Review of BT Vision Training System by BT Pro Anton Samuilau

August 11, 2022
Written By: Jack Broudy
Review of BT Vision Training System by BT Pro Anton Samuilau

0:00:09.2 Jack Broudy: I do today, but I think we better get on with the show. I'm here again today with Anton, talking a tennis vision, and we're living at the 45. So Anton, thanks again for joining me. I know you've been working with the tennis vision training system for about a month now, and you know, I really am curious, I got it for myself, and then I decided since you're the one going to set the world on fire and you don't get the ranking and all that stuff, I figured you should use it for a while, and now as it turns out, you don't wanna give it back to me, you're getting addicted to it... Is that right?

0:00:48.5 Anton Samuilau: Yeah, I do it every day, every day before I go, I do that are doing every single time on star, I'm staring at the car or more on a mature reason, and that's kind of getting a decent... I kind of like it. I feel like I have a better focus also in helmet, see things more clearly, like my eyes are more like seven on thing and... Yeah, it's an interesting program, I would say. And yeah, I don't wanna give it back to you, I want to...

0:01:20.3 Jack Broudy: I don't want it back. If you think it's helping, you know, it's funny, before I ask my dumb questions, which I probably have a few... I wanna look at the question I asked hobby are... Who's the one who got me this program and then I got it to you. I asked him to give me some questions that he was interested in and the answers to... So let me see if I can do that here. He said, Where are you at right now? With the exercises. Number one, he wants to know where you're at. I

0:01:46.9 Anton Samuilau: Mean, I'm doing the child on the wall, I'm doing the small child and I'm doing the child... Little world, but I'm doing it right now. I don't really do it for that long of the time because I usually... When I am, when I come back out of... When I come back in the evening, Guetta, my as already fit, but I usually do it in the morning, so I would say a maybe up to five minutes just tearing at the chart, so in cross Iverson Reaves on, so I'm starting at the tunnel and then... Yeah, basically, just every single day today, I didn't do that much because it was kind of in the rock, but... Yeah, but I still did it, so I feel like if I don't do it, I feel like my day is not gonna have them...

0:02:32.4 Jack Broudy: When you first started doing it. Were you doing 20 minutes?

0:02:35.8 Anton Samuilau: Yeah, when I was doing the first time, I was like, Look in this a little bit long, I was trying to win to figure out the way it works, and then once I got it, I'm like, Oh, now I kind of understand the way... What's on, you have to look at, you have to put those circles together and want it and staring at that little body now it really, really looks like you in the target in this long... It feels like he was staring at the the time... That's why I understand now why it's called like a ton and a role because it's like you're really looking into the town, so you like the rise of Omani, and sometimes I feel like the things are slowing down and open when I'm saying regarding another sport, when tennis ball comes in or foster the use, I can see in the lower most it flows down because my eyes are more set on the target, which is kind of interesting, dealing, I advise to my advice to try for a... Try to that program for a lot of obese, specially if they are really trying to go be... Again, something in the plan, I would advise that it's kind of fun to...

0:03:40.2 Anton Samuilau: It reminds me of that book when that's all the day when you were like backed and then the book is nutrition when you have to bring good close to is you have to pull it. Like you can see those kind of features, so that was kind of... It sounds like that, but it's more like I see specializing in just like focusing, you rise on that particular color, whatever it's coming with you. That's why I think it's really good for baseball player, Cees. Totally right, 'cause they can see that tennis ball is somatic, is it slows down in front on them, so they can see it. So he also said that they started to use the ICE hoteliers, and why not to use it on the tennis player hours 40th basing feast and then I would still would love to try him return to try to see the tennis ball out of returns against the service that would be also pretty interesting, but overall you... I'm really joining, I like it. Good, that's why I do it every day. It's like, I feel like it seems like he came aborted the cranes is... 'cause you have to... It's good.

