Jonah & Michael Jurick: Father Son Players - Penn Varsity and Maccabi Games

May 26, 2022
Written By: Jack Broudy
Jonah & Michael Jurick: Father Son Players - Penn Varsity and Maccabi Games

0:00:00.9 Jack Broudy: Hi, I'm Jack Brodie and welcome to live in at the 45. I couldn't be happier than I am today, getting to chat with ex-students of mine, but more than that, just very good friends and people that I got very close to... Oh gosh, about five years ago, I guess you had a six... Maybe six and a half years ago, we started. Yeah, so let me introduce you to Michael and Jonah

0:00:28.9 Jonah and Michael: Jericho, a world out there. A lot of people living at the 45 these days are there and loving this conversation ahead is so excited and we're living at the 45.

0:00:42.3 Jack Broudy: I hope you're still living there, Joni gonna find out because we... Unlike with a lot of these podcasts I do, we check out a lot all the time with these guys, this is it... What you're seeing is it. This is the first time I've spoken to him in a couple of years now. And we were doing a lot of tennis together. I started with Mike, if dad, it's hard to tell, but he's the one on the right... We started about maybe eight years ago.

0:01:08.0 Jonah and Michael: Right... Yeah, right around 2015-2016, I think. Yeah, right before I went to train for the Maccabees... That's right, that's what it was, and to get ready for that. And we kind of changed your game, we transformed your game to a much prettier game, and then you brought Jonah to me when he was about 15, I think 14-15 at a high school season, and we were getting your training and guidance to give him the best shot, once he gets into college, which was at University of Pennsylvania, was...

0:01:48.0 Jack Broudy: Yeah, was that over Skype and stuff or... I know we met for a couple of days, but didn't we do a lot of internet stuff before that...

0:01:57.4 Jonah and Michael: Yeah, afterwards, so how it all came together was I took the kids to Coachella in California. At the very end of the week, I had scheduled Jonah and I to meet you personally after you and I were connecting via online, 'cause I subscribe to your school of tennis. Right, so

0:02:21.4 Jack Broudy: I got to work with Jonah on the court, yes, right away.

0:02:25.2 Jonah and Michael: Okay, and then you guys had a great connection and then we did zoom and Skype calls for about a year, about a year.

0:02:34.5 Jack Broudy: That's

0:02:35.0 Jonah and Michael: Really when it came to stay with you for a summer. I was at a summer or... It was one week. Right, right. Yeah.

0:02:42.4 Jack Broudy: It was a little more than a week. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I had another boy in from Canada, I think, I can't remember right now, but I think I had someone else that week from Canada, not quite as strong as Jonah, but we still got some pretty good hits in... Yeah, and then Jonah and I, we talked on the phone a couple emails, he'd send me a video every once in a while, but it was a heck of a run we had... So tell them what happened, he ended up going to plan for a great school and making the team and all that, and... That's pretty exciting, Jones.

0:03:15.2 Jonah and Michael: When I came to you, Jack, I was struggling a lot. I think mostly on my back end, but really on a bunch of different portions of my game, I was a really, really strong Junior in the 10s and 12s and 14s in the 16s and 18s, it kind of got tougher, and I was struggling more mentally, physically, I was there, but it was more of a mental thing. And I came to you and you helped me really deconstructed my game and help me think about the 45 and contact point and everything like that, and then strategy as well. And I walked on, I applied to Penn, University of Pennsylvania horoscope business. And I got in, and when I got in, I called the coach and I said, Hey, do you have a spot for me? And he said, Yeah, we have a spot for you. Come try out or come walk on in the beginning of the year. When you got there, and I got there the first week of school in my freshman year, and I beat two of the guys on the team, and I was on the team. And then freshman year, I went on defeated, sophomore year had a few losses, junior year, I had my best actor, I went even one, and then senior year I also in one.

0:04:28.8 Jonah and Michael: Undefeated. What happened? Wait a minute.

0:04:32.3 Jack Broudy: How did you even have a season... One of those years didn't covid just destroy the whole season. Yeah.

0:04:37.8 Jonah and Michael: So junior year, we actually just had a condensed season during covid reunion tensed, we didn't travel to any schools, but a bunch of schools around the area came to us, so

0:04:49.0 Jack Broudy: What happened was I on 7 and 1 'cause that wasn't a very... That was just 88 matches. Yeah.

