Lisa Dodson: WTA Player, Coach and Inventor of "The Serve Master"

September 14, 2022
Written By: Jack Broudy
Lisa Dodson: WTA Player, Coach and Inventor of "The Serve Master"

0:00:09.3 Jack Broudy: Welcome. Welcome everyone to live in at the 45 and today, I'm really happy to be chatting with an old friend, I have someone I haven't seen in about a decade, Lisa Dodson, she's a former WTA player, ranked player, and we did an exhibition together, that was the last time we saw one another in San Diego for tennis fest, and many of you know her product kind of like me and the eight board, you don't know me, but you know the board, Lisa has... I only thought it was called The Perfect tennis serve...

0:00:44.5 Lisa Dodson: No, it's called tennis tennis serve master. Now, in the beginning, in the beginning, it was called the total... Serves

0:00:49.5 Jack Broudy: It the total set. That's right.

0:00:51.2 Lisa Dodson: But we re-branded.

0:00:53.2 Jack Broudy: Okay, and I'll make sure that we put a picture of it on our podcast, so if people wanna find it, they can also do so, and you have a new product out now, so anyway, Lisa is... She knows everything about the game, and probably, unfortunately for her, she knows a lot too much about business now, like... I bet you went through some of the hard knocks, I went through... It's not easy. Yeah, it's not easy bringing a product to market, especially in the tennis world, which is not open arms, waiting to buy your stuff, that's just not that world that if we were in golf and be a different story, I think...

0:01:30.9 Lisa Dodson: Yeah, so really, that's an interesting, actually really interesting comparison because golfers seem like they just got all about the tools, they're all about anything that's gonna help them be better, and I don't understand why tennis players aren't a little bit more like that. Do you think it's just that it's harder to get good results playing golf, 'cause you can only hit the ball once and you make a mistake and you're screwed, or we... In tennis, you can just get out and run around and have fun and get the exercise, and people don't... Aren't they don't think that it's as necessary to have good technique in tennis... I understand

0:02:06.7 Jack Broudy: It, I understand it. And unfortunately, it's a little too rudimentary, but I think it's just the climate, I just think golf tennis is cheap, they don't support through tennis pros, they'll go buy tennis balls at Kmart or Costco, and the Tennis Pro has a pro shop and maybe it's an extra... 75 cents, but they will go and buy it elsewhere, and I just think it's a terrible thing to say about my industry, but I just think from the pros to the players, I think it's cheap, and when golf... They spend more money at the 19th hole, right? Having a cocktail, then a tennis player will spend in a week.

0:02:52.4 Lisa Dodson: Exactly, I love it. That's so true. That's

0:02:56.9 Jack Broudy: What I think, you know, skiing doesn't have that cheap mentality, and I don't think golf has that cheap mentality, but tennis players are like, You know, I remember my dad back 70s, he'd go to the club and it was always a big deal. Who brought the Cannonball? The just, I don't know what is... But it's just the climate. It's just a cheap climate where people like you and I, and I know there are others, and they're usually the top of our field. They're not that way. I spend a fortune, I spent over 70000 on a mold for that board of mine back way back when, and I still spend a ton of money, but on the odd ball, you're the odd ball, I'm

0:03:40.8 Lisa Dodson: The involved

0:03:42.2 Jack Broudy: You are and... Because we wanna give back, we wanna leave the tennis world better than we found it, so to speak, but I think in general, it's just a cheap... Just the environment, I don't know how to describe it, but it's a little sad, like I said, skiing, you go there and the lift tickets cost, just like playing around to golf, it costs you money, tennis, you know, nobody wants to pay five bucks for a court... They'll just go to the high school with the cracked court. They'll do whatever they can. So I just don't know how to explain it other than that. It's just, it's kind of a shame. And you're right, it doesn't make any sense because tennis is a sport like golf where I think I always call it the big age factor, which is humiliation, so if you have a bad day on the golf course or the tennis court, it's the same feeling, miserable miserable so why wouldn't you use something that makes you move your body or or something that makes you... What your product makes you move your body as well... Yeah, and so I don't understand it, but listen, our sport is also losing to pickle ball and other sports that aren't as humiliating...

0:04:55.5 Jack Broudy: You know what I mean? That's what I always say about pickle ball, I say, Well, that's fine sport for a game... I call it a game, it's a fine game for people that are getting older and this and that, but you certainly don't put your heart on the line like you do it in Ismailia.

0:05:12.5 Lisa Dodson: And I'm like... If I played a few times and I'm just a little bit too much of a tennis purist to want to be doing that because it's very... It is great, it's great for people to go and move and get exercise and have and compete and do all that stuff that can't play tennis, but I find it no substitute for tennis or not

0:05:36.3 Jack Broudy: Like that. It's funny, my wife doesn't even play tennis and she watched it, we went over to Bobby Riggs one day, you remember that is right down Cardinals and it's all pickle ball now. And we watched a little bit. I was thinking of a coaching there, but we ended up moving out here. But she looked to me and she said, This looks like the new shuffle board. And I said, Well, that's an interesting comparison. 'cause yeah, you get outside, you get a little bit of exercise, you get to breathe in the fresh air and it's very social, I mean, that's what we noticed, we were watching those hundreds of people there, and you pay five bucks and you play for three hours, and so it's sort of taking out... We were just talking about that cheap mentality, because 5 for three hours, you can't do anything for five.

