Javier Llanes' Vision Training System (Part Two)

July 7, 2022
Written By: Jack Broudy
Javier Llanes' Vision Training System (Part Two)

0:00:10.9 Javier Llanes: So basically what you see here is very simple, they have a little chart, this chart, you can see... Can you see a very... Well.

0:00:20.7 Jack Broudy: I shared share can. Yup.

0:00:23.5 Javier Llanes: Okay, so what you doing, this chart, and this term has to chat one little like that, and one that is bigger, it's the same thing, but just goes in the wall, it's a bigger car. Then you have those funky 3D glasses, blue and red, I think Robin, with me, I could have one if you want. Jacky, want me to go up one of the classes...

0:00:48.2 Jack Broudy: I would like to see it. Yes.

0:00:49.9 Javier Llanes: Yeah, give me one second. I'm gonna get one of the glasses, not a probe. So here we are, one of the three city glass, when you buy the program, you'll get the charge, you get... You get a car and Bihar and the glasses, and the explanation of their exercises. Okay, so as I said, I said Say, we are muscles in the eye, what you do is you look at these two circles, the first to the closest one, so the perfect decide is try to make with you right when you crossing your eyes, make it to circle in the middle. So Peter circling the middle will become a tree, dimension will become like a... To have you make those circles to merge... I see, bottomline is, when you do is... When you do that, you have to really pay attention to what you're doing with your major... Right. So I don't know if you can, you can...

0:01:51.3 Jack Broudy: It makes my eyes go across to... Right, exactly. Okay.

0:01:55.6 Javier Llanes: For what that tells you is that the eyes are in the same position where they need to be now, a Jack cross your eyes place. Can you close them? You get an API. You want me to close them across the... Cross the cross. Cook now, as I move back, try to maintain... Okay. Okay, yes, you a...

0:02:24.0 Jack Broudy: Yes, it gets more difficult.

0:02:27.6 Javier Llanes: So your eye has to adjust right, so I have to address to the distance of what I am... Makes sense. Yes, because when I'm going to way is a different distance now, try to cross that on the one, that little part of it down...

0:02:47.2 Jack Broudy: Well, I can, if I costs. Hard to see.

0:02:54.3 Javier Llanes: So you have to do the same thing, but as the objects as far... In a way, it's harder. You have to bring the Morin together. So what we do is that I try to teach you how to do this and increase the difficulty. Makes sense. Yes, sure. So that's one meter. The Imelda, the horizon. So you see the charts, I very be different or they are the being... What I do here is I look forward and I try with my perversion to close my eyes so my eyes not to cross to push my eyes away from each other...

0:03:40.1 Jack Broudy: Oh, okay, the here

0:03:42.4 Javier Llanes: Officially, I'm looking for... I'm trying to push my, I say way to create the SAN pipette circles by moving my eyes away from each other to A... The other mass. So when you do it on your own, the one on the wall, you just walk further away from or closer to, is that how it... Exactly, exactly. And that's more difficult. You first start with this in your hand, because the distance... Correct. And what you try to do first leader, my chair is moving like that, and then my child can be moving like that, I'm going like that that way, I'm trying to maintain the same thing, and this is moving in the rotation and manner, and my eyes are doing that when my head is still, then the next set of exercise I'm getting better at that, I bring my head up and out side to side in Sanderson trying to maintain their iron above. Now, when I'm gonna be playing in Bonnaroo and in Okinawa stories be like into the ball. They see, okay. So when I say you're gonna see a lot better is because it... Santa's gonna happen is that your eyes are gonna lock into the bar no matter what happen with your band.

0:05:16.0 Javier Llanes: And that's what I'm training. Does it make sense? Yes, it does. I'm curious as... Where you learn this stuff. So basically, IOA 20200. So 2008, so to start with myself, Okay, how... I came up with this, I invent it, but how is that cooking in my head that... The program is here. So I was training a guy that was about basically in 12 out, I was training guys who, say 12 out myself, I have a couple of adroit back in the day. So I was paying these guys was a 12 out, and we were doing a lot of food War Movement, so we'll do the tennis part, and then we do a lot of food were staff, there's a lot of drill movements and whatnot, and basically... Because for what I understood when I was growing up is that when you have a tough time hiding the bone when you want to hit is because you got more well, or because you have that technique. So I think to an extent, the technique of the guy was good, we're talking about 12 out when you're talking about, is it the hotel me sick think can be back plus it's not bad.