0:04:54.9 Jonah and Michael: It's a short... Exactly, exactly. So the European players did not come back to the nitty, my roommates weren't here 'cause I took a gap there, 'cause they wanted to practice for... Because I wanna go pros, they're practicing during the gap year, and so I've bumped up two spots from 60 to four.

0:05:15.1 Jack Broudy: Oh, while, no, I did not know that. So that's why it was a joseon it number four. That's pretty tough. You're playing, you're playing out 13 and a great is around 12 probably sleigh law are the tough teams. Did you... Clay.

0:05:34.9 Jonah and Michael: Did you play USC? Who did you play that? I was a bit here, we played USC, Pepperdine, San Diego State, San Diego. Yeah, we played Georgetown. I wanted to be George out of three sets. We play all the IVs obviously. Yeah.

0:05:56.3 Jack Broudy: Did you play dubs to it? Just singles.

0:05:59.6 Jonah and Michael: This season, I didn't play much dumps... Let me say a little footnote about him getting on the petite... So my wife's parents, Jon, his grandparents, live in Philadelphia, so all throughout Jonas high school years, we would practice at the heck Tennis Center, which is the pain Tennis Center, and Jonah would see the coach, so he formed a friendship with him and John kept sailor, you one day, Coach, I'm gonna play for you one day, no kid. And so there was a dialogue, so when Jonah was accepted to The Horton business school undergrad, the coach was impressed and gave Joe a the opportunity to try out and Jonah pass with flying colors. Eminent.

0:06:51.1 Jack Broudy: Yeah, I'm guessing that what they have... 'cause of Title I and I'm guessing in has three scholarships, right. And they split them in half. Is that how they do it?

0:07:00.9 Jonah and Michael: No, we don't have any heart, but they do the one on hateful does the... They were gone people, but there's no money.

0:07:14.0 Jack Broudy: Because it's... I believe it is on. So it's not just 1, it's IPO that gave you a good chance to walk on, but he had his European guys coming over and the guys he was committed to, I'm guessing. Wow. But he just said, I guess... Well, that's the beauty, I guess. When you think about it, if no scholarship, I mean, anyone could be on me, if you're good enough, you're playing on the team because it's not like they've committed money to players. Yeah, exactly. Interesting. Oh, that's really... I forgot about is not giving money away. Wow. But what a great education. And what a great place to come from. You must be happy. I graduated now.

0:08:01.5 Jonah and Michael: I mean, it's a little sad that I'm gonna do now, but I think as to go to water, if you can't play tennis every day, every day for a few hours a day and train and really nothing would... Focus on the ostentatious on something else. Maybe Jonah can talk a little bit about how when he connected with you in the training and the program that you had given Jona the tools to go to the next level, how Joy might have applied it in the college tennis world. So yeah.

0:08:36.5 Jack Broudy: That's a good question. Did you see the best players like the number one, two guy, they must have been bollard, you see their use of the hit, did you see them at the 45, did you see them doing everything right? That's a great question.

0:08:51.2 Jonah and Michael: I definitely did. There's very few guys that are top one or two on their teams that are at the 45, you just... At that level, you have to hit such a big ball and always have to be even like every shot, even just your returns, the returns are so quick 'cause the serves are so big, you have to be at the 45, you can't muscle any type of ball really? You have to be a lose me. Kevin zoo, who is my roommate, and he borers also my Rome, they're women to on the team and they're both ranked players and they're very loose when they hit, and they're always at the 45 on the service specially...

0:09:37.4 Jack Broudy: Oh yeah, but you saw that, you saw the loo, you saw that country emotion in those guys, the hips, the...

0:09:44.6 Jonah and Michael: Yeah, especially after the hit when they recover same thing, it's all a counter-balance and all that. That's great. So you really notice stuff like that, where probably no one else does, Eastwood you, and the mathematical component of it, those guys through basic coaching or just through repetition, discover it in stationary.

