Roscoe Tanner: Part Two

August 28, 2022
Written By: Jack Broudy
Roscoe Tanner: Part Two

0:00:00.9 Jack Broudy: So you know, serving and tennis tennis tennis volleys are the answer, if you ain't got a volley, you know what I mean?

0:00:05.8 Roscoe Tanner: Right now, you gotta have a plan, you gotta know how to make it work with your servant. I generally had... When I came up to the line, I had a two-shot strategy, I had a strategy of the tennis tennis tennis serve and the first Molly and in general, most players, when you hit a certain server, they hit a certain return, so you can kind of... Which return you're gonna get back, and that was made it so most I could plan out my valley, and so once you're two shots into the point you at net, you're on your way. And the other thing was against board, do not it deep approach shots, get them only to the service line and about mid-Cathy, just like not room... Make him run forward. You're coming forward, you want... Love.

0:01:03.3 Jack Broudy: It. That's interesting 'cause yeah, usually you think of having a good deep valley, especially for the first Valley.

0:01:09.3 Roscoe Tanner: Yeah, yeah, exactly. And I remember watching finding easy, he was playing Rios, and he was another one of my absolute all-time favorite players, he was better, I thought before fetter, and he was playing in my team has can, and I was doing ESPN coverage, and it was married Carrillo. Fred Talley and clitoris tell in the booth, and I was seen down beside for... And Andrea reels never missed, and Andrew, I was having trouble, so he started coming to net and he was hitting approach shots literally one inch from the baseline, and so he's doing a perfect technical approach us and he's getting past because rises eight feet behind the baseline, and Mary Carrillo said, Andre has just got to get his approach shot deeper, and I'm sitting there going, He... She got one each end, get him a shorter pull that guy, I don't have all back there, and see what you're gonna short and low, you can't be short and high, it's gotta be started below or you get some decent Hollis.

0:02:17.2 Jack Broudy: Yeah, yeah, interesting. Yeah, no, in Rio. I love talking about that guy, I don't think that guy got his... Do it all. I thought he was talking about effort, talk about effortless. I watched him out east seven, and he's 5 foot 7 and saves a monster, and he could still out, he just did everything just so technically perfect that he had that gratian from the hips, and he was just such a beautiful player, and it's unfortunate that he hurt himself so early in his career. And now I was gonna ask you, go back to that word, like I said, my wife was watching TV and I'm gonna go to bed, I'm gonna read up a little bit on Roscoe, I say... 'cause I've known them my whole life, I said, but I don't know every little in and out, so I'm watching you play Venus, talk about iconic figure. And that was a tragedy 'cause I knew him too, because when I was at Harry Hopman, he would float in... 'cause Hopman was his coach, he would float in before Wimbledon or before big tournaments, and I got to him with him once and he was the greatest guy, I mean the nicest guy ever, but you got to play an iconic match against him.

0:03:28.7 Jack Broudy: How close were you to him or was it just another match, 'cause he was greeted to be reckoned with really?

0:03:37.4 Roscoe Tanner: That much, we were friendly. We were names or anything like that, but I went around in that much, however... You know, the last match that he ever played... We played doubles together. We were in here, it's a Jimmy Conners to her, and we were in Seattle, and he and I played doubles on a... I think it was a Friday afternoon and we lost, so he was gonna take the all-nighter and fly back to New York because his back was here and we told No, just stay here with us, we got all these trainers and they can all work on your back and you said, No, I'm going back. So he flew back to New York all night. That's when he went out to that place and stayed and got the cover and.

0:04:20.0 Jack Broudy: Monoxide... No, really, that was the night. Honey, you could have talked him out of it... Wow.

0:04:25.0 Roscoe Tanner: We tried to talk him out of it. Yeah.

0:04:28.5 Jack Broudy: See, that's what I mean. That's heavy, and I don't know if people realize. I'm telling you, I was watching last night and I'm thinking it... So this guy's had a hell of a colorful, rich life, I mean... Good, bad and ugly. You've had quite a life with the people you've dealt with... It's funny too, I was watching that match, you and Vitus played very similar, you've just got your assets to net and then you were very quick up there, lots of die before Becker was diving, you guys were diving and didn't hit the ground as much as back, but you're doing... And then, you know what shocked me was in that fifth set against a barn, I never realized he came to me that much, I just thought of him, he came in at a lot, he even served in value with that punky little serves... He could get it out wide on the four on the DOE side, and he came in behind it, I was like, I'm like, I don't remember this, but.

