Leland Snaider: Physio/Chiropractor to the Tennis Stars

August 17, 2022
Written By: Jack Broudy
Leland Snaider: Physio/Chiropractor to the Tennis Stars

0:00:01.3 Jack Broudy: Hi you Tennis nuts out there, aficionados and welcome to live in at the 45. I'm your host, Jack Brodie. And today, I have a pleasure of talking with not only chiropractor, some of the top tennis players in the country in the world, but he's also my nephew, and that makes it an extra special treat here, and so I might have to break down and say how proud I am and all that crap, but... You'll have to flow with it. You mean... You'll have to deal with it. I'm talking today with lennart. Good, I'm talking with Lee in cider, and like I said, he is the chiropractor and he goes on tour with a lot of these players, he's... So Leland, say hi to folks out there.

0:00:46.2 Leland Snaider: Hello. Yes, definitely, I appreciate you having me on. I think it's pretty cool that I got to go on my uncle's podcast, I don't do a whole bunch of podcast just to schedules... Get crazy, but this is a special one. And it's really cool, cool to be here, obviously for the family part, but also if I can get any information out... Yeah, I'd love to answer some questions and I love talking this stuff, I'm relatively new to the tennis world and learning all the time, learning from their self, learning from other coaches, I come across... It's a constant evolution as I've come over from the world of baseball with a little bit of a baseball background, but I'm always learning, and aside from being family as a coach, I've always looked towards your stuff to continue to grow and educate myself on what coaches are thinking or what they're looking to do is really my job is to make sure that I can hand them the best canvas or or vessel to the turn into a quality tennis game. So the relationship is huge and conversations are huge between the two fields...

0:01:56.2 Jack Broudy: Well, I'm thinking that at the level we're talking about here, guys in the top 150 in the world, they don't talk nearly as much or dealing it nearly as much with technique, these coaches as they do with physicality. Am I right about that? Is it more about the training and nutrition and... Even more training than that, I would think. You know the gym and chiropractic and Ryan or something.

0:02:23.7 Leland Snaider: I think they're using... I think they're using everything they can to create optimal performance, and that's really a comprehensive thing, obviously there's the game on court, and the game on court comes first, the ability to perform on cord and win on court is what all the other stuff is leaning to do or trying to do, but I think one without the other doesn't work. Advice versus just all physicality with no technique doesn't work, so being able to blend the two worlds and each athlete is a human being and an individual, and on my end, wall chiropractor by title, I would be more rehab-based in my background in baseball, as I was a performance coach in professional baseball. So I do try to, I guess, a unique ability to sort of view the whole spectrum of performance and then trying to figure out what that individual needs from a few different lenses, and then again, making sure that we cannot deliver the healthiest, most powerful, strongest... All the things to you guys, really healthy is probably number one, but performance of course, handing attendance coach that at best athlete to do what they need, and we'll use anything possible if it's cryo, to chiropractic, to rehab, to dry needling, to copying to stratagem, open to everything and at least that's my approach and new to the game, definitely post-covid and trying to build a reputation off of being able to offer a pretty comprehensive lens for these guys per performance, and I give him to you and you teach them to do all the things I topmost.

0:04:20.6 Jack Broudy: Of the technical... That stuff is done in the course.

0:04:24.3 Leland Snaider: The juniors.

0:04:25.2 Jack Broudy: We didn't do too much physical stuff, I don't really recall, unless the kid got injured, he never saw a chiropractor, really? Or any candy?