0:06:31.2 Lisa Dodson: You can take a one or free, but... Yeah, no, I get it. It's exploding though. It's

0:06:38.7 Jack Broudy: Just to... It is, I think, like I said, I think one big reason it's exploding as people like racket sports, but once again, and pickle ball, it's not like tennis, I played it a few games, you don't put your heart on the line, you don't really care that much, you're just out there having fun and tennis, there's just more dimensions to tennis than just having fun right now, I find when you win, you have fun when you hit a good shot or a bunch of good shots, fun when you hit a nice servant... Don't double fault all day, that's fun. In tennis pickle ball, it's just fun to chit chat and so I don't know, maybe it's just part of the whole generation... I don't know, I

0:07:20.8 Lisa Dodson: Don't know. Not my thing. But let's not say I don't like it when I'm 80 or above. And that's

0:07:26.9 Jack Broudy: Exactly what I say.

0:07:29.8 Lisa Dodson: That's not a... Yeah, I'm not taking it off the table completely, but it's not something I'm pursuing at this moment, but you know, it's to become a big industry for teaching professionals too, and they're just kind of... Honestly, laughing all the way to the bank, because it's such an easy thing to teach, and so you get such success with people so quickly, I think that's why it has caught on so much is it takes you a long time to get any kind of successful feeling you really have to stick it out. If you wanna play tennis, you wanna play in a league or something like that, and pickle all is almost instant success, really, for many, many people

0:08:13.3 Jack Broudy: Agreed. Agreed, you can be an intermediate very quickly, yes. But that's why you and I have our products, 'cause we try to bring people into the game with less pain, I try to get them to move their hips a little better, you try to get them to understand their entire body and basically how to throw a good ball, right. And I remember your product very well, I think I still have one, unfortunately, I have it in storage with everything else, 'cause we're in storage for two years now.

0:08:45.6 Lisa Dodson: Yeah, I still have your A for, but I should probably upgrading and get a new one. I don't even make them anymore. You don't have...

0:08:54.5 Jack Broudy: We make a new product. We make a new product. It's very cool. I'll show you if you wanna see real quickly, it's very cool. So

0:09:03.2 Lisa Dodson: I thought you told it to... What was it? It was an alternate industry physical therapy or something.

0:09:11.1 Jack Broudy: I did, I saw the tone that you're right, you're right. But what happened with tennis was, I got too many complaints about not being adjustable enough to make... These are called BT swivels, Brody tennis swivels, and they have these little handles and they swivel much better than the old board, 'cause we don't use... Babe, don't use the ball bearing technology anymore, we use... It's a Teflon against a fiberglass, plus the design of the inside of these boards, it's designed like almost like an old record vinyl record, so they swivel very nicely and quietly and they're much lighter and stronger, and so now we sell these instead of the aboard...

0:09:54.1 Lisa Dodson: That's great. And a whatever distance you want between your feet, the Asian, they probably do, you have a little bag or something, you put two of them in, so it's less cumbersome to carry in store.

0:10:06.2 Jack Broudy: It's a brilliant idea. Thank you. I'll probably do that a Ontarian, you know? You're right, I should have. I might have thought of it once, but it just came and went, but we just... We launched the product last night of a non-real in...

0:10:23.2 Lisa Dodson: Yeah. Cool, okay, great. That beginning

0:10:26.7 Jack Broudy: Some. Yeah, they're pretty cool. They're pretty cool. I have to say, I really like them a lot. I like a much better than the board, and they're much lighter, I would say it's less than half the weight, less than his, and they're lower to the ground, which makes people feel, I think a little more secure. The load boards were about an inch and a half, almost two inches off the ground, these are less than a half an inch off the ground

0:10:51.1 Lisa Dodson: Really, or they looked a little thicker, and that's really... That's the...

0:10:53.7 Jack Broudy: They're super seether, very slick, and the only board we make now, these little ones, which we launched last night as well, little junior boards.

0:11:03.5 Lisa Dodson: Oh, good idea. Yeah, to little kids. A good place to start them... Yeah.

0:11:09.9 Jack Broudy: Exactly. So tell many people know your product, like I said about 10 minutes ago, they know your product, they might know you know you, but they know your product, what... You've got a new product. I do. That's why I reached out to you. I said to myself, cool. She's making it simple here to understand slice, kick flat.