0:06:50.6 Javier Llanes: They think it could be better. 10%, it doesn't have the technical before Utah, but... But it's a good level of technique when you had a guide to up or about out, you know, it's teaching I live a player stated it's not a beginner, the guy that's been playing for 12, 12, 15 years that...

0:07:10.7 Jack Broudy: Sure, sure, no.

0:07:13.3 Javier Llanes: So we're working... Actually, I took him to the open 2 at this time. So we were open 29 micro.

0:07:23.5 Jack Broudy: That tournament just at the last weekend, my friend that

0:07:27.2 Javier Llanes: I was the point of India to Nicolas more raw and

0:07:31.3 Jack Broudy: By her and my friend Anton, we just had a lesson yesterday when I went over video, he lost in the semis of the open yesterday, which is a... 'cause he just turned 35 years old. So that's pretty good. He played the older...

0:07:46.6 Javier Llanes: Astral good. Yeah, they get... They get a lot of good players sometimes to play the Nicolas more rogue actually, I think it was semi finance, he was 22, 50, I lost four. And for that to me, they forget, I think I was gonna get... I was 29 years old, 30 years old. So my goal was to try to improve the tracking of how the Bowers doing a lot of food, Baran, I'm watching him play, and I said, Man, I think he was... Well, this is a black guy, very Atlantic, you know, you do for... He was very well. I said, the parts here is not the moment, said, This is not the movement and the tank... It could be better, but it's not terrible. Now, the thing that I realize it, is that, and this is me looking at myself as a kid and look at myself over and many times when we'll miss a ball, we both that are not coming fast, so it's not a question of a STEM... I didn't get in positions for that, it's not a penis, not technical, because the one is not even difficult, why are you hitting the ball when you don't...

0:09:03.4 Javier Llanes: Shit's not a matter of technique, it's not a matter of my feet now where Mars this ones are telling me to set up in the run spot. So they said, We're in the America, you have Facebook, you are at hockey, you have pretty much those two for a... Think I have... They have things for everything, they have something for division. Sure, that was the first one. So that was how I say I'm gonna look around. So we were in carinthia where the hotel... You know, he loved me, but he said, Man, I'm gonna look for something to start getting internet there looking around, and I see some stuff, because I'm not to an extent, and I always been a boy, they did make a profit, and I say, I'm gonna look what it is. So I see the first things about is your training, and that's how we started, and I bought every single thing that was for vision training, Lillie, and I try to stand Austin and I realized that personally, myself, I wasn't seeing the bad correctly, because this mentor that what I'm saying to you, I couldn't do it. This is what I said he could do it.

0:10:30.8 Javier Llanes: And I remember this, this is Saturday morning. I started using this training, and he took me about six days until I was able to see this pipe on the wall, it took me six days and I don't know, surmounting I was for the first time able to see that and maintain this mode... Did... This is picture on this graph, and I remember going to play that day, and it's like chaperones slower for the first time, because also, if you look at when you do this moment with your vision, you can't... Squeaky can't do that. If you're doing that, your teniers are not adjusting, so you have to relax the face and the mussels in your eye, so you have to treat... You have to train the eyes, 'cause squeaking is kind of cheating... Yes. And you're gonna pass all... 'cause it makes Sanomat Taino relax I testing when you must... So the ball... Now, if you put this the... I think that came into my head after doing this, it was every time we study much, what happened to us, we started March with a little tent, does the time when we shine, many more poles that...

0:11:52.1 Javier Llanes: When we're super relaxed. So I used to think it's because you're not moving... No, what happened is you tense the masses in division and no work influential, the more relaxants move very relaxed. Easier to track. So that's basically...