0:04:35.8 Leland Snaider: I would agree, and that there's sort of two ways around the one you do want it to be, as I deal with... I only deal with PROS, I'm learning about college, I'm learning about juniors to... I love to say who or... Well, I work with... But in dealing with organizations like a star or dealing with the organizations like whoever, you just observe and you observe good and bad. Just a man where I'm learning and have done good and bad, but I wish the paradigm was more towards building athletes, younger at least really leaning into that side of things, or guys are... They play so much tennis, when I have my doctor hat on, I can't tell you how many parts fractures or specific overuse injuries that are occurring simply due to extreme amounts of tennis and maybe not enough on the athletic development side, and for a 10 to 12... Well, that might just be like playing tag or can you balance on one foot, like it doesn't have to be crushing weight. I think there's an appropriate thing to do throughout that whole spectrum of athletic development from 10 to a pro, and it's different, but I wish the train was a little different maybe, maybe not less tennis, but more...

0:06:02.5 Leland Snaider: If they're gonna have that much tennis, we need it as much athletic development, preventative medicine, whatever it may be... Whatever you wanna call it.

0:06:10.4 Jack Broudy: Yeah, I would say you're right. And the juniors, you do get some of these coaches and players and parents that want you to over-train and that's when you become a tennis casualty, you get the Tennessee, even if you're not... Especially you said that as they're not always hitting the ball perfectly correctly, so...

0:06:26.0 Leland Snaider: Yeah, I give... Great. In Atlanta, I do a lot of... In my doctrine, the land, I do a lot of work in Atlanta, and I was locking out to come in the game under some pretty smart guys and tennis medicine, and I give a lot of credit to those like Dr. Dhar and drop out of Atlanta, he's the Hawks. MD is the graves MD, he's the head of this. Just a stuck... But was really making me aware of just monitoring hours and having some in-equation based off of hours, and our 10-year-old athletes shouldn't be spending 25 hours on cord, and there's some sort of a correlation of how many hours on court, how many hours off court whereas our age and really to monitoring those factors to hopefully stay ahead of some of these injuries were burn out, whatever it may be, there are so many things. But monitoring hours on court, I can't remember the exact equation in my head, but if ever needed a reference, I can give that, but in general, as parents, we were monitoring just the talking, the NBA now, monitoring stress, monitoring, fatigue, these are young grown athletes playing a pretty invasive sport, we just have to monitor that individual athlete appropriately...

0:07:51.8 Jack Broudy: Yeah, as you're talking, I'm thinking about someone, thinking about in particular, Osaka emesa who has that burn out, and a couple of other players have mentioned that this year that the stress was too much. Do you think the emotional and mental stress has something to do with the physical stress, or is it really hard to say.

0:08:13.3 Leland Snaider: I truly... I will never truly can never speak on another athlete, just 'cause I'm medical here, and I do pretty closely with the athletes, name's a brilliant player. I have no idea exactly her situation or her stresses, but I can tell you just in being on shore, whether it's a new one to any name you throw out there, down to 200, these people are trying to make a living. Plane tennis, there's a celebrity part to it, there's a press part to it, it's a grind there, so it's all... Yes, like stress on all levels, we're monitoring at the younger level, it's maybe stress a family stress of being away from home, stress about going through puberty, stress of boyfriends and girlfriends, but at the higher level is the same thing, it's just with more money. And more cameras and more attention and such, it's really a grind aside from trying to win every single week, which is really, really hard. Now, when you add the celebrity of some of these top athletes, it's unreal, expresses I even see with my guys work, they're all climbing the ladder, are trying to get to that top level, the second you start making a little bit of money to stress is exponentially grow.

0:09:39.4 Leland Snaider: They just do, and we're monitoring all of that, and those are conversations we have to have... Yeah, it's just part of it. As well as the physical stress and managing the rest of it, it's all part of the puzzle, and while we may think it's just tennis in training, it's tennis. Training, sleep, nutrition.

0:10:01.9 Jack Broudy: Even travel, I can tell you. So queenborough doesn't like to travel. He never did Sam query as a young kid, he... I think his dad told me he just does.