0:11:35.6 Lisa Dodson: Is that basically what it was? Tell us a little bit about these, it's called Taskmaster, and it's something I've had a patent on for... Gosh, nine years now, and I just haven't had it. Because of the way I was choosing to work as a director of tennis seasonally here in New York, five or six months of my time was completely blocked up and I could never seem to just have enough time to get it together. But anyway, Tomas ER is, the whole idea behind it is that your tennis serve tossis an integral part of the tennis serve, it's not a separate thing, and that's what my tennis serve master helps to integrate the tennis serve tossaction in with the swing action, but the biggest problem with the task that I get is people don't know where I'm supposed to go, they don't know a... Where is it supposed to be for certain serves or... Or where their tennis serve tossactually, is it... So the person happens, somebody wants to work out on their tennis serve, they come out, they have a problem to Caswell, okay, where do you think... Where is your tossed to go? And they're kind of like, Well, I think people just don't know or they know, but they don't know exactly what they're trying to do, so to master basically has the markings for lefty and write...

0:12:58.6 Lisa Dodson: Due court and a court, the ball markings where If you tossed it up and let it drop for a slice, tennis serve a kick tennis serve and a flat tennis serve, so it's kind of instant proof, an instant feedback for people that you're Baltistan where it needs to go, or be you thought it was going there, but it's not really going there, right. Because people will tennis serve tossthe ball up and an arc right left for writing most of the time, and they see it over to the right somewhere for a flat or slice tennis serve, but they don't realize that it's arcing to left, and by the time it lands it's three feet to the left of where it started, so it's not really in the place where it's supposed to be. Does that make sense to you?

0:13:44.7 Jack Broudy: Yeah, it does, it does it. While you're speaking, I'm thinking to myself, You must have watched the finals this weekend, white with Switch and... Yes, I do. And you notice how many times both girls, but switched in particular, would stop in the middle of your tosses Toledo, poorly catch it. So even at the highest level, number one in the world, US Open winner is having trouble with their tassels, have a question for you, 'cause I've been really thinking about the tennis serve a lot lately, this last tournament is kind of crazy. As the changing of the guards, so to speak. With the men, I'm so used to... Fetter is beautiful. Full take back. And now everyone seems to be doing this. Especially what's his name, who won last night, Carlos, he goes to the knee, he stops for a second, which I don't like, it's a hitches, and instead of continuing around, he just comes from the knee out like this, like two birds wings and... Have you noticed... And it's changing quite a bit, and so that's one thing I was gonna ask you the other question, and then so I don't forget, and then you can answer both of them, is the tennis serve tossitself, you know, you know, I used to work with some of the Orange County kids like Stevie Johnson and ya-a kids like say.

0:15:02.6 Jack Broudy: So a lot of them, as much as you teach them, they still have their own idiosyncrasies, like I always noticed Steve would let go of the cosmos and open like that, and then I noticed better let his fingers come up and rise. And to me, it's a much prettier toss , it looks like he finishes the TOSA gets into the coil, let's go to the ball like this, when a lot of players just go like this... What's your feeling on that? 'cause I'm still playing myself, I'm playing as much or more than ever with good players, and I've been thinking a lot about the tennis serve tosslately, and I'd just like to get your take on that as well, so those are my two big questions, number one is switch and how many times she caught her tennis serve tossand what the problem was there, and number two, do you like finishing it with the fingers up, or do you like that flat toss ?

0:15:59.4 Lisa Dodson: For the first one, I'm not sure exactly what her problem was, but I noticed it across the board in the entire... Every match I watched soaring more, stopping more tosses, catching them doing it again, and then I've ever seen before, so I don't know, I never saw better do that. No, no, but I think some of Federer is able to A... Not be perfect on the tennis serve tossevery time, but able to adapt a little bit better for something that may be an intertoto, that that's why I produced... I don't know what's going on with the service motions with everyone's doing abbreviated. I shouldn't say everybody, but they all kinda look a little funky too on the E... I think so too. Emotion out there. And I think you have to kinda talk that up to people's individual abilities, and it's not something that you can necessarily wanna copy as a recreational player or somebody that's winning you to play, I don't think you wanna look at water and go, I wanna start like that, I think there are parts of it that you wanna tennis serve, like obviously... Which is from here to here, right? I

0:17:11.4 Jack Broudy: Agree on

0:17:13.4 Lisa Dodson: The percentage that the hall, the other things are always sort of negotiable how you get there, but there are cleaner ways of getting there than others, and when you're a professional tennis player, you have your life and breath to devote to spending time to doing it so you may develop something that looks a little bit odd or that's a little odd that is unique to you, but you do it so many freaking times that you're able to do it because this part, which is the important part, is rock solid and they're betraying the well starts with a graph... No one can do any of it. Without a decent report. Yeah, I don't know what her issue was, it could have been a little bit of nerves, because the nerves is always gonna have that factor on the top, releasing a tennis serve tossit can, but she doesn't seem like a nerdy person, maybe she... I don't know, I don't know exactly what was going on there, but I think it was wise of her to catch her tennis serve tossthe few times, the times that you did, if I wasn't right for her, 'cause way too many of us hit it and then we got a lot, I shouldn't hit that one, but again, that goes to this case idea with the taskmaster helps, is that recreational player is gonna see a ball going up and it's in the right place and they're in the middle of their swing, and you can't really stop and they don't realize that is moved out of the way by the time they hit it because it's marking, and so that's...