0:12:11.7 Jack Broudy: Woman's that simple as a series of exercises, and these two charts, the one in the wall that you... I guess you graduate to that one and you hold in your hand that you begin with a... In a 20-minute period, you focus on the focusing of your eyes and do this, and like you say, you do this six times, or six hours, I guess, complete and you find your God, because when you do it 20 minutes, man, you're gonna be kind of like... Crying, you went to go see, I want... They get tier. You're gonna get tired. In the beginning, sometimes you might have had as and you do it because you're trying to focus your... Your time to use mass. That you normally don't use.

0:13:05.8 Javier Llanes: Okay, that's what I said to you. You tell me when sometimes I think much goes along and you start getting... Division is not a shot.

0:13:15.5 Jack Broudy: Well, in I didn't... Member I told you, I didn't think it was my vision, it never even occurred to me, it could be a senior... You said it to me, I just thought, Gee, I'm losing my focus, but I... But I would try harder than I did in the beginning, in the beginning, it's funny to you think the first ball, you miss a few, but when Anton and I play, our first ball usually lasts about four minutes, first of all, and I do belong, and I feel great, and like I said, after about 35 minutes of hitting hard, after about 35 minutes, I start to share here and there, I go along like along a couple of times, and I'm like, What the heck I should be paying better because I've already played 30 minutes, I should be wound up, but you're saying your eyes get tired, just like your body gets a... Want, I want you to attend... To think of this.

0:14:04.8 Javier Llanes: I want you to think of this. So Division, A Division, it requires a lot of coordination, a lot of precision, runny require less precision. Its vision is fine, motor skill is like the movement with the hand of DPI, it's very Lateran, there's more pictures in the brain about the hands that are the verbal, there's not many are connected to the food as much as banishing the hands to the man sensual when by star get in tired, it will shut down everything that requires precision, and we live more of the grantees, the prime month skills on Evie. Okay, so vision is gonna detail a sudden than your muscles for you to run away from some... Because you're not gonna need... Try to see something very tiny in varied, it doesn't matter, something very tiny, you're gonna be looking at something bigger, so you'll need your by your muscles to run away, you don't need so much precision to analyze to look at a tiny child... I understand as it will make... A body will become simple and a simpler, so this part will go lower, it's not gonna be a shot of site...

0:15:43.2 Jack Broudy: I totally see.

0:15:45.6 Javier Llanes: Now, you can test it. This is very interesting. So if you look at a baseball player, when the baseball player is tired, when he's running or air, or when he's trying to throw the ball all over the place... When he throws the ball or over the place, because I... Fassbender runs out of air. That's right. Correct. So now, when you plan, Dennis, Dennis, you gonna run an Oxy or at the time you got a few points here and there, very long, but for the Most butt, when you start missing a lot of parts, you to lose impression in your body. You don't set up in the right position and you may... You take a little longer break, your precision comes to a con, because when you rest a little bit transition comes a con at is precision in what you see and its precision or control of your own bad. So if I make your spring and then I make you right, your hired goes up. Your hand goes like that. I make you stop for a little bit and you're right. And you have no problem once your haridas down, you are precision again, you're following...

0:16:56.2 Javier Llanes: Yes, I do ballet. The vision, if we're thinking that you have with your hand, so you say your Horacio lose precision in the moment here.

0:17:06.3 Jack Broudy: The fine motor skills like your vision, they go... They go first before Ricky because you don't need it. Do for survival.

0:17:15.9 Javier Llanes: So you're training me and you're training your vision, because in this case, I think we're basically playing with one thing that moves all the time, so the most important thing is to follow that ball... Agree was the end of the... For me, if you ask me what's more important, your technique, your body or your vision, I think the most important thing is the version, because what it will happen is the gain gets faster, what is it gonna tell you to adjust to the pilot that is your vision. If you can... Let's say this way, if I can drop the ball right now the same for joined very hard, pulled into a corner with a top dropping my own boat, if I can move and keep the same ball every single time that I drop out of my head. How difficult to get me? Pretty difficult vary, because you can put that on what you have. So you're talking about your five-year-old kid that you have compared to data, let's say, what is the thing that is gonna change through the years between the five-year-old and the profession or the speed, the game...