0:10:15.6 Leland Snaider: A Li just got back from a travel day from Montreal yesterday, it's rather close to New York City, but Collis a tough... So when he came from Cabot two days ago, and then you went to Monterey, have stopped in New York here, but the travel is... It's probably the worst part of it. Sometimes it's not what... It's easy or just kinda put your headphones on, you roll through and maybe you get summary, think about some things, but when you're stuck in my customs for no reason and you're like, it's a one, but for one of these guys... None of these guys like it. Even when you're flying private, it's still a grind, and you're still... It's just constant chaos, really not incomparable to any other store, it's just constant Kaas, you're losing their life changes, you're looking at flights all the time, and you're just... Those are all stressors, risotto, the higher levels is taken care of, but still stress, you're still hoping on a 12-day in flight... Even if it's private.

0:11:24.1 Jack Broudy: Yeah. How about sleep? I can tell you last night, I slept like hell, I could not get to sleep... What do you get? Minis, just personally, everybody I wanna know a mellotron or just a couple of shots of bourbon or what...

0:11:40.8 Leland Snaider: That was probably all work... Maybe the bottom of the list is the alcohol back, I've been backing up that anyway, but it all helps. Sleep is enormous. We try to do as much as we came asleep, but it's really tough, sometimes I stay with players and I'm dataset, we all sit on our phones too much, we all sit on a phone to the time you go to sleep. We can all be better with our sleep process, and in terms of the specifics, I personally don't take anything, but those who are close to me are those on... I have sort of prescribed prescribers may be the wrong word, but spoken about Melton, it has its benefits, but then those will say That melatonin maybe can affect the depth that we get into our sleep cycle, and that science that I would refer out immediately for, and I would have to look into myself, but I go back and forth with it, I'm sure there's certain things in Milton and some other, some other supplements, I guess you can say along those lines, that may work for some... There's no blanket statement on it, but ultimately, we have to recognize how important sleep is, and I will say on this level where say we just got back from Cabo and the night is crazy late, like there's a point where it's, Hey, sometimes there's two hours of work to be done in the body, it's a lot, but at a certain point too, it's like, Hey, let's just do a little bit of work and let's just go to sleep, 'cause sleep is our best healer, and sleep is huge, so we are looking again as much sleep as possible, we want the rooms to be a stark as possible, we want the rooms to be as cold as possible, it's tough, but we don't want cell phones near us within 30 minutes.

0:13:38.1 Leland Snaider: There's some good information out there. And again, if I could ever give those specifics... Absolutely, but sleep is something we really try to optimize, and that's each individual I know with schedules overseas and such, I have that players where sleep is a problem and you sort of try everything, you try changing patterns, your thing, maybe a little supplementation here there, you try meditations, you try, they just... You could try everything, and again, it's what's gonna work for that human, we're open to really anything that is not gonna hurt them, right. So we just wanted to be optimizing, we try to figure that out. Okay.

0:14:22.4 Jack Broudy: I was just curious, like I said, I've been dealing with it myself a little bit lately, and I've been working out... I've got a good player I'm working with here in town now, a really a top player, and so I'm having to get back in shape again after taking a year off just to do my website and all that virtual stuff, and I noticed the more exercise you think I'd go right to sleep, but I guess the combination of no booze at all and eat really well and exercise is my crazy... I'm clean. Queen is a wise, I told my wife to today, he not drinking, I'm not eating bad food too much red meat. I'm ready to kill myself. I gotta enjoy it a little bit.

0:15:07.0 Leland Snaider: Yeah, it's funny how that works. I... Sleep is huge, and just light will affect sleep, and if you think that healthier you feel, the better you sleep, but I do know that when I don't... Exerted have trouble sleeping and when I start to get in a normal of exercising, and for me, that's whatever I do when I train, just doing something hard in the day, I get better. So, you know your uncle, I'm kind of overdoing it. These days, I went from literally sitting on my ass all week long working on these semi have a lot... I have a little rise in cortisol levels, we might need to find some other ways to relax or something like I need to calm the system down, sleep at... Put it this way too, simple things that I do think about, like If we can't sleep or we're super anxious at night, we can send it any parasympathetic sympathetic is your training is all the time... You're on the go, your mind is on the go, trash, tic is the opposite, it's the meditative state, it's trying to bring that system down, we look at heart rates, whatever, but get that system down on...