0:18:47.5 Lisa Dodson: I think a mistake that recreational players make a ton of the time, I think the hand thing, I prefer seeing the fingers, finger tips to this guy, Venice, this is part of the motion and you're gonna go up like this as far as you can, but the way your shoulder is gonna work, your arm is gonna rotate in the socket, and if you're really going from your shoulder, I don't know how you finish, I don't know how you fully finish here, right on intensive that compares to finish like that, and it's unusual and it's... I don't know that it's for everyone... Do you notice that it's more of different countries that they're doing that from or...

0:19:38.3 Jack Broudy: Why do you say that? 'cause I was working out, I had a lesson with Anton yesterday. I coached this guy, he's very good, she was the best player in Colorado. Hopefully he'll be on in the country this year in the 35s, very good player. You like a 12 out 12. And he was telling me just that in which I'd never heard of before, he was saying different countries have different servers, if you notice a... 'cause I was asking him about Why are they starting to go out this way as opposed to the full baseball throats. He says, You'll see in Spain, that's how they do it. He says, different countries and Russia, they do it different. He's from Bella rooms. So he says in different countries, he says, I've always noticed that he said since he was a kid, that a country will have a whole way of serving and seems like the whole country would go that way, so... You could be right about that.

0:20:26.7 Lisa Dodson: Yeah, I think that may be a big part of it. You notice that the countries where they plan, red client, they're always much more creative, that when they're hit more slice and here in the United States, you hear them all, Oh my God, he had a drop. So I'm like, No, you should be hitting costs, nobody teaches us to hand drop shots and understand and chip shots, and it's all about standing on the baseline and banging the ball and hitting the biggest, hardest tennis serve possible, and when you play on other surfaces and you grow up on that, you have to be more creative and you have to hit more shots and you have to hit more comment, you have to have a drop shots, and they may find that this way of serving helps them develop a tennis serve that's better on their surface that they're gonna be playing a majority of the time on their surface, I don't know the reasoning behind it, but it does seem to be a thing. Yeah.

0:21:20.6 Jack Broudy: You know, serving was my whole issue, this US Open, all I could think of was to tennis serve number one, the funky different ways of people serving now, and like you say, abbreviation to tennis serve, even say tech, did you notice... Do you notice when she served, she gets to this point here, and

0:21:39.0 Lisa Dodson: Then he turns... She kind of turns her hitting hand

0:21:42.3 Jack Broudy: Out and... What is that? It's not a clean line at all, but I don't know if anyone else noted the commentators never say anything, but I noticed it, I'm like, What is she doing at the bottom of her tennis serve...

0:21:53.0 Lisa Dodson: Did you know that? Yeah, I didn't notice it. And it's almost odd how she could straighten it out and get it on that... On the right track for going up to the ball, it's a dog move, and again, they're gonna have their idiosyncrasies, it doesn't have to be perfect, and they do that time and time and time again. It's gonna work most of the time, as long as they get to this place and then this... Right.

0:22:19.9 Jack Broudy: That's a really wet... The elbow is not pointed down, but its level, at least with the court and...

0:22:25.7 Lisa Dodson: Yeah, I just... I think there all these individual things, but the dangerous and that people see it and they go, I'm gonna try that. And it doesn't work for that person, your average person, because A, we're not as talented at athletes as these people are, B, we don't have our lives to spend the

0:22:47.1 Jack Broudy: Hours to play... Right

0:22:48.9 Lisa Dodson: On that... On that thing. And it always cracks me up when people were working on their tennis serve and we're trying to move a crap or we're trying to do something and you hit six serves and then they go, I'm still doing this, I'm like, still... You mean after six balls... You're right, I really expect to change is as you're right, people are funny, people are on, people are falling out at us, we want fast and instant and... It's really a pleasure when I get a student who says, Okay, I really wanna do this right. I know it's gonna take some time. I wanna change, I'm ready, I'm so sick of not disappointing myself and mail, and one day I'll be on and everything will be great, and the next day I can't hit anything or I can't... I can't get the tennis serve tossin the right place to save my life, so when people realize it's not your job and you don't have to spend... You do have to spend some time at it, especially if you're rebuilding or changing, it takes more time than when you're starting...

0:23:53.0 Jack Broudy: You know, I realized watching this, to me, another phenomenon in this US Open was Serena, of course. Number one, she surprised me... She played better than I expected. Number two, she reminded me how bad the women tennis serve is, he still has... She's not practicing much, he's had a couple of Saturday and all that stuff, and she's been off the court and she still has the best looking... tennis serve out there, in my opinion. Still Classic. And I thought, Boy, she really exposes how weak the women tennis serve really is, and the only thing I could think of watching, and I watched a lot of... That's my way. I watch a lot of tennis in the last two weeks is they don't really have the concept of a coil on these, it seems like they all tosses, like they check boxes, tennis serve tossin the right spot. Bring your feet together, bend your knees and push up, but the men don't do it quite like that, you know they have a little bit more lateral, they have a more of a screwing down and a standing up out of the court, not just bending straight and standing straight. So I did remind me the...