0:10:11.3 Jack Broudy: Sure, sure, sure. I have to say I was pretty... Your dad knows I was really proud of you because I mean, where we came from, who would have thought you'd play... Top six at 10. That's a big deal. I had one other player play for that, but he was also... He won the Orange Bowl doubles. He was number one in the country in the 16S for a short time. His name was Eric Riley and... Yeah, and I worked with him from the young age, it's like nine years old to 17 all the way through and yeah, he's the only other boy I played for that, so I know how good that team, Meadow tough that team as he played for... And at one point, he was number one in the country, so I do know how tough that team is, they feel a great play or a scholarship or not, I can't... They really do feel great players at Ben, who was the toughest other... Who was the Ivy League? That was a toughest. Other than you guys, Harvard one this year. Harvard one and he... We got second. And how about in the 43 years? It was Columbia overhear.

0:11:21.3 Jack Broudy: Columbia is really tough, and they take their... Columbia is usually the one they take their tennis

0:11:27.5 Jonah and Michael: We... Columbia is her first time, so the final match of the season to co-senior season was against Columbia, and they beat Columbia for the first time, I think, in history and recorded his Beeston.

0:11:42.8 Jack Broudy: Yeah, because Columbia is so tough.

0:11:45.4 Jonah and Michael: Yeah, and Jon's remade and the number one player at wardha clinched the number one spot in the third set tie-breaker, and it gave them a birth to go to the NCAA Championship for the first time in pens history.

0:12:03.0 Jack Broudy: Wowed. Sintra was a super breaker or a more... I know is a third set. It was a 330 area. Oh my God. Did you see that match... Like Were you there?

0:12:20.0 Jonah and Michael: I was sitting right there in the front, repetitious was so deciding to watch, and it's funny because the person, the number one for Columbia was in the juniors in New York, who routinely was playing against Jonah and all the tournaments in the Northeast. Alex counties to have victory over him, drops one for us, and cotton was seven in the country at Borel. No, that's a big time.

0:12:59.3 Jack Broudy: All right there, that sounds like an exciting match, that one against Columbia. I wish I had been around somehow, but man... Like, you must have had a Botetourt years.

0:13:10.8 Jonah and Michael: No, that's exactly what I wanted to say is that it was a blessing, not only that Jonah earned a spot on the team and played on the team and for... Well, throughout, but for my wife and I to come and watch all the matches and the team, but also watch from a perspective of what you had installed in my thought process in terms of how they strike the ball. So I'm looking at it from a perspective of how they get to the 45 and just how consistent they can be because of those mechanics.

0:13:47.7 Jack Broudy: It is amazing how these guys... Well, I'm thinking joke Aachen people, when I start to talk about discipline, I think about guys like job, but yeah, some players just get that, they lock in to what we're talking about, and then they have that discipline just to keep it going. I personally think with someone like Jonah had myself and you, most of us, we have to be shown it, this is what all the great guys are doing, but these guys to get it intuitively and then keep it, but then you notice they don't keep it... Isn't it funny sometimes that so much the top top players, but some of the women and some of the guys below rank 10, they have a terrible loss here and there, they play a horrible... I've seen six Opal where that doesn't really happen to Joe of it better, all they seem to be a pretty amazing at keeping that discipline. Another thing.

0:14:50.2 Jonah and Michael: Once you get the mechanics and you become a D-1 tennis player, and I found John and I just actually... We're right now sitting at the John Martens academy and one of the sports rooms, and we just finished an on-court practice and a mini set in a play there many, many, many times. Yeah, you and I have trained here. Yeah, I played there many times, and it's our club in our neighborhood, and what I think the next step is you get the mechanics and you're moving in that direction and you get it to 45, but the ball is just traveling so fast, once you reach a certain level, and once you reach a certain level, so I'm training and playing against Jonah, and we play the mini-set and I'll serve, I'll kick out why the ball will come back so fast that it's at my toes... Right, so his return is locking it back using my power of his return and it's at my toes, and it's just sometimes not possible to get to the 45 that quickly. It's always possible.

0:16:00.3 Jack Broudy: Yeah, if you move this and if you move like Altera, it's always possibly to a... Got incredible. But he's a beast.

0:16:14.2 Jonah and Michael: For the non-Alaric planes like Man, you and normal, normal humans, if you just have to sometimes accept points are gonna be just forget a bad point and just move on to the next one, so the mechanics and the fundamentals will always be in check, but when you're playing a match, it becomes a different story, you have to forget when something goes wrong, so that you can re-calibrate it in...