0:18:31.1 Javier Llanes: The game is gonna get faster and faster, so now why is he gonna have to adjust... Your technique can adjust, but what is gonna just is gonna be your body, your moment, and then your region to catch up into that, that tenure obviously the parent, the technique, the more you can adjust saying that the technique is not important, but the vision is where it's gonna help you to adjust. Now, going back, I was lucky enough to work with baseball players for about three years, and something that cracked me up is that every single kid will come in back of the team, and you watch a 40-year-old kid batteries and you couldn't turn the difference, but then who bats in the majors? The question is, when you're getting the majors, now dance people are training, but in of the key... Okay, do it. Okay, when you're to for a little bit, you can do it at that low because the kids can you bad at something that is coming really fast... Sure. Now, we go back. For example, the other thing that was very interesting when I was working with this with these people is that I learned that the profession, they wanna be very strong, you know why they wanna be very strong is not for the power of them, they swing, but it's because...

0:20:04.2 Javier Llanes: The stronger I am, the quicker I can get the part of that... Does it make sense? So I have more time to know when the ball is close to me, because if I can go up the last second, I have more time to get to what I need to get with my bad... If I'm weak, I need more time. So the moment that I react a little lay, the... Was it is? That's why we say, you coach in tennis, you want the guy to have complex range, because the word division, the weaker it is as the player, the last time he has to get to that ball... So if I have a big swing, I don't have enough time. So the slower I am with my vision that I'm gonna be as a player... Yeah, yes, that's why I create tracking of the ball.

0:21:03.4 Jack Broudy: And it really makes me think about a couple of situations while you're talking, number one, remember when and erotic first hit the scene? No one was used to the speed of his serve, nobody has... And it took about a year, and after a year, he went from number one or two down to 15 or 20, but in the beginning, nobody was used to his speed, so they couldn't return to serve it, and then it's... I feel the same with the dog because when a Dallas ball is not so fast, but it moves around so much that it might be cut... Might be difficult to track. So

0:21:39.7 Javier Llanes: I wanna bring something up. Is based on what you're saying. So I'm gonna tell you people, but that don't really know vision training or Gower... And you just answer it for me. You just answer what I've been saying. So everybody said, you gotta hit the ball battalion.

0:22:05.7 Jack Broudy: I certainly and the others might, but I don't say that I'm a big top spin guy, but... Go ahead. Yes.

0:22:11.9 Javier Llanes: But what I wanna say is this, when you hit it, that I'm gonna refer the project to of the ball... Regard into what it is. Vision ratings your ice, you follow me with my hand, your eyes have to do this as the book comes to me, then I have to get closer or... And they have to do that movement. If you hit me above that is coming at the same speed all the time... The moment is smaller. If you see me about that is I did my... I have to adjust in a different way, he has to change their feet... Do you see what I mean? Yes, so it's much more difficult to track important to the AR has a one velocity Boles and kitana different way, because the moment in the US has to be shared because the eyes are not doing this at the same moment the whole time. And remember what I said, You see the booming or is coming, you don't track it on the way, you see it, and then you lose it for a while, and then you catch it again and then you get a change, but when the body is changing the speed after bows in prior to bounce, you have to adjust to that, it's much more difficult to adjust to that than to a ball that comes to the same speed the whole time, that's where it's easier to get.

0:23:43.0 Javier Llanes: If I throw your ball and you're gonna catch it is easier to catch a ball on the flight that he bought the Boise because your right have to go down in A... And the body's gonna change to be...

0:23:55.1 Jack Broudy: That's right, somebody pick up speed and some looped.

0:24:03.1 Javier Llanes: Exactly. So the reason why is because you have to do it more shares a skill with your eyes to track... No. Amazing. What I know... And it was confirmed to me that I was right with that. Is because I went and I test about 80 kids baseball players. And what he was interesting, I have a piece of equipment that tests tracking and I-E-test reaction, and what it was interwar, I saw is that every single violate they have unbelievable reaction, but most of them, they have partaking skills. So now, while you are a very good reaction because you're not seeing crops, you're gonna see... You got have a good reaction because when he comes, you're gotta lock it, but now, if you think about it, what is more difficult to hit in curl or a fast ball, most of the people are probably when they're still throwing the car curvaceous. Sure.