0:05:24.3 Roscoe Tanner: For them was as for his volume, because he didn't put much stick on his... Well, he didn't have much punched.

0:05:32.6 Jack Broudy: Went down the center a lot...

0:05:34.3 Roscoe Tanner: Yeah, and I stayed a little bit short upload, so I didn't bounce up, but then when he got to hardcore, it bounced up, so if he came to Edited... So that was the big difference. And in that fifth set, I had a tennis break, 28, 15, 40, and I had a tennis break point, and I hit a return and he had popped up a half.

0:05:57.0 Jack Broudy: Hallway, you missed the pass or I saw...

0:06:00.8 Roscoe Tanner: Yeah, I went down the line and missed it wide, I was getting readings, still remember that stock clearly, and I was getting... I had, and I thought, Well, I wanted him to cover crosses held just a little bit long and he did, he covered passport. I hit it down the line and get it a little bit like... But that would have been broken his served in the fifth, but... So anyway, I remember that match... Well, I lost, but I have good feelings about it because I had prepared everything correctly, I'd worked hard, played well, had chances. Didn't get it. That's life. And that's alright. But I did meet him later in the year... What, what was it like?

0:06:39.0 Jack Broudy: I mean, 'cause I read it, I remember the time, and I was one of the naysayers. I'm like, Oh, tanners playing board below out, no fence. But everybody was... Everybody was all the money, all the big money was on beyond, of course, because he was in an incredible role, he in... He took over for Belial on an incredible role, and he couldn't lose you. I just saw this guy, the big tennis tennis tennis serve, and I knew you and I just thought, that's part of the reason I know the guy, so how could he possibly be bored in... 'cause I know him, but what's it like going in there, you just ignore that stuff, or did you recognize it and did it fuel you to try even harder?

0:07:21.6 Roscoe Tanner: But the thing is, the year before I had played born, I think it was Philadelphia, and I've been in... And so I had been to be one a few times, and so I kind of felt like... And one of the things that I did after I won in the semis, and the press is all saying, You ran on being a bold on the Angel of women or whatever. And so when I went into the press coverage, I told Dennis in the longer forms, go watch this, so I go into the press conference and before they ask any questions, they said, I just wanna make an announcement. I said, I've read all of your guys articles, and all of this stuff about her is unbeatable, and I said, I believe you, and I don't hope that if I didn't think I could win, I wasn't gonna walk on the court, so I think I'm probably gonna go home tonight, back to the US, and they're going to want, you're not gonna play in the finals. I said, Well, I don't have a chance, so there's no one plans, the press then spent the next 20 minutes trying to convince me to stay by telling me if you do this, this and this, you can win.

0:08:25.5 Roscoe Tanner: If you tennis tennis tennis serve well, you can win at all, and I'm going, Okay, I'll say... But that was on Jesus, what I felt about it, was that if I do what I can do, well, I'll win. And so I didn't feel like I had to play better than I ever have, but I had to do... I had to do what I do. Well, I couldn't make mistakes.

0:08:56.3 Jack Broudy: Well, you know, it's funny because it's statistically on paper, you think you would be the favorite because it kinda reminds me of when around a speed fed and win Golden, which broke my heart, but... Not that I'm a rounded hater, but I'm not a big fan. I just fed you just met my boy now, but you know he has that monster tennis tennis tennis serve a... It wasn't a seven value, but this... That tennis tennis tennis serve alone. You just... You would think you'd be the favorite in some ways, you know, he almost beat Murray in the finals, I mean... And he really is a one-two punch guy, he doesn't have nearly what the other guys had, but... Tennis grass is your one shot. You know what I mean? So I'm surprised they...