0:16:47.6 Jack Broudy: It's funny when you're talking like that, I'm thinking, using Jon's mind and I'm thinking What's he think? And my guess is getting to the 45 is always doable. I think the part that's tough is being relaxed at the 45 enough to accept the ball in with that a little bit that the pros have, they accepted it and they send it away, and I think that's what's tough. I always can get to the 45, the question is, will I have the wherewithal, even if it's a very hard hit ball to still have negative space and then come back... You know what I mean? Acceptable, and then send it away, the pros, you see it on every shot, and I think that's where those guys have it on us is the teeth.

0:17:37.0 Jonah and Michael: What do you mean by negative space? Well, meaning.

0:17:40.4 Jack Broudy: So if you list or a ball back to my form, let's say I can get to the 45, but I lock up, or will I still... Will I still have that sort of inhale exhale at the 45 to where you have a little... Just enough contrary motion to take that ball and bump it back, getting into 45 one thing, but I feel like me being an older dude, if I'm playing someone who's and I do, I play a guy, he's out 122, I hate with him like once a week, it was number one in dollars, the junior's good player. And he'll rip a ball at me, and I find myself locking up, part of that is because I'm not as strong as a young man who can still have this leg is right underneath them and still have that movement, so that's why playing point in Tom is useless we have a great hit, I mean a phenomenon it, but playing points against and it's just too quick for me, but it's not that I can't get to the 45, it's just I can't do anything when I get there because I don't have that flexibility and that strength, to, like I said, to have a little bit enough contrary motion to give the ball a nice bump back, I don't know.

0:18:51.2 Jack Broudy: What do you think, Joanie? It's a weird topic, I don't think I've ever come into this topic before, but that's really what it is, that's why I can't play these young guys anymore, but I can hit with them all day laws

0:19:04.5 Jonah and Michael: Work. That's why I wanted to have a little bit of a deeper dive here is because you've trained Jonas, he's made it to the tennis team at a D1 college level, and I am... I'm training again for the back of games... Oh, that's right. Come in a six-week. Mid-July.

0:19:26.3 Jack Broudy: I'm gonna wash you come out here to Denver so we could play for a week...

0:19:31.4 Jonah and Michael: Yeah, I'm actually gonna go to Israel and I'm gonna train a week early, so I get used to climate, but I'm playing at the highest level that I'm playing at, and I'm now playing against Jonah with the intention of, I'm gonna go into this set and I'm gonna hang with it. And the speed of which the ball is coming at is... It's something that I think I could always use a little bit of improvement with getting to the 45 because it's happening so quickly, so much quicker than players at my age that I'm hitting with and playing set or so much more, so much more quickly than when we're playing mini tennis, and we're starting off with a lesson with a one for it, and we're getting it into the 45.

0:20:19.7 Jack Broudy: Well, my first thought, and I don't know whether you guys would agree with this or not, but my first thought is a question, Are you weight training number one, are you... Wait, tree. Actually, Jon is, I'm sure he is.

0:20:35.7 Jonah and Michael: You. I'm actually not, I'm doing more flexibility training, iterated a significant amount of yoga in the practice, but not weight.

0:20:45.1 Jack Broudy: I think that's been test... I think yogas fantastic. With my first thought is, and once again, I'll go back to Alcor at it's so easy for him to do everything right because he is so not only fast, but so strong and fast, he gets there and it looks like his wheels are two tree troms and they're just gripping, they're rooted in the ground and he just like shaking a tree is because it's easy for him because he's in such phenomenal shape, I would think leg presses, I would think if you're gonna play ball with Jonah... Yeah.

0:21:20.4 Jonah and Michael: You better start being younger, meaning... You better be young, your muscles better, you petting to do the weights and so... Keep going on. What do you think, Jon, do you think I'm on the right track with your dad getting better at the fast ball, I don't think it's your mind, I don't think it's your body... I think you're probably not jumping rope, you're probably not doing leg presses, you're probably not doing leg curls, leg extensions, those things make a difference that even just rallying now at 66...

0:21:59.7 Jack Broudy: Right, I'm 20 years past you, I have to hit with anti on my friend, and he is solid as can be, and he's going back on to his goal this year is to be number one, and I'm coaching them in the men's 305. It's very exciting for us 'cause I coach one other guy who became number one in the men's 35, so just to hit with an... To, I have to do the weights just to hit with them, I forget the points, it's never gonna happen again in this lifetime for me, but you're either 50s, you can do it. How many a week would you say I work on like... Oh, I personally, I would go twice a week. I would go twice a week. I would go very heavy, I'd go very heavy. I'd stick 300 pants on the leg press. Right. What do you do, Jonah? Yeah, I agree.