0:16:22.2 Leland Snaider: Cool.

0:16:23.2 Jack Broudy: Alright, well, let's get into this stuff, but you're really... Your expertise. Sure, but thanks for that, 'cause I'll try to... Nuthatches, my way, sex is probably a good thing to get me to sweeten dishes, but sometimes it gets that hard rate up a little bit too. It takes a sense. My nephew, Dr. Leland, I'll tell you later on, sex as he... Well, let me ask you something. I've got some pointed questions. Now, what do you see? Mostly is a rotator cuff, Nick show. There's hips, lower back. Those are all the things I could be at.

0:17:07.4 Leland Snaider: It's probably a combination of them all... I come from a baseball background, and I owe that a lot to my understanding of a shoulder, and I'd probably do the shoulder the best... I'm thinking.

0:17:19.2 Jack Broudy: Server on the shoulder, right?

0:17:20.7 Leland Snaider: Yeah, I probably do understand this to shoulder the best, but ultimately, when we deal with shoulders, we deal with hips, at least on the medical side and the performance side are so closely related, so I'm dealing with a lot of shoulders, I'm dealing with a lot of hips tennis has a way to... One thing I've been surprised that is How many hip impingement type situations we have and just pour it strength and mobility and performance that lead to surgeries. I'm seeing it with a lot of college guys when I start see college, and it's probably one of my first athletes had some issues, and I say No name is because it's medical, but I see a lot of hips, and I've learned a lot more about hips and try to do is, I look at a lot of hips by in my... You know.

0:18:13.7 Jack Broudy: You're talking... You're talking my language. Right. With the broad Corso I know and my quest really would be this, do you think... And I've always thought this myself, I see Ronan and other players that I think are very top top dominant right shoulder dominant, and they kinda lock their hips, even some coaches that's all they talk about is shoulders, where I profess that the core of your body is a life, hello, closer to your hips than it is to your shoulders, so I think if they don't initiate the movement from the hips, they're in coconut. I mean.

0:18:48.3 Leland Snaider: I'm sure some of those things are on the technical side, I'm not sure who's saying what or whatever, I just know me, I come from this and I'm around a lot of coaches and I hear a lot of different things and some good and some bad just like, I'm sure I've done myself, but from just one thing I do think is a benefit of mine, and I do see in tennis as I do come from a non-tennis background, so I come from... I was in professional baseball. I came into professional baseball just looking, for whatever reason, just looking... The way I was learned it was just to look at a human being as an athlete and as a mover, so on and so forth, so in terms of the technical or in terms of performance, when we're just talking about the ability to create force, rotational force or change direction. It's all ground up mechanism. All ground up sequences. So the answer is always yes. I think your ability to move on your hips and create forces in the right way, from feet, from feet to needs, the hips, to ribcage, to shoulder, to scapula, whatever shower through the line.

0:20:02.1 Leland Snaider: It's all important, but I think it all starts from the ground up, so of course, if we're teaching a top-down approach, I'm not sure... In my opinion, it's the best. But that's my opinion. I think... And I think of movement and performance and rotational performance, rotational overhead performance is ground up, it's the ability to create force in the ground, transfer it up through the body, and whatever the sport requires intense. I'm gonna challenge you a little bit, nephew, on this one, because I always thought that it feels like the ground up... To me, I've always thought it was a double conic meaning, when you turn your hips, you feel it pull on your feet, so it feels like your feet are initiating the movement, but like a double conic meaning it goes in it, the hips, and then out of the legs, so when you move your hips, you feel the tension and again, you feel you're pulling against the ground in Titanic, but I don't know that I'm with you in the sense of performance may be lying the hips, but I think the ability to create force that the ground is by a mechanical science, the more force we can create at the ground in through the better our hips are performing or can perform, or all the fancy with you that the foundation of performance you can argue is no doubt the hips, but it some...