0:09:46.5 Roscoe Tanner: But there is in fact, about your inhaler Berlin, his coach got with Di Adora down in Italy and they produced some shoes, especially for tennis grass, and they got approved by romblon with the tennis grass port hoste have today. Leonard Berlin developed those four-year the... Or had those shoes. One of the reasons tennis grass was a servant volume is in the old shoe, the hearing one bottom to run hard, you slide 10 feet before you can come back to it.

0:10:22.3 Jack Broudy: Yeah, that's.

0:10:22.9 Roscoe Tanner: Right. And so you want to Robert H those Robert Hales, you wanna make... You wanna make the other guy having to do the run, and so as you go to net, well beyond got the shoes that you can stop on a dime and run. Do you know how many years he had those before anybody else did, but...

0:10:43.7 Jack Broudy: No, I did not know that. Well, what are your manager...

0:10:47.9 Roscoe Tanner: He had those shoes for five years, so here's a guy that gave him the chance, he was down in a lot of matches, each albatros had him down, mikami had him down. But Brian Guthrie had him down, so the guys had good chances, but he couldn't run and the other guys couldn't...

0:11:11.5 Jack Broudy: You know what else I noticed? Watching last night, the court got much more chewed up back in the 70s, and it does today because nobody served in valid anymore, so to the middle of the court, so it was almost like he's playing and let's face it. Board was great on Clay, he was sort of like Adolfo in a donkey, and so you're kind of playing on dirt, I'm watching the file is that final set and shit. The court looked horrible, you were literally playing on dirt, so I was thinking maybe that gave an advantage to with those short voles landing in that crap, it doesn't bound so it made it really difficult for you to pick them up.

0:11:52.3 Roscoe Tanner: Yeah, and it's entirely true as the court was a lot software the core as a tile IDENT than it is today, but still beat up because the guys were all playing up there, and it was interesting though, a couple of days ago, a guy sent me YouTube of me playing born 1978 at the French. And it's funny, it was like the round of 16 or something, and we had rally after rally, I'm watching the points. At one point was 29 hits. He next point, 31 kits, I'm going to it. That's me.

0:12:33.5 Jack Broudy: Good thing we got video.

0:12:36.0 Roscoe Tanner: And end up losing 62, 64, 76. That was his closest match by a huge margin in the whole tournament, even nobody else is... That was 12 games. The only other match that was as close to that was 63636 left, everybody else got less than six games, and nobody got four games in a set, and we won the final, it's like 2, 2 and 1 against blueberry Zoot, 1, 1 and 0 as a rat's right he just brushed people and I was going, how I end up giving him the best at... But we had a good run match in 78 at the French, and that probably was in my mind also, in that I was serving in volume there on my first or second tennis tennis tennis serve, I had to stay back, but I was serving involving there, and that probably in my mind was, I went to a time record with this guy in play, so I'm thinking of.

0:13:43.1 Jack Broudy: Eland, you know another thing that that was always struck me, in fact, I got one... I was sponsored by Wilson my whole life, and unfortunately, they broke a tooth picks, but especially when I had a temper, but the boys 14 and 16, but at 17 or 18 after I met you, I had to try and I loved it. A PDP, what the hell's going on? Why did you use PDP? When no one ever heard of it. Everyone was using Willson and head, and you come out with a PDP. I was just figuring, they must have given you a distinct pot of money or something, because I mean, no one ever heard of that race and you were literally the only guy that used it. Well, there's a reason, and it's kind of interesting 'cause nobody has ever really known this, and I like it, by the way, when I used it, I liked it, I used the wood one, not the metal, and there was a really nice thick...

0:14:38.1 Roscoe Tanner: Well, and also the mean is the first racket to have the French curve for the shoulders, which all the rackets have now, right. The company called Mark in Princeton, New Jersey, was making rackets for AMF, they made the prince Racine red had the master. This one now had a curved shoulder, and so they were looking around for somebody to partner with them, is they didn't wanna sell it to MS, and so they came to a company called players air prizes that consisted of 10 American tennis players, arthur ashe Smith, that's Passat, reason myself and some others. So we bought in and owned PDP.

0:15:28.1 Jack Broudy: You were owner. I see, but you were the only guy who used it as was using the com free and the red hat and all that stuff, but you used it...