0:25:19.4 Jack Broudy: Does it make sense? Yes, it does, it does. Users like quick vallis would be good thing too for your eyes...

0:25:27.1 Javier Llanes: Exactly, but now you think about that, this is why when you have a plan that changes the pace of the ball, it is a problem of it, because he's changing, you gotta just learn this and states coming faster, but you're gonna do it at the different retention, you start you... When you start the swinging on, not masses it, tenor example, I put you... Something that I heard in CAN is, I don't really agree. I used him for a way when I was younger and you hear he bounced him... Yeah, you give you some sort of a rhythm.

0:26:07.5 Jack Broudy: It gives you a rhythm... I've used it with some players... Yes, yes.

0:26:10.7 Javier Llanes: Give you Redmen. Do you start this swing... When do you start this wing...

0:26:17.5 Jack Broudy: Well, certainly before you say balance.

0:26:21.0 Javier Llanes: Before you step... Balance exactly. So you... Exactly, but I bodies in both of you, don't stop the week that you're gonna start to pop... That's right.

0:26:31.9 Jack Broudy: It

0:26:32.5 Javier Llanes: Doesn't make sense. You had a sense or opponents, that doesn't work. So if I go.

0:26:42.0 Jack Broudy: Well, that's why I'm personally a big believer in track, as soon as the ball hits your strings, I start tracking the ball with my whole body, you're... Exactly, yeah, so it... So to me, the swing actually begins the moment you hit the ball, it begins... Even if it's subtle, it begins the moment you touched the ball... Exactly.

0:27:02.7 Javier Llanes: I'm very slow and the kids like you gotta be able to do very slow, that way you cannot get on the same flow, right, because they Italy get connected to your point. Exactly, yeah. So basically, that's what I think. The eyes are so important. And to me, a basement was... It was crazy for me to... That most of the people don't do is your training in a game that is all about is Rani think 10 is this tool, but baseball is like a no-brainer, or most of the kids are a practice in the key and they can hit it and they can get a very good ball. Puttalam... You throw them the ball, they can't get him anymore, and beside that, I really go on... The one who came here.

0:27:55.4 Jack Broudy: I see, I see. So yeah, so even little things like I talk... It's funny, all this stuff comes back to me now, I always talk all my students when they were 10, nine, 10, 11 years old, to juggle... I would imagine a juggling is good. For your peripheral vision, I would guess. I don't know, I just... I just did it to have them... Give them something fun to do while they're waiting for their match and to coordinate their body a little bit, but I wasn't thinking necessarily about the eyes, but really juggling is very good for the eyes. So you got...

0:28:28.0 Javier Llanes: Exactly. Will you think about when you join? They say if you're working on your very for if you're looking forward, so I joining forward, I still gotta know where my hand out and work, I got a measure of the ball, the trajectory. So migraine is telling me when I have to put my hand and if my hands are moving this way, so I'm juggling, so my hands are moving this way... Right, yes, 'cause I'm not gonna grow it perfectly on my head, does I have to know where the bodies in this space... In this direction, constantly. You follow me. Yes, so if I don't know where the Huon is a way from me, I won't catch it, so I'm working on my dead perception, if you make sense very much a stable... That you don't realize it, but you're doing it.

0:29:22.3 Jack Broudy: Very interesting, baritone of my students, she was a doubles player, Abby spears, she was for... In the world, I think for a while, she used to take this training with this guy from the Olympics, and he would have her do all kinds of things with juggling, he would have her job while she kicked a ball... She was Joe and kick a ball and all this interesting stuff, but it's so much to do with visual first...

0:29:51.7 Javier Llanes: Yes, I... You know, like I was saying to you, Jack, they don't really know. You know, if you change the vision or you change the brain, but you for sure you change the result, you know, I don't know what the change is, is the muscle... What is the brain? They don't know, but there were some changes.