0:22:54.7 Jonah and Michael: Yeah.

0:22:55.1 Jack Broudy: What do you do? Do you do like 300 350?

0:22:58.5 Jonah and Michael: I don't leg press, I do like squats. Dead LIBS power cleans. Your dad's gotta make up for lost time. Here I pray I do leg presses. Easier version for your back... Yeah, I could probably hit a 1000 pound actress. Yeah, I can do, but I can do about 300. I mean, 10 years ago, I was at 400. I've also shrunk another half inch, I don't know it... I don't know, I haven't done like press in a while, but a 1000 pounds doesn't seem that far off. Yeah.

0:23:33.0 Jack Broudy: Like I said, my guess is you can easily do 500, which is a lot... I think your dad should go heavy though 300, and you don't have to do a lot of... Just do it until your leg shape... Okay, when they shake, then try to go five more seconds and that's good, and that might even be good for four or five days, but yeah, if you wanna be... That's my big thought, if you're gonna play ballers like younger guys or guys that are really good, I think you gotta be stronger at this or... I don't know, I... Jones opinion, 'cause I was finished. Real ball. So would you say that feels about right? Totally, totally, totally. Okay, flexibility is good, you know, I've always been a big yoga guy too, but I think, like I said, playing that kind of all you gotta be strong, you gotta be someone

0:24:24.9 Jonah and Michael: Your legs than anything else about weight is the next... Yeah.

0:24:31.0 Jack Broudy: And like I said, everything is good. I think bench pressing, I think doing curls and pull-downs 'cause you wanna protect your shoulders, right, but God, there's nothing more important than making sure your legs are rooted. That's what I think. Why? Based rooted legs. Yeah, and there's nothing like having a Parton leg, that's all there is to it, there's just not the... Like it feels so good.

0:24:56.7 Jonah and Michael: It's the press, it's a flow into the and impressing off the ground to really get that acceleration.

0:25:05.3 Jack Broudy: Yeah, I mean, there's a reason in my mind, but all the greatest players, once the racket size was bigger and there's a real serious reason why all the great players are clearer. I mean, for the most part, all the spend, you know, all the Spaniard and all the Swiss, and then they all play on clay and French, and they're dominating these days, these days, men in the last 20 years, they're dominate, and I think it's a Chileans style when Jonah was... Basically, in his formative years, we saw out the Spanish Coach, Chris Leitner, Rugrats Haines, and so Chris Lui a Jonah, his Spanish style training. Which was his fundamentals. Yeah, well, that's a ball buster, those guys, they run and run it in everything to them as soccer... You know what I mean? Football, they think, Well, you know, the key of the game is not winning or losing, it's staying out there and running back and forth to them. That's a good game. I'm more a basketball fan, I like lots of scoring myself, but they're just into the endurance part of soccer, I think just the fact that these guys keep that grace and that grit for as long as they do out there, it was just amazing.

0:26:32.9 Jack Broudy: I think it does. I mean, all of the moves, they all kicked the ball and marry you see them of kicking the ball, 'cause you know they come from soccer. I actually make a... Before tennis, I was like, I'm done running, I wanna run in a shorter distance, and found my love for tennis and this is when I was a kid.

0:26:52.3 Jonah and Michael: Oh, you please. Yeah, yeah, I did for many years. Speaking of kids, how are the kids in your area in Denver, and are you doing any on-core training with them with the dimple fly in and out like next week. Someone's coming in from Vancouver. I'm going out to Utah next month, do something, I'm planning something in Chicago. I go out to Alabama every five or six months. I got something there, but

0:27:22.0 Jack Broudy: No, I haven't got anything here, like I said, people will fly in to see me, but I don't want to... I'm so involved in this body tennis dot com and leave it at the 45 and all this. If you've been to the site, which I think you have, it's a pretty robust... And he... It's non-stop work. I had a lesson this morning with a solid UT r714-year-old boy, he's like Jonah and really wants to, and he's really got talent, it's gonna be tall is to add a golf or producers. I'm working with him virtually, and a lot of players, so every day I have a virtual lessons and then I have a lot of editing to do because you don't just wing it, you wanna... Yeah, when they get to UT, by the time they're out 4, I start comparing them to fetter and joking and algae and whoever Justin in and whoever I want. So that takes a lot of time. Believe it or not, I'm grinding, but it's in an office, and I do get to the court quite a bit to video, I do a lot of video of my own, and lucky for me, I got in time to play with so easy opportunity to video, but no, I don't know what the Denver scene is.