0:21:31.8 Leland Snaider: So starts with a contact with the ground and the ability to manipulate forces to send up through your hips or which are performing beautifully, and then sent out through your racket or a baseball or whatever... I don't know, whatever you know you could throw, but yeah, for me, I always think about what are the Paramount skills that an athlete needs, and it's the ability to move really well in all planes, but there's... In terms of pure performance, if we're talking about velocity sciences, there's a force dynamic in the ground, detractors in the ground is very important to a.

0:22:16.4 Jack Broudy: Atsugi was thinking about a letter I got... You ever heard of a guy named Scott Simpson? He won the US Open back and I don't know, the late 80s, I really know my roster of players, I don't have had... I should have clarified. He won the US Open Golf term. Oh no, I don't know. Anyway, I gave him one of my boards, I didn't give it to him, he bought one of the boards on this awesome, his coach actually bought it, and one of the Brody boards, it used to be called The aboard, and he wrote me this incredible letter and he said that he used the board in his hotel room quite a bit, then he drove some balls off it, and he said he had the most amazing feeling after he got off the board, he said because his feet were moving it and when he was hitting balls and practicing in the room, in the hotel room, but when he got on to still ground... Right. Is he could no longer move. He said his hips get moving, so it felt like his feet were rooted in... I think you said, we're not seeing a...

0:23:20.7 Leland Snaider: We want that relationship with the ground when you're trying to stop force or create force or something is... We work on feet all the time too much, probably for these players, they get annoyed, but I start with the feet during every treatment session because we're trying to have better contact with the ground, these guys are in shoes all day or big tall guys. Everyone has their movement situation, they're moving in passport of sorts, and yeah, we're... We're trying to get the feet, they have a good relationship with the ground so they can take an A move, well, create force will some of the best guys I've seen and just seem to grip the ground so well... And that seems to be pretty important. Yeah, Nadal Alcor, as I agree with you, and they're all sort Playhouse great body positions, that's really what we're talking about, being an elite body positions at the right time to... And these guys are able to create force and the lead body positions or move and maintain the lead body positions while they're moving right and have to immediately move left and do it in one... It's craziness at the top level, but...

0:24:36.7 Jack Broudy: Yeah, it is. Let me ask you another question. I've seen chiropractors, you know not to tax you and not to put you in a box to do...

0:24:46.5 Leland Snaider: It is my doctorate, I work the batch, I wear the badge probably come on, let's go with it.

0:24:51.7 Jack Broudy: But... So my question is this, I actually got hurt once by a chiropractor, the only one... Only one guy and he... And I don't even wanna go over that, probably start to a attained all before I come out and the Italo... My question is this, when you work with these guys, are you crack and clear amount or are you more like really work the fuses and then maybe get a craftsman or a one... I think is...

0:25:22.6 Leland Snaider: I think not, we laughed, but all of it has some logic and working and... Sure, I'm a Doctor of Chiropractic. I recognize that there's some weird shit out there, there's some wild shit that my profession does, and so I'm fortunate, but it is what it is, and like my stepfather who was an awesome figure in my life was an MD, so I have respect for that field, but we know that there's horrible MDs out there, I see PTs and I look to all the time, some are absolutely brilliant. Some kind of suck for whatever reason, chiropractor suck even more than others, and that's fine. I have the degree, which allowed me to transfer what I was doing in probate past performance coach to being able to assess, treat and do whatever. I recognize some of that nonsense is out there, but at the end of the day, I'm tour on what's called a physio, and that's probably what I think of myself more as anything like I have the ability to use my hands. A lot of times I have my hands and my brain out there and we're solving problems, but it's a combination of my hands, my brain, all the way to the side of optimal performance when we're in the weight room doing stuff, but in between there, it could be...