0:30:15.1 Jack Broudy: What does it make sense? That's what I... That's what I would say. You know, Hanalei always tell you, even when we just chat on the phone, it's never long enough, I always enjoy our conversations because it's nice to talk to somebody who's passionate and also very, very smart, like you are... How can people get this... I can tell you right now, folks, I'm gonna be offering this at Roden is very soon, as soon as we can get some of the internal workings of this together, we'll be offering this here, is there any way they can get this from like me, I'd like to get it right now. And start practicing myself. Where can I go to get this? Or we use putting it together, so right now, I will put it back on the website, because I don't even have it right now on the website, put it back on the website, but Jack, you can call me or send me a senate and I will ship the proto, you

0:31:13.8 Javier Llanes: Good. And I will email you the instructions or how to help use it.

0:31:20.8 Jack Broudy: And we're gonna try and put this together now for the botanist, so you folks out there, I can actually get this on the site fairly soon, hopefully within 30 days, I would think... You have the product, you have to do, it's just a bit how they probably get ready to shift, if you mean it, I can ship your product today... Great, that's great to Oceanside because you're on our site already, you're on the certified Pro, so if they need you, I've got your email right now, they can find you

0:31:55.2 Javier Llanes: As always, if there's anything else you'd like to add or... I wanna definitely give a plug to your product, if I would say that the only thing you have to do with this product is to do the exercises are a little bit theirs in the beginning, because some people might have a tough time doing what you're supposed to be doing. So in the beginning, it's a little bit difficult, but if you put the time, which is, it's not a lot of time because at some point, and you're gonna be able to close your eyes and once your body understands what you're really trying to do is gonna be coming here, but it's like a careful in the beginning, you push really are... And it doesn't happen once you get them what we're doing, it becomes easier, it has a man of having the dorsalis ion to be able to do it longer. Once you do it, you're not as a change, I mean, I have no doubt.

0:32:55.3 Jack Broudy: Well, I really, I'm excited to try it myself, I'll be your first senior... You're a senior player to... Hopefully, I can give you a good endorsement because I still play a lot and I still want to improve, and I wanna play a better right-handed tennis, and I'm gonna play better left and a tennis, and I wanna... And I guess if I can see the ball, I can probably hit it better... Yes.

0:33:22.9 Javier Llanes: And you know what you just mention, for example, the good thing is best, they say that you have a lay... What they call the LAC, you have one, it doesn't very... Basically move according to the other one, so what happen is that I have... Depends you to shut down. So when you're tracking something, because they don't work together, a down and shuts down and you only use one, so let's say in your case, let's say it could be your right, or let's say that it's a little bit worse than your life, so the one we shutdown will be the right A. Okay, what happened is this, If you play left hand, it, you play... Let habit I do a lot.

0:34:07.7 Jack Broudy: Casado a lot. Yeah.

0:34:09.8 Javier Llanes: You for exactly, you force your right brain to work, that is gonna stimulate the capacity of your lesser left eye to start working, because they're connecting... You follow me up. So for the campeonato, what doesn't make sense?

0:34:36.5 Jack Broudy: Yeah, so you're seeing playing with the opposite hand is a good thing, I've always thought it would give you a game because I will go through the brain.

0:34:43.3 Javier Llanes: I understand what you prove your vision, I understand of the brain will get stimulated as your region

0:34:50.1 Jack Broudy: Winning... It's amazing. It's all connected, isn't it? It's not gonna... Antitank, I share what I really appreciate you sharing with us today, and like I said, it's always just so much fun and it's so great to talk to you. Thank you very Samantha, you.

0:35:10.1 Javier Llanes: Thank you

0:35:11.3 Jack Broudy: So much. And there was pain touch, and I... As you up on the phone, we got into the product to fail, followed to it, and I can tell you folks, we're gonna have laser eye on our site and you'll be able to get it right there, and I encourage you to get it. So thank you to... Thank you how the air can...

0:35:30.7 Javier Llanes: Okay, I appreciate it. We'll be touch.

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