0:04:45.4 Anton Samuilau: I feel good in the beginning, yeah, I... Like a year saying? Yeah, I was having the NetApp, I had also the longer days and they were like, I'm home, I has already tired, and then you just do this exercise, I just... You really got a call servilius at different objects and further back in the side to side, and then that is already tied for us... That thing, gonna talk... Yeah, you can see you have the Low E gaining time because it's nothing on the Hades, the muscle of the eyes, I guess the state kind of called in it, and then yeah, I was having some life headaches, but later on he became better and better and better.

0:05:24.2 Jack Broudy: Well, I guess it's exercise like anything else, and you're gonna get tired in your eyes get tired. When they do exercise.

0:05:30.4 Anton Samuilau: Yeah, that's why I just... That's why I do it right now, like part of my routine in this part of my routine, I do it every single morning before I go... I have it right there on the door. So I turn on the light so I can see it pretty clearly. And then yesterday, even get away from the child, and if I don't go through the whole program at all, but I trained my eyes a lot before I leave the house, every single day. No one...

0:05:59.5 Jack Broudy: Another question he has here is he asked you if you can tell if you're more calm and if it's easier to focus on the tennis ball... Are you more comments?

0:06:10.2 Anton Samuilau: Yeah, I'm totally... Even during, during the play, even the type something goes on a... I'm like, it's fine to just... If you focus on the tennis ball and that's dime, I'm totally probably. Probably come. It's great. It's a good thing.

0:06:27.5 Jack Broudy: He also asked if it seems like the tennis ball is moving slower now, does he see... It does. So yeah, that was his question, does it seem like the tennis ball is moving slower, 'cause we did some drills today where I bounce the tennis ball on the ground, you know what, it makes them all move quickly, I feel like the tennis ball is moving a little slower, even when I do things like that.

0:06:48.4 Anton Samuilau: Yeah, today, especially the tennis ball was slower than the last time we did the... I talk to a stink, it's kind of... I think it's improving. It's improving slowly and like every day at the time, and is still at the top drillers, you never know how the tennis ball is gonna bond by the world you have the body, just in general, the ballad, the writers and stuff. I can see it's more clearly, so I would really be excited to try to get the ER because the service is the pastor shot in general reserve, so the Pastor Shane one side. I try to take some returns, I can say for sure, but they are all the other bales slowing down because you ignore change your eye muscles and then when the tennis ball is coming, it's like you see just staring at the tennis ball and the data all donating it. Feel... Just feel good in general. That's great.

0:07:39.4 Jack Broudy: I definitely notice a difference.

0:07:41.5 Anton Samuilau: Yeah, yeah. I feel like if I wouldn't do it, for example, I would accident not gaining, but if I was actually, I get to do it hourly the met about myself. I do. It becomes something you also some... An interesting to try and the Great

0:08:01.3 Jack Broudy: And the last question. How airshow long does it take you... Did it take you to get the tunnel exercises? He wants to know, I would say.

0:08:13.4 Anton Samuilau: Maybe a couple of days I was just trying to figure how to how to do it, but then once I really crossed my eyes and I'm like, Oh, now I exactly know what they're talking about. That's why in the beginning I was asking How do exactly work and I couldn't understand. It took like a day or two just to feel... Maybe on a couple of days, just to figure out Coldwater Outlook, or that's how it works. And I actually have no problems in crossing all the targets, and as I can put those... Even the white one, I can put them on one and loose at... I know people use it sometimes have problems from doses, but... No, I've done it like this. Sometimes I figure out how to do it, how it works. It became pretty easy. So I guess we just have to do it. And train your

0:09:01.1 Jack Broudy: Life. I have a question or two, and that's really about it, 'cause all I really wanna know is if it's working and it sounds like you enjoy it and it's helping a little bit and all the way around. Does it help in any other areas other than tennis... Does it help you sleep better? Do you feel more calm? Does it help in any other areas or specifically, is it mostly just your tennis...

0:09:23.5 Anton Samuilau: No, it just helps in general in life like that, I just... When I don't play, change the same day, even like I say, I have a big office, let's say I go, I'm about to take my dog for a walk, I ran before and go a workload exercise just to feel better about myself. And when they come out of the house, I do. Great honesty that I feel pretty good.

0:09:50.9 Jack Broudy: Joining you suggested to other tennis players that are serious about tennis...