0:25:08.2 Jack Broudy: Serena is the only one who really seek... She lines up at the 45 like you're supposed to. She's crew, she posed her hips into it and screws down into the court, and then like a nice baseball throw, she comes out of it... No. Bringing your feet together. None of that, it's very simple. And that's what I was noticing. And the women serves, they're just not as simple as radio, she really serves more like a role.

0:25:36.2 Lisa Dodson: You're right. Yeah, I've been railing on about women, why don't you wanna tennis serve better for years, and there are all kinds of reasonings, especially at a recreational level, but at the professional level, I mean, who's responsible for women serving that travel, the coaches. You know what, it just makes me crazy that coaches don't think that women can tennis serve with the same technique as men, we can't tennis serve like Man, we're not as tall and strong, and the leverage of the... That's a physical problem, that we are physically capable of going through the same motions, the same movements, so why aren't they taught... Why aren't people teaching women to tennis serve properly yet?

0:26:24.1 Jack Broudy: I agree, and I listen to you and I go, But wait a minute, I kind of disagree with one thing I do think the women can tennis serve, maybe not quite as big, but 115 to 1020 with IL pop, I don't... You don't now forget member Marcel areas, he is a perfect example, not big, way more than 160 pounds, he was only five foot seven and a half, so he wasn't a big guy, most of the women are bigger than him, I'm tour, but he had a beautiful form whether you like him as a person or not, I don't really care about that stuff. I'm a purist kind of like you, the guy had a beautiful served, he went out... I remember he out a safin once when they were playing and Sophie, 64-65, and he's playing a guy a foot shorter, and he out a them because he had beautiful form, an effortless form, so I kind of think the women absolutely could tennis serve beautifully

0:27:22.3 Lisa Dodson: That... Maybe I didn't say it well. I believe that they can tennis serve identically to men as far as technique and form, we just can't hit it as hard, we hit it as hard for various reasons, but absolutely, there is no reason that the form a woman can throw a ball in the same technique in form as a man, right? Why aren't women talk to do it in a large net. It's really not that hard. Ascents.

0:28:01.5 Jack Broudy: I think we're going back. I was talking to my guy yesterday and who played with all these people, he... He's played song a rate everybody back in his day. Yeah, he's great, right? Anton, some of the... He played Davis Cup for Belarus, and he was number one in his country, so every year he got to the European final as he would play a song guy, he has one of his claims to famously be dog plan in the boys 16 M because he's a good player, but yeah, he was saying the same thing. It's so strange. We're gonna go back to that dementieva here, I think now that Serene is gone, we're gonna go back to women with incredible ground strokes, amazing ground strokes, great footwork, not so great touch, a lot of swinging voles again, and if he serves, I mean, remember in dementia and Sharapova, they would all double FALL 16 to 20 times in a two-set match, and still sometimes when I remember Sharapova one double-faulted like 25 times and somehow she won that... Imagine, how is that possible? Well.

0:29:14.9 Lisa Dodson: They all say that the women's game is all about the return, because that's what we've been taught, we've been taught to... Listen, you're not gonna be able to tennis serve that well anyway, you don't think you can do it, we don't think you can do it, so let's just give you a really great return. Right, that's what it ended up being. It ended up being lousy serves, great returns and no touch, no going to the net. And I'm noticing that some of them are coming to that a little bit more to the ones that we were finishing the top for the US Open, so we have some... Get to the NEC hoping as again, why not? You're on, you have to hit a damn good approach out, that's for sure, but you're gonna make it harder for people to pass you, but... Yeah, it's kind of like two steps forward, one step back with some of it, where women start venturing into, Okay, well, we're working on a bigger tennis serve, we can't quite get it, and then you can't really go into the net until you have that, so it's just... Of stuck. And I think it can be much better for women, I think that they can tennis serve better, they can get to the net more often.

0:30:33.7 Lisa Dodson: I think for a while that they weren't even taught to classically Valley, because they were all just standing and swinging, hitting swing Bolshoi, don't even eat your swing call...