0:28:40.2 Jack Broudy: It's not a big tennis scene here, it's not a big tennis scene because according to all the pros here, when any kid gets good, they go to Florida or California right away. So if anyone has any promise at all, that's what they've all told me, but I don't understand it myself, because here you are at one mile up to altitude, and you would think this would be the greatest training in the world... I mean, this is where Olympic athletes train, I can't understand it, and plus the ball floats, he... It flies, so you'd have to put more top spin on and I just... To me, I think Denver would be the best place to train, just keeping that ball and play and having it really lively on you, and then being at high altitude when you go back to sea level and be so easy to breathe, so you feel so strong. But that's so far. That's my story here. But I'm personally loving it. I mean, I love it, I like several times a week. My dog, there's a creek behind our house, and we go out there almost daily, and she jumps in the creek and I love this life, I've never lived in the mountains, and my whole life, I was on the Cohen people visit Colorado, they just absolutely fall in love with it.

0:29:56.9 Jonah and Michael: Have you been calling about... Okay, Magnus.

0:30:01.6 Jack Broudy: Yeah, just I... Yeah, I mean the air, it seems so much fresh and the water I drink out of the... I don't even worry about it. Well, water, and it's just... I don't know, a San Diego was great. I have no complaints. Is great. It got very crowded in the last five, 10 years, very crowded and... Well, that brings a lot of other things with him. And I was happy to go, You know, you guys know him, a surfer, I didn't even surf anymore, I literally was going surfing at four in the morning, and it's not exaggerate, I would leave the house of four just to get surfing the darker to the full moon. Alone or with a friend for an hour and by 6630, there were three cars waiting for my parking spot, it's by 630 in the morning, three cars waiting from my spot, so... Yeah, so it got too crowded for me and I like the mountains, I really do, and we have a ski place, so we're up there once in a while, and I saw all Boosey first moose. No, it's cool, man.

0:31:08.1 Jonah and Michael: It's really cool. You still get to the tennis court, and it sounds like the zooms are working out grade, so that offsets the amount of time you would have on and off the court. I love the list. And I said, You know, it would be really neat. And this would just be for fun. I'd love to see you guys play. It's been a couple of three years. It'd be a trip for me if you didn't mind bringing the camera out sometime I...

0:31:33.4 Jack Broudy: Both of you and I like to... And I try to keep my mouth shut. I would love to see you guys...

0:31:39.6 Jonah and Michael: That's actually a good idea. We can maybe have the club activate the play play site and then get the recording of that, so it's a recording of Pol sides equally.

0:31:51.2 Jack Broudy: And

0:31:51.6 Jonah and Michael: That would be so much more than that.

0:31:54.3 Jack Broudy: And do you guys still do the drills, you do two hands on both sides, you bump up and across...

0:32:01.6 Jonah and Michael: We haven't been doing the warm-up drills like that thought, that idea to do, it's just sort of recalibrate 45... Yeah, just so that right before practice, it's always on your mom.

0:32:14.5 Jack Broudy: What do you usually do? Just go straight to the back court or you start with

0:32:17.4 Jonah and Michael: Omonia up short. I like doing... I like warming up short core with a continental grip and getting to retell, I like feeling the ball on string in my hand, I like that. So you can into both sides, it's also helpful short court for drop shots and feeling the ball because Norco back hands... You would never do that. In match play, yeah, it's warm up, but if you were to just sort of slice from the short cord, you start to feel the ball more and it just gives you a little bit more sense of dropping it, slicing it, and then when you... Back up another two feet, you can do mid-court soft rallies and then work your way back so that you have the nice clean strokes by the time you're at the back, word for your... Interesting.

