the last 15 minutes, it's track for me, and you say, Well, here I just get tired and I'm like... So this 97 degree day, I said, Okay, that's it. I'm really gonna focus, I'm not gonna let my eyes get tired, but it happened again, there's nothing I could do about it.

0:16:17.5 Jack Broudy: Is there a way to strengthen your eyes or is it a MyCase in my case, it might be too late. I know I'm 60... You know this, but I mean, again, this is what I want to kind of think. We have muscles, right, that move the eyes in different durations, and what we want is we wanna do... We wanna move those muscles that way, they don't get atrophy, and the more you move those muscles, the better will get and the longer we left... So if you look at... If you look at it, when you get entire the Samaritan in tire, the massing, the again tired and they're not gonna work as efficient, and that's basically what you're trying to do is like they call it the people... Many people say it's way training for the eyes on reality is that it's just training or masses to move and get them to relax the basic... What we're trying to do, or what I try to do, and the reason is because, like I said to you, the stimulus that provide 10 is ball after you play for five years, it's not big enough because you're already used to...

0:17:40.3 Jack Broudy: Pretty much playing at the same speed. So there is no necessity for your system to get better, so that's why, for example, you against against people would say, Well, you can only train physically on the call, now you can, and the vein you get, the more you're gonna get off course to improve your systems, because as you get there as a tennis player, you get more efficient, so your body physically doesn't get tired, so how you gonna pose your body when... As you get better, you get on a fishing... Let's say you get a guy like feather, you're watching her. He early sweat when he told you is that the body temperature is very low, he's not spending any energy, so to get him tired, you need to increase the demand...

0:18:38.7 Javier Llanes: Well, you can't do it on the tennis core, because let's say... Let's say, I know I'm going in a different direction, but I'm trying to explain why the of core training with a vision or with any type of core training. So unless they say Father wants to get better physically, okay, so you have a basket they have done in this with me, million, Dan, I was a kid. And he was wrong, but I will explain why I think it's wrong. So let's say they wanna to find say, Oh, how do you... Well, I need you to be able to last longer within the tennis court... Okay, so the guy who, the guy will do the gasket, you start feeling... We both fast bossier sung for him to get me really tired, he sees me 35 or 40 volts now, if you time 40 balls, if your time 4pls being fair, when you feel it right up on the body is about to pass the basin on the other side, he will take about a minute. It will take about a minute. Tennis today, or for the past 25, 30 years, is being played on an average of 10 seconds per point, some point might be a little longer, some point might be a little...

0:19:57.0 Javier Llanes: Not shorter, but now that we're talking about 10 seconds, so if the point is 10 seconds and then for me to get tired by both being fed or in dense, I need 45 seconds to admit it, what it means is that my condition is that I'm getting with the basket, it's completely different than we received one point, so it's a waste of time to train somebody physically on a coat is a very good play because you can push the intensity, so what you need is to get him really die within 10 seconds. You can't do that on the panic because the guy... So I fish in that. You're not gonna do it.

0:20:36.9 Jack Broudy: Yeah, that makes sense to me. That makes sense. Estate, greatest, they don't play much more than two or three hours a day, they're in the gym or the need to much more.

0:20:46.7 Javier Llanes: Well, I think you can, and you can play more, but when you're doing it, you're gonna do it for technical reasons or tennis result, you're not gonna do it for the condition, because that is not being pushed

0:21:03.5 Jack Broudy: In a genii get it, make that. It does go well. Let's get to eat. I get it. No, I appreciate that, 'cause I have to tell you my whole life I thought I was always a big believer in Stasi. The way he would just say, Oh, I play tennis to get in shape, but things are different now, and the SERVE is much faster now, and you have to cover much more court today than you ever did, plus the rackets are bigger than they were back in the 70s. And so things happened much faster, which means you have to be faster, which means you have to be stronger, not just faster, to strong. I watch AKARI and I think to myself, not only does he get there, but he gets there with extra, he gets there and he looks... That makes it look easy. And he's so physically strong when he gets there, he pays me very much a natal

0:22:01.6 Javier Llanes: Weather or not. I think it's a bit of version of now with a bigger weapon, it

0:22:08.7 Jack Broudy: Could... Could be... What time will... You could be right about that too, I think of all the young guns, Zara and situate alchemists, the only one that has so far really impressed me that I think he stands out above all the others, and I think it's not his stroke. A lot of the Eric's got a beautiful back end, teams got a big forehand, but you know, AKARI, his movement just seems a little bit stronger than everyone else's movement.

0:22:41.7 Javier Llanes: Yeah, I've got a heater 45 with the Eurasian.

0:22:51.7 Jack Broudy: Yeah, well then

0:22:52.9 Javier Llanes: You're right, and you go.

0:22:54.6 Jack Broudy: I don't even say, I don't see how you can do it anymore. The last guys that really didn't use, the guys that sort of blocked the ball like Seki or dense member Taylor data, they didn't have that pretty figure a game. I don't think those people can even make it anymore... I don't think so. No, probably, I don't see it. But let's get into this program because I'm very interested, in fact, I should tell my audience, I'm so interested in this visual program of happy ears that I want to bring it on board to our site and Brody tennis and living at the 45 and make it available to my people, because I do, I really think there's something to it, and once again, I need to know a little bit more, but from what you've explained to me, I think it's got a lot of value for, especially Tournament players, especially to obey 100%, but maybe even maybe even recreational players, I don't know, it might even be good for recreational players. Yeah, yeah, certainly. Everybody wants to get better, even if you're a recreational player, you wanna get that...

0:24:06.6 Javier Llanes: Right, I mean, I think everybody that wants to get better and you'll notice that... You know is the difference... The beauty of the program is like, You do it 20 days, 20 minutes a day, you accumulated about 20 hours, sorry, about six hours doing their exercises, and your vision will change, 20 minute is more than

0:24:27.9 Jack Broudy: 20 minutes a day.

0:24:29.8 Javier Llanes: 20 minutes a day, 20 days, which is equal to bayous exercises and your vision will change. What will change?

0:24:40.3 Jack Broudy: Okay, well, you know I'm gonna put it to the test myself...

0:24:44.3 Javier Llanes: Yes, yes. If you're doing your vision would change, I can sign that. You have busy canals.

0:24:52.5 Jack Broudy: Show us your stuff. Let me see

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