0:30:44.6 Jack Broudy: No, I let my players do it and I will hit him some swing bales, but I insist... The Bally is so important, look at Serena. She's arguably the best woman player, I'll take step graph and a couple of others, but she's arguably the best woman player, but she couldn't hit a valid... He was a swinger, and she would hit the swinger at the dumbest times, and then of course, missed some of those when she should have just hit a nice back and Valeo flop around and try to hit the swinger and it never really worked for her. But yeah, no, that's... You're right, it's a funny thing. She brought you really... Even though she came to neena, she didn't bring the valli game up because he really couldn't hit a classic Valente

0:31:31.1 Lisa Dodson: Re-so adapting people off the court and creating a weakness, and you see it more in the guy's game where they've got somebody so far off the court and they sense This guy's in trouble, they go in and they follow it and the Alton redo that, that's how I played, that's why it makes me so nuts. Now, it was a service, which would be really tough to do in this day and age with all the power and the core coverage, still, it can be integrated, it can be... Definitely can be integrated to it

0:32:02.8 Jack Broudy: Though, the guy who did, I thought that was the best part of his game last night with altered, every time he hit a big back hand to back in, let's say, and it was a big enough angle and he saw... Rod was struggling a little bit. Healing to that, I never saw any would get so close to the net. Erected was unbelievable. And his servant Valle, he was inside the service line... I can't do that. I mean, that's so quick to be inside the service line off a 116 mile an hour tennis serve, I don't... He's extraordinary that way, I would say that's really the best part of Algeria game is his speed and strength...

0:32:44.6 Lisa Dodson: I agree, area's great to see... It's great to see a change up instead of just stand on the baseline. Dang in the ball.

0:32:51.8 Jack Broudy: Yeah, I think he got up to net 50 times yesterday, I think he won about 85% of those points, so I think it's working for him. Yeah.

0:33:01.9 Lisa Dodson: Yeah, he's doing something right.

0:33:03.8 Jack Broudy: Yeah, yeah, because he doesn't... It's funny, we had a big Zoom call last night with about 10 pros and you know, he doesn't have the style and the grace and the effortless-ness of Roger, I don't think he's got the margin of air of Nadal 100 hits way high over the net and drops in, and I don't think he's got the discipline of joke of ICH makes a lot of unforced airs, joke of it, he'd go months without making an error, but he does do some things right now, and I think the biggest thing he does is get to the ball with relative ease, even filial balls and he gets there different and looks like it's a stretch when he gets here, it doesn't look like he's digging anymore.

0:33:50.2 Lisa Dodson: It looks like things got... Be firmly underneath him. Yeah, yeah, unless I forget. He's only 19.

0:33:57.7 Jack Broudy: Right, that's a... I think he's gonna

0:34:00.0 Lisa Dodson: Go, Oh, he's gonna zone in on, I think he's gonna be... He's gonna be great. Could be, I could

0:34:08.9 Jack Broudy: Be white in center, or my two top picks interplay is a little more like an and Mary, a little more effortless and beautiful and creative, and so it's gonna be like a rag after thing.

0:34:24.7 Lisa Dodson: Yeah, yeah, he's a little bit more of like a bulldog out there, alceste looks like more of a fighter. Yeah.

0:34:35.9 Jack Broudy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, it's gonna be fun, it's gonna be fun, but I don't know what's gonna happen with the women's game, like I always tell people this way tech thing this year was a burst where the number one seed actually won the tournament

0:34:49.1 Lisa Dodson: That I can remember that the decades I just never... Naser, that's true. That's

0:34:57.1 Jack Broudy: True up until about five, six years ago, but I think Serena, I don't know, maybe I'm wrong about this and snobby, but I think she was in during a semi-week time, I mean hand and just left kings, those two players that compete... Higashi left party left early. Davenport it is. You get the scene, Davenport split. So I mean, lot of relates and a lot of great players in a left the scene, so I just don't know, I don't know. I guess I should be a bigger fan and all that, but I just never was... I just thought it was a... Yes, really thought what would separated her from the others was her tennis serve... Oh yeah, I really did. So

0:35:47.1 Lisa Dodson: As the real issue, she got so many cheap points and its demoralizing, it's like, Alright, well, I gotta struggle through trying to break a tennis serve here again and I gotta struggle to hold I tennis serve. So that's a lot of pressure. Yeah.

0:36:03.3 Jack Broudy: 'cause she could just say she didn't like to move a ton, so she got it on the baseline and she could just Walford returns and get her break. Right, exactly. Yeah, no, I was a little alike, I said it really reminded me of the old days before Serena, watching these girls trade serves, I mean, in the tie-breaker, I didn't even think anymore about mini breaks, they

0:36:28.0 Lisa Dodson: Don't mean anything. I don't mean anything, they never really have... Not that much in the women's game is always, always in the men's game. And remember the old adage, and every once in a while, I throw it out there for people, because I think it's still interesting of one break when you're set six for... Because that's what I was taught. I was taught you holder, you break once and you've won you at 64, and that... For women is like you. I'm talking about the recreational. He's like, Are you kidding? I'd rather rather return or of any day than tennis serve, but it's much more true of men's tennis, that old thing... And you've won, but it's never really meant much in the women's professional game, just because IRS haven't been big enough in the returns have been data than the serves

0:37:25.1 Jack Broudy: Of these women come to you and for some of your serving advice or... I'm just curious.