0:26:44.9 Leland Snaider: A little chiropractic where there's a manipulation needed, it's not all the time, it's purely based on my assessment, but I use needles, I use cups and use instruments, I use... I read everything and we use anything that could possibly work in the moment, 'cause some of it you just see works all the time, some of it may work for a second, I've needed 10 minutes before a match before... 'cause we just need it. We do whatever it that's done to me before I cut it all comes down to trying to be the best assessor, like What is this human being meat if I give you this and you need that, and then we might not get where we need to be, but at the end of the day, we want really quality movement from all the limbs and joints, and I'm assessing that sometimes we're putting a little manual therapy in there, then it's probably a little bit of system rehab where we use anything from things where we're breathing in certain positions to doing rehab drills against me, and then that progresses towards... We're doing heavy rose and we're doing split squats, a were jumping all around, and we're creating a dynamic athlete, but because of what I do, I'm sure I'm a chiropractor and it allows me to do everything, so I love the profession, but I would say I'm much more of a physio on some sort of a month...

0:28:14.1 Leland Snaider: You know what I mean? That's where you have to be a problem solver.

0:28:17.4 Jack Broudy: And I have to go in it. You're going to gym with these guys too...

0:28:21.0 Leland Snaider: Yeah, I think because of my background, it does allow me to do a couple of different things for guys, like I have an event coming up, and I'll have a couple athletes that I'll be doing hands-on physio work with, a little bit of performance with... Have another guy who would just get some performance stuff, so it all depends on what they need at the given time, I just got done with a player, and it was mostly rehab and hands-on performance, and we're doing whatever we can just based on schedules and what they're going, everything is so individualized, and just because of what I did and now what I do, I can do a few different things for these guys, and that is what my company does. I have a little company that provides these services for tennis players is pretty much my main clientele, but we try to get into golf, we try to get into pro baseball, we try to get into pro baseball, but provide a really elite sort of resource, Sportsnet and performance resource that could take an athlete and say, Hey, through all of our assessments are a nice network of folks like This is what you need, give him some elite information.

0:29:32.2 Leland Snaider: And sometimes that's a little bit of everything. So I'm training guys, I'm raving, I'm trading, I'm doing whatever. Probably average at all of them. Who knows? I see.

0:29:42.6 Jack Broudy: I see. You touched on breathing, that always sort of... Not always sort of interest, because I knew when I got some heavy body work when I was coaching some good players or playing way back when, they would always emphasize, so when I'm pushing down, I want you to exhale and inhale and... Or breathing. And is that a problem with tennis players, sometimes they lock up...

0:30:09.8 Leland Snaider: Is it a problem? I absolutely... It's part of my assessment. When were the physio? Tennis players, human being, whoever... My girlfriend, it could be anybody, everyone has some... You can find some things in an assessment as you move around the body, and a lot of it comes back to ribcage, so for me, breathing is related with rib cage, which now expand the hips and shoulders, so for me, it's a part of my assessment. I think we look at it a few ways, you can talk about breathing under a bunch of scopes, in the grand scheme of performance, in the grand scheme of meditation, and some of that parasympathetic we were talking about. I use it, I'm a huge believer in postural Restoration Institute is a little shout out to them, I love them. A part of it... And really that just is part of our assessment to get a little nerdy for a second to like... We have a lot of right athletes who fall into specific patterns, we see maybe patterns at the hip, maybe patterns at the rib cage all the way on out. So my rehab or manual therapy, a lot of times is combined with some drills where you're putting them back, they're going in the opposite to resting or putting in positions in the opposite direction of some of that pattern, you're having the breed...