0:33:14.6 Jack Broudy: Yeah, I'll add to that, I'll disagree. In a way, I think the Condor is a good idea, it's interesting 'cause you wanna feel the SLICE on both sides, but I think it's really pertinent to go through a stroke, slow motion, and that's why I like to be from a short court because it forces you know I like to get three feet away from the net and still hit a long ball there because it really shows you know what you're doing, and I think it gives you degree of confidence if you can take a full swing and hit a nice role on the ball from short court. Not everyone can do that. I think it has married as well, so I might incorporate doors, I might incorporate the continent of rip, the Santoro style warm-up, but I really do like... No, no, I'm listening to you. I still, I know, I like it, it's a little more difficult, I think.

0:34:08.9 Jonah and Michael: To say on that back end, it's more difficult, but... That's the way it goes. Sometimes you got a pay now or pay later, there's a lot of shaking in the first five minutes, a frame I would go on and will even check it from time to time, but it's hard, it's hard, and so you gotta stay focused and discipline to actually do... The nice role at the one... You should see this, I don't think you've seen this yet... Let me show you something I just thought of something.

0:34:51.7 Jack Broudy: You guys are gonna freak out the co-breath... What is that? Just get you something, I'm gonna take my background off here so you can see it... Check this out. Okay, this is what I've been wanting to event for over a decade. It was always in my mind. But I couldn't produce it. I tried with wood, I run everything. I tried everything, and finally, these 3D printers of the Bob, they're really cool. So I had it printed and we went through... We broke probably 20 of them, and we went through what... At first, we went through probably two and a half years to make this product, but it's perfect. It's perfect. So you see the head, you learn to think the ball, the kind of... That is part of the head... You taught me that when we were doing filling everything ground is to look what it does, it makes you go deeper into the 45, it forces you to keep going into the 45 step as you can go, and then come off if you come at the ball if you go back the ball, if you go at the Val, you'll hit the tip of it, and if you go out the ball you're in in the beginning, you'll miss completely.

0:36:13.5 Jonah and Michael: Yeah, that's right.

0:36:14.4 Jack Broudy: I start hitting the tip, but then you'll go, Oh my God, if I stay behind the 45 longer like the pros, then you just make this perfect contact and the ball is... And then you can even hit top spin with it, once you get good at it.

0:36:29.3 Jonah and Michael: Oh yeah, Warren, you know, Warren, that... Oh my God.

0:36:32.4 Jack Broudy: If courseware used this several times, I got some great video and using it... Look on the site, I just added a video on the site where it says training aids, go to training aids, and then you'll see right there, there's a little arrow, an icon, hit that arrow, and it'll show you Warren using this product and a few others, but you'll see him any with this, but after a while, your... I get so good and your length on the stroke, it's so good, you can actually brush the ball and a top Spirou... You be doing this at the service line, the shore court

0:37:04.9 Jonah and Michael: War one. Yeah.

0:37:06.1 Jack Broudy: Now we know I have a guy in DC who's playing pro, he's trying to return her with it, so warn, we try to do everything.

0:37:18.1 Jonah and Michael: I can start with it pretty well, which is pretty amazing, I can serve with it pretty well, it's great for all... He's unbelievable for ground needs emeka, the rounds from an that. So Jonah was saying to me in our mini-set today, he says You have to get out of the way so you can create your space, so there was a couple of fine to things that he was giving me help with, and... I remember one of the videos on the School of tennis that you had many years ago, were you focused on federal and he moved his right leg backwards... That's right. I know the video, I'm talking about the white leg backwards to hit the Inside-Out forehand, so that the ball is exactly like you're describing with that A... So he's behind the ball, so would give myself and others the guidance to at the split step to get the right leg behind like... What is it to the basanti? The ball's coming anywhere near you... Yeah, your first step should be a drop step, always, never move your front foot first 'cause left you move your fun, but if you move your front foot, it doesn't take it...

0:38:36.1 Jonah and Michael: It doesn't do anything for you, but if your first move is to come up and step back, even if it's close to you, you can do that, so I... Better, he's painting, he's always stepping back and it's part of his beauty, but yeah, if you step back and sat in the back end, you're instantly lined up, period to the boss you close or too far away, it doesn't really matter 'cause you're still line up... What about on the value... Same thing, you watch BET he's doing this all the time.