0:37:31.3 Lisa Dodson: Not... Not really. I look at them and I go, I could help that person. How do I get in tired with them, but I have one player, Alicia Park, who's now like 140 in the worse actually last year at the... She played the US Open for the first time, qualifying, and she be Venus record for the fastest tennis serve in the US Open. So she's got a huge tennis serve... I don't remember what it was, 10. Don't remember, I don't wanna say the wrong thing. U36s a huge surf and she's slowly climbing the ranks, and I don't work with her on her sir per se, because I'm not in that area with her, but she uses her master and we've talked about lots of things, and I've done some stuff with her dad, but as far as trying to get myself into the professional world of that, I haven't really tried... I suppose I could probably have tried, but I haven't...

0:38:42.2 Jack Broudy: Yeah, well, you know, it's much easier than I work with all these guys and the juniors, but in the pros, I'm not sure what they're looking for in a coach. I think it's... I'm not sure, I think it's just Fetch me my Coke and fetch me Coca-Cola and fetch me my balls, I wanna tennis serve some... I think I had a friend who traveled with a top player, I won't say who, but someone in the top 30, and he would tell me that, Oh yeah, I'm just here it was a woman. And he told me that he was just her golfer, he says, Yeah, he says, You know, I wanna practice my tennis serve this adore drop balls feed this, do this for me. He says, So I'm not sure what's going on at the... Coaching at the highest level, I just know what I did in the juniors with people. Yeah.

0:39:31.5 Lisa Dodson: Sensei would almost call it co-travesty players too. It's not something I really wanna take on it, they're almost... I saw this one player, I went to Palm Springs to do an analysis on a couple of people, so I have done that. I've gone and done a tennis serve analysis and help the coach, but not the player directly. So this one player, the coach was sitting there and I was sitting there, and every time she missed something, she would look at her coach and the stamps like, See, I told you I couldn't do it. See, you're wrong. I'm right, I can't do it. I'm like, that was her attitude. It was just so bad. And she was so talented. So talented, but she had this weird thing with her tennis serve that we could have fixed... I couldn't have fixed pretty quickly, I think, but she wanted to... She was gonna do it that way, and she wasn't gonna change and she's pointing her finger of her coach, I see, I can... It's your fault that I can't do this. I honor that anymore. I'm not a florid, I'm not up for it for helping anyone who wants to be helped, anyone who wants a better tennis serve, whether it's their service motion of the tennis serve tossor their other back end or it drops out, whatever it is, I just...

0:40:48.9 Lisa Dodson: I wanna be of service and be productive, and I don't wanna be abused... Right. It anymore, I'm on that.

0:40:58.7 Jack Broudy: I always cringe when someone like Andy Murray play, I love Annie Mary's game, but when he plays and boy, this a shots and heat glare in his box, like... What are they spot donation?

0:41:12.2 Lisa Dodson: A Playford you want from

0:41:14.2 Jack Broudy: Me? That's funny. So when did you put out... When did you put out the TOS master? I just saw it, and that's why I called you right away, 'cause I remember we had a lot of fun that day, we look, two people, two pros, meeting for the first time standing in the court doing exhibition together for how many hours was at six... Seven hours long. It was a eldest, a good time. We had a good time and we were using other products. So that I saw this, the task master, when did that come out?

0:41:43.7 Lisa Dodson: Just about a month ago. Yeah, no, I... Fortis new-ish. Yeah, I finally had time to actually put it all together and then... It's the marketing end of things. It's so difficult. I think it's much easier to create a product and have all this jazz and energy about it than to get it out there is difficult, because I think... People are skeptical, Why do I need this? And what will this do for me? And with my tennis serve master, everyone's a was saying, Well, I'll just use a sock with balls in it, and I'm like, Well, you can do that except for you on a sock doesn't have a graph and everything on the service based on the grab, you can use a sock as much as you want, but when you put your bracket in your hand and you've got an edge going forward, you're not gonna know what to do, you have to... You have to do this with a grab Taskmaster. I just, I think that the support and the explaining can be really energy-sucking, and I love talking about it. I just think it's just... I think a lot of times with yours, with your product, it's hard to get the concept across to people of, why do I need this? Until they get on it and they go, Oh, this is cool.

0:43:05.0 Lisa Dodson: And it's like that fine. They use a series on the go... Well, I don't get it. And why do I need that? And then they use it may go, Oh, now I get it. And the same thing is gonna happen with postmaster as well, I can cost the ball, I'm like, okay, except for... Do you know where to tennis serve tossit for a slice tennis serve and where to tennis serve tossit for a flatter because they differ, and where do I tennis serve tossit for my kick tennis serve, and how do I set my feet up and all that, which is... Most people, when they're tossing, for example, when you go to... I'm a big believer, and where the ball tennis serve tossis tossed is more important than how to get it there, how to is important. It's super important, but there are many ways of getting the ball in the air, but you have to have it... Number one is, where is it located? And I need to know where it's gonna be located before I initiate my swing, right, because I need to know how I'm gonna approach hitting the ball, do I need to change my rap a little bit, you can't just tennis serve tossthe ball up and have an arc behind you thinking you're hitting a flat Serrano, the left thinking I'm hitting a slice tennis serve or you can't hit it plus it to the right, thinking you're gonna have a kicker, so what the tennis serve tossMaster does is it, it just integrates all that with support...