0:31:35.8 Leland Snaider: We could in their news, their nose out through the mouth, getting the rib cages to move and to sort of reset their pattern that somehow I use it, that's how I use it sometimes. There's so many other ways to use it. They're using it to amp up for a lift or to calm down during a match, we talk breathing all the time. I think a lot of it is rooted in through your nose, out to the mouth, different timings or manipulations of that time into the nose out through the mouth, can cater to what you're really trying to use breathing with, but in terms of... When I have the physio hat on, seeing breathers who may be bread into their shoulders and just sort of be sure those are things that I'm seeing on the manual therapy, sort of chiropractic physio side that I'm trying to combat against... 'cause in the middle of a match, they're breathing extremely heavy, you're not thinking about expanding your rib cage and breathing in a more functional way or a more correct way, but the better we can get, the better we use it, breathing in terms of performance, the better positions our body can be in at the time of contact or to initiate movements and such, make that movement more efficient, makes that outcome probably a little bit better, so I go to baseball all the time, and you'll see a picture on the Mount, take a breath, set his rib cage, and then fire a 1000 mile part or fast police probably just mentioned four ways we can use breathing in so many ways for performance, for physio.

0:33:16.5 Leland Snaider: For sleep, breathing.

0:33:18.8 Jack Broudy: You know, I asked me 'cause it's been on my mind a lot the last couple of weeks, I didn't even... Well, like I said, when I sit in my as reinventing myself, getting off the tennis record hours, 50 hours a week into editing video, building a website with my web developers and talking to a people and whatever. I didn't even think about my breathing, number one, number two, the last few... Last month or so since, like I said, I'm working on cordage with someone, kind of like the old days when I had great players. I had to keep my act together because I had to play well, I couldn't get hurt because I don't wanna be one of those coaches that has to throw the ball to them, I wanna be able to grow the Ballantine with us all the time, cause trying to say it. So I noticed lately the last month, I've been really hitting it hard doing cardio at the gym, jumping rope, bench pressing, do know everything, leg press, curls, extensions, and I notice that I notice my breathing number one number to... I notice now when I hike with my wife and the dog, I really have a much deeper breath, that it's almost more relaxing to exist to be than when I was just sitting around all day.

0:34:39.9 Jack Broudy: Like I said, I really had to... Looking back, I really just a real deep breath in their doubt, I think when we... Sorry about that phone call.

0:34:51.4 Leland Snaider: But when we are more... When our energy systems geeky work like cardio, when our cardio is better, when our lung capacity is better, and we're training and we're breathing heavy and such, there is no doubt your rest in Carteret goes down, there's no data physiological response that goes on. And that's what you want from Extension, get a deeper breath, and that's how you feel it outwardly, but in Radley, your body is changing for the better, and that's great that you're feeling... That is, that's real. You can probably take a deeper breath that you can actually do that.

0:35:32.9 Jack Broudy: Absolutely. Yeah. Okay, well that's... That's really interesting. Let me... This is some good information today to tell you what.

0:35:43.7 Leland Snaider: It's been a lot of fun, that's a good...

0:35:46.0 Jack Broudy: Alone, me put you on the spot for a minute, 'cause the only people with it is, the only people watching this podcast or tennis nuts, Piscina people are just truly love the game, and they're all members there, either PROS or players or both... In a lot of cases, my members, a lot of the pros are young in the 30s, my 20s, early 20s, and they're teaching, but they're also still playing tournaments, and then we'll put a short clip on for the outside world to entice and become insight with us. So I'm gonna put you on the spot here, you have so much good information, I don't think we've really touched it, and obviously, we'll have to do another one of these, but is there something you might be able to offer the members coming up, either something it... In a video where they can learn more about everything, more about Stingray say, no, I do. Okay.