0:09:57.7 Anton Samuilau: Yeah, if you're serious about tenable, any others or you have to try that. I think because we're dealing Israel's coming at us, we have to... We have to train or it makes total sense and I... Because yes, are also... They have muscles too. And you train your MAs or maybe just focusing the objects waters tenor, 'cause that's what I'm saying. I'm really excited to try to try to get the serve, so once to serve, I come with me, and if I start my... Can all my returns properly in the middle of directories, holes change then the... I can see. Yeah, that's for sure. No, that's about overall. And in the back come past, I can see if that... It just kind of slows down. Right before you see it, it's like the tennis ball comes to choose it inside a ton, slow down, you see the role back, but in all the ones... As I said, if I was, I'm doing it, I would feel bad about myself. Every time I go out of that... Just every time I leave the house. Every time I do that, I do the exercises and then I go through other things.

0:11:00.5 Anton Samuilau: It doesn't... Other what? I use plain Tanis gonna just for walk with my dog, I can see, I feel like I just see better. Maybe I just also set my mind on that as well, I did not help, I'm sure it does. So as we... Gonna be great.

0:11:12.5 Jack Broudy: Well, thanks, 'cause you've really been kind of my guinea pig on this one, you might test her because... I never tried it myself. I think I did it a few minutes once, but not enough to get it. I had a tough time bringing the two circles into one, but I didn't give it much time. It sounds like you really have to exercise like you would anything else to get used to it and understand it and to feel it.

0:11:36.5 Anton Samuilau: You have to be patient, it's like the same thing you just... You started, you started the gym and you cannot skip it, like he just wanna go there basically every day. So the same thing that they have is I exercise, I started it, I intonation, now I'm doing it every day, every day, because I wanna improve my reason, so now I can... I bring those two... Those two targets into long panels, you really look in to the town, I was like...

0:12:03.1 Jack Broudy: Yeah, yeah, I get it.

0:12:05.6 Anton Samuilau: You look at some of the pipe and that... Exactly, understand. That's exactly what helps you to focus on that comment loose, it's kind of... Let's like a laser. That's why I understand it's called a laser reason. So you just...

0:12:17.3 Jack Broudy: You were sure seeing the tennis ball well today on your serve, there's no question, that's about the biggest piece of the tennis ball I've ever seen you head on your series.

0:12:24.6 Anton Samuilau: Playing press myself too. I haven't done so many balls in the net wishes crashes like... I'm very happy even if I get some balls and that's fine, it's probably fine, but I mean, even in general, I was trying to win on that to do so... That's why it's there. We have to hit the door...

0:12:46.8 Jack Broudy: Neonatal. Thanks, Anton. We were talking about the tennis vision training system, which you members out there, if you're interested, you can find it on the training age page, it's called tennis vision, tennis vision training system, and we're also waiting to get these pair of glasses that the baseball players use for the same thing we're talking about here, this tunnel tennis vision, and once we get those, you're gonna wanna try those two Anton on the court... Yeah.

0:13:13.8 Anton Samuilau: Sure. Come time.

0:13:15.2 Jack Broudy: That as well, right? Anything that can help oostende.

0:13:20.0 Anton Samuilau: It's also good division, any little thing attitude used to say.

0:13:29.2 Jack Broudy: Yeah, well, I have to get myself a new tennis vision training system so I can start doing it or more, and can tour house. Thanks man, thanks. Hey, thanks a lot and ton for taking your time out again and helping us out, and we really value your opinion... I sure do.

0:13:49.2 Anton Samuilau: Thanks, a. Appreciated or whatever. So do things that... So much things come, you are formed in a system of its elephants for helping me, in fact, to explain and you help to boost a... I feel like my Kindle is all in, I have to do it every single day. That's great.

0:14:04.2 Jack Broudy: That's great to hear. Well, maybe some other people will give it a try as well, he says, Okay, thanks, Anton, you have a fantastic day. I'll see you this weekend.

0:14:13.1 Anton Samuilau: You had to check into a hertha great week, and I'll see you probably on the weekend... Thanks a. Naye.

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