0:44:27.7 Lisa Dodson: Of course, I can't do grips on the mat, but with support, I'm guiding people into, Okay, this would be... You're a really good rep for your slice tennis serve, and this is where the ball will go, and this is your flat, and you gotta move your prep over for your kick tennis serve and the TOSCA is behind you and it's your... It's like a portable tennis court for your server, you don't need to be on a tennis court, just like tennis serve master, you don't need a tennis court, you can do it on your back on your driveway, in your street... Whatever you wanna do, and you can actually make changes because people don't really understand that you have to tennis serve tossor you have to go through emotional, you have to go through a certain part of your tennis serve to make a change, you can't just play... If you're just gonna go out and play, you're never changing, you have to have... You have to have some... If you wanna change, you have to at least put some effort into that change, and when people get on the tennis court, they wanna play, so if they actually wanna get better, why don't you just do it at home? Why don't you just do it in five minutes or A...

0:45:32.6 Lisa Dodson: And you're a pro and a...

0:45:36.7 Jack Broudy: I swipe at home, probably more than I do on the court. Well.

0:45:40.6 Lisa Dodson: You need to do it more at home than on the court because you don't have that much time to be on the court, that's really

0:45:49.4 Jack Broudy: A way... I remember now, when we did our program together, I remember combining our products, I'm still thinking of today because you know, you can imagine I have the swivels and have the tennis serve master. Now, you can conquer both things, which you're saying, Well, you have to get it there, and I'm always like, Well, at the inner part of your body is... Gets it there. So, and they complement each other very nicely. Maybe we'll put you... I sell pretty robustly on my side, maybe we'll get your product on the site...

0:46:25.1 Lisa Dodson: Yeah, and mine. Yours in mine, I'd love to do that at

0:46:29.2 Jack Broudy: Breathable. I said they always seem to complement one another because they're both intuitively... Correct me, when I saw your tennis serve master, I found somebody... I used to call the total tennis serve, but when I saw that, I said, Well, first thing I do, if I remember when I... Within the first 15 minutes I was on my board.

0:46:51.0 Lisa Dodson: So he was this... Right, right here. And you were like, Yeah, it's perfect. Well, when you... Your product and it is embodies the concept of what your lower body has to do on all of the strokes, right. Maybe not so much, maybe not so much of ally, but even a little bit were definitely definitely big time on the ground strokes and on the tennis serve, and mine only works well if they do what you're supplying, right. Mine, you can't get a smooth motion here without the lower part, you can... You up your... If

0:47:29.5 Jack Broudy: You lock up your body right and you depend on these little muscles to tennis serve tossthe ball, you're gonna be tossing behind you, that's for the biggest thing I see at the club level is the guy I tennis serve tosssix times and the other person's waiting over there like this at any time, you know? While we're young. And so you're right, I think just depending on... In fact, the more nervous you get, the less you can depend on the little muscles...

0:47:56.5 Lisa Dodson: Absolutely, and that's funny that you bring it up, I call that tennis serve tossphobia when somebody just as they go to co-op the... Yep, yeah, yeah. It's just like, they've already gone out there, all they're worrying about as they're tossed, I've had eight or 10 cases where these people just, they can't even let go of the ball, the Catalan serious, and they don't really understand is that it bleeds into the whole game, if you're going out there afraid of your tennis serve tossa, it just doesn't affect your service game, it affects your receding game because you're already thinking you had to... Oh my God, I've got a certain next right. And you're going out onto the court with this lead and feeling of, I wonder if I'm gonna be able to tennis serve tosstoday, and that affects every single thing you're gonna do out there. Well.

0:48:52.2 Jack Broudy: That's the humiliation factor. I was talking about it a long time ago. Yeah, I think that that really jumps into tennis in a bigger way than people realize, you know, fear... Why people go to pickle ball is my opinion.

0:49:06.7 Lisa Dodson: Exactly, no, I think you're right, it stops us from doing so many things... Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is so fun. I just thinking.

0:49:15.6 Jack Broudy: I was thinking the same, this was a perfect thing for us to do, Lisa, and I'm really appreciative of your time this morning. I really am, and I'll make sure to put all the information you want on this podcast, and I think it'd be great, like I said, I think... You know, I think it works hand-in-hand with what I still try to do.

0:49:37.1 Lisa Dodson: Yeah, absolutely. And Seamus, the lower part of what makes both of my products successful, well, that's cool or master and integrating the tennis serve toss  because those two things are together...

0:49:53.4 Jack Broudy: Well, let's do that, let's stay in touch now and push this podcast was easy and fun, and I could talk another hour, so Megan, next year after the Australian... We'll do it again.

0:50:04.4 Lisa Dodson: Let's do it. That's great. Alright, Jack, it's great to catch up with you.

0:50:09.6 Jack Broudy: You to Lisa, thank you very

0:50:11.0 Lisa Dodson: Much. A five degree.

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