0:36:50.4 Leland Snaider: No, no, no, it's fine, it's fine. I think the best I can offer, not truly the best I can offer right now is I definitely can offer my access it via email, like if I can help in any way. That's the Desai as my content game is no doubt not as good as yours. Uncle Jack, my, I've been on the road. I'm literally just trying to survive by trading and running around, so honestly, I don't know that, but in terms of what I ultimately, of course, I do travel on the road and dealing with prophets as part of what my company does in general, my company, the Global Performance Group is just a concierge performance in sports that resource, and we deal with adults from complicated rehab cases to the Gulf for at the country club, to the tennis player at the country club. Like if there's pain involved, there's a way to deal with that, whether it be telehealth, whether it just be a little consult, if there's performance involved. Or, Hey, I wanna get ready for this event. We absolutely program for the non-professional athlete, I programmed for a lot of... Unfortunately, blame it on covid, but I've had a lot of players retired, I've had unfortunately, three players retire while continuing to roll through, so like the roster is always evolving as those players retire, some of them are my closest friends and I'm still programming for them, some of them are still coaching and teaching and such, who in my relationship differs, but I'm programming for them, but just to keep them healthy, if they have an injury, those are things that we can still manage through just sort of that concierge tag.

0:38:40.5 Leland Snaider: So the best thing I can give is if there's pain involved, if there's performance, that there's just questions, I can give an email address and I'll be the best I can or responding to that and... Absolutely.

0:38:51.7 Jack Broudy: Great, great. Why don't we do this then? I have a partner's peace on my site, I call partners and which sports a TV who you're now working with United and other folks, very few. I'm very select with my partners, I think I have four together as one, that's all I have, but you'd be number five, maybe you could send me for a logo or whatever, and we'll... We'll let the members connect with you... Yeah, truly.

0:39:24.9 Leland Snaider: However, I can help... And that is something I'd like to do more and more now. I've really just been on tours since all the craziness of covid, so it's just put a sprint, but being able to do more well actually on our projects like that...

0:39:39.9 Jack Broudy: Yeah, off the top of my head, Elwha, I'm thinking is... And maybe this would help everybody and yourself, certainly. I'd love to have it. If, let's say someone comes to you and says, Hey, I'm having this issue with that issue, if it's an email, paper tray, paper trail, but maybe we could get someone that maybe you could copy me and we'd be able to put that to other people who have the same issue, or let's say to give someone a video... What if you give someone a video content and then you could just do what we're doing right now, which is recorded, and then on your partner's page, we could start to build somewhat of a library, so if somebody at the Eeyore in ELIAS lute right now, definitely don't.

0:40:30.6 Leland Snaider: And again, my Instagram is poor at Global under scope, under Store group, if anybody wants it, but it's not great, but it does give a little bit of an idea of maybe what would be as a chiropractor does, it's a little bit of everything, but we have no platform, but now is so short, if I can help with that or a hetero de tennis, you Latham sayings. So yeah, that would be great, and if it would be a great place to put some of those videos and then I wanna do some more content and part of the evolution of the business growing up a little bit...

0:41:06.6 Jack Broudy: Well, I think that sounds great. I gotta tell you, I gotta throw it in there. I know it's embarrassing and it's not fearing, but I'm really, really... Super proud of you, man. I mean, I'm proud of you, I think you're doing a great job. It's really a pleasure to be really on... To really be connected again, we spent too long not being connected. Yeah.

0:41:31.0 Leland Snaider: No, that was... We could leave it at some of the family history, just as families can be is a little bit... It's kind of wild, but it's real, it's great and it's a... This is a cool moment. Definitely, and it's great how things come full seat. I'm glad they did. This is a lot of fun.

0:41:49.5 Jack Broudy: Yeah, me too. Well, give my love to your mom, my sister. Well I will yeah and Leland thanks it's really been fantastic and the El reach out to you.

0:42:00.9 Leland Snaider: I hope so but I hope it was a hope it was informative if I can help in any way and again it was cool is to talk 10 is where the Uncle Jack.

0:42:08.3 Jack Broudy: Yeah well we got the US Open coming I guess you'll be there God will alright thanks for myelitis really.

0:42:16.3 Leland Snaider: Treats a lot of fine alright I'll talk to you.

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