0:39:07.7 Jack Broudy: It... He's here and you hit it on. He's just... He steps back, he's always doing that, he's always stepping back with the left, but... And I do think that's one of the things that makes him so aesthetically pleasing, it's so pretty to look at, Is that back step that he always takes and lines them up perfect. And then I particular practice drill that you could commit it to... Muscle memory to help commit it to. Muscle memory. What would you recommend there? Yeah, I would think I could just use you... Just think about it to get in your mind and think, Okay, off my split step, that ball is coming at me when I first steps my back foot, and you'll see it align you up, talk about quicker, maybe that's one of the reasons you're having trouble, maybe you're moving your fun foot right away, and then you're not lined up and then you're trying to get lined up, but if you come off the split and then he rips the ball to return to sir and you step back and you'll be in the perfect spot. But anyway, that's why this thing was Met was to keep people behind the 45, but this thing is a really cool...

0:40:17.0 Jack Broudy: It's my favorite. It's literally my favorite. It's my favorite touring. And more important, it's my favorite tool for me, I don't use the... I use the Brody board, I use the board in the house, but I rarely use it when I get on the court, but this I'll always just bounce, feed a few balls on both sides with this 'cause it instantly forces you to find... It's so hard to hit a round object with a round ossetia, so hard to hit around object with their non-DotA, and you have to be perfect. But you get perfect, like I said, Warren got it after a while, Nick, all my top you, T12 and UPS, they all got it after a while, but the first one on using that is gonna get you sharper.

0:41:05.1 Jonah and Michael: Would you say... I mean, using it.

0:41:06.6 Jack Broudy: Sure, that's the word. Share it really... Like I said, I use it personally all the time, that's why I had to get it out of my bag, the board I kept right on the floor... Oh, but this thing that's called the COBRA, I had to get it out of my bag because I use it every weather for hands on each side, three back, hands on each side. You go, Okay, I got it again, I know what I'm doing. But yeah, it totally reminds you not only to use your hips, but don't let your racket head go past that 45 until you've completely extended as far as you can go. Anyway, I thought you guys would dig back, talk to... Awesome, I really like it. Well, listen, I don't know. Gosh, we could probably do this forever. There's so much to talk about to catch up, but how about... How do you say... What do you say? We finish with that. How butane video you too? Just for fun, so I could see it.

0:42:04.7 Jonah and Michael: I would love that. I would absolutely love that because I'm feeling finally that I'm ready to compete at a much higher level, and even if he beats me like, Oh, an hour one and one or two in one... Whatever the case is, I'm still competing at the highest level, and I understand...

0:42:27.9 Jack Broudy: I understand how you feel, because like I said, I can't play points anymore with anti and I just can't... I think I can. But then when it happens, I just can't...

0:42:38.2 Jonah and Michael: Well, I think it'll be super helpful that you can analyze and come back to us and say, You know what, at the speed that you're playing and the points you're playing, just do a drop staff or any of the little things that you were saying. And look, Jon, is that already a high level, but you never stop learning.

0:42:58.2 Jack Broudy: Like I said, I'd like to see you both, but my first thought is still my last thought. My guess is Jonah. I do think weight training, I do think that would make the difference. Now, I haven't seen a play, maybe I'll find something else that bug me, but if you're playing well and you're playing the best of your life, if your legs, we're just a little tag to... If they're a little receptive to where when you wanna move, they explode, 'cause I think that's what you do in college, and that's the reason the fast quick ball doesn't bother Jonah as much because in college, you're running the stairs doing ways, you're doing whatever the coach tells you to do... And you get in great shape, you know, Well, this is so great to catch up and we're so proud that you gave Jonah the best chance of playing D1 college, he went through it all, and he had a great career, and now he starts real life, but tennis is always part of his life, Oh, it's gonna be a big part, and he'll help others with their tennis too, and it's helping you right now, you're 10.

0:44:01.6 Jack Broudy: It's great, it's really excited for your Jonah and I'm... Yeah, man, o man. What a great future you have, it's so awesome, you know, you graduate such a great school, and there's nothing better than an really... And he hit a good ball, I mean, so people... Like my father used to always tell me, he always said, you hit play good tennis or good Junagadh. I know that, I know. He goes, No, no, you don't understand. When you're older, people will think that you're better than you are, like, Oh, what do you mean? I think you're better than you whatever you do life, whether your salesman, this or that, or an engineer, if you can hit a good ball, tennis or golf, people will just somehow elevate you, so I think you really... You hit a great bond, graduated grad school, I don't see how you can lose you just to causey limit but stay living at the 45 ones. I had a ball to the

0:45:06.4 Jonah and Michael: Thanks.

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