0:15:37.1 Roscoe Tanner: Yeah, well, here's what happened, the other guys had huge contracts with other companies and I was the new young guy, so Donald negotiated a contract with PDP because I was available and I liked it. So that's where I started using it, and I think... I'm not positive, but I think I may be the only player to have won a Slam tournament with an extruded aluminum Rondo really...

0:16:06.8 Jack Broudy: Charlie pass, Charlie passer never won a major with the... No, he didn't win a lot of majors, chari like Charlie, but he didn't win a lot of majors, and then I didn't... And I was trying to think of other players at Litton, I don't think there are any...

0:16:23.0 Roscoe Tanner: I think I'm the only player that ever did, but it was a great record, and that's the one that I really played well with, and then in the long run, we found it having a couple of rackets and some string, we got gut from Johnson and Johnson, but that's all we had, and so it was very hard to get in Pro Shops in places because Wilson and heads and Spalding occupied all the wall space. And so we ended up selling it to LA.

0:16:54.5 Jack Broudy: Copart. I remember them, I remember them.

0:16:58.8 Roscoe Tanner: And that's ready switched to a new record that was developed by the cohort that had three prompts, it was black and it was graphite, and had three prompts going up and said a two to the shoulders, and so that's how I ended up playing with that for years, and then when I retired, no one took over playing with it, or...

0:17:21.1 Jack Broudy: Oh, that's Raonic. No, that's right. He used a cooper teeth. Yes, that's right, that's right. I don't know where that company is today, but.

0:17:29.8 Roscoe Tanner: I don't know... Before tennis, they were very, very big in cycling, be there, I don't know.

0:17:37.7 Jack Broudy: Very, very good. Who's your pick this year?

0:17:43.0 Roscoe Tanner: I don't know, I know who I would like to win it, and I like... I like carrying it.

0:17:50.1 Jack Broudy: Well, he's so fun to watch, you know, by the way, as I was watching your tennis tennis tennis serve last night and you severed me of yours, he stays in his coil, he's all hips, he's all hips and he stays in his coil, and he's got a pretty quick delivery and he disguises his server very well. I think that's one of the best things he does. His disguise it. Yeah.

0:18:14.5 Roscoe Tanner: I read and also... And he comes up and thanks Care Of Business quickly, so you don't get time to settle in watching them bounce of all 800 times and all that stuff. So I heard an interesting quote from him, I don't know if it's true or not, but when he served sometimes be mis to tennis tennis tennis serve, he'll go with the second or equally as hard for the same spot, and his answer was, I'm not gonna miss two in a row.

0:18:37.7 Jack Broudy: I heard him to say that, I heard it said, Well, you know, he's having a hell of a good year... I mean, Emerald got the second best year on tour right now next to Rafael was and maybe Taylor Fritz, those three guys are having a hell of a year.

0:18:53.8 Roscoe Tanner: Well, I watched, I watched him at Wild and when he played Susie controversial match.

0:19:00.3 Jack Broudy: Oh yeah, we sit Apis crying all over the place.

0:19:03.0 Roscoe Tanner: Yeah, and I don't think... I may have said some things that I couldn't hear or whatever, but to me when I leading stuff and he didn't do anything that they didn't do...

0:19:20.4 Jack Broudy: No, I think situating just had... You know what I mean? Already before the match.

0:19:25.2 Roscoe Tanner: Yeah, that's what I think. I think he was sensitive to it and looking for it before it happened, and to me, one of the things that was taught to me when I was coming and playing, as this psychiatrist said to me, Look, if you're playing... Connors are main Roland, they start doing all that stuff, they're doing all that stuff to bother you because they don't think they're gonna beat you the way it's going right now, so they're resorting to that, so turn it around and go, Oh, I must be playing good. Yeah, it's a... You're right. Yeah. Nice. Him yelling and screaming and all that stuff isn't getting on bulls, just play your game, and then he gets up there and try to try to hit them all the time, I mean, I found that pretty baby like... Yeah.

0:20:18.2 Jack Broudy: That was that one, that one he just ripped right at him and Carrie said, Hey, what do you complain on me for you, the guy who you tried to or try to hit me at... Well, you played a curious before curios, you played Masai. And I watch, I bought, I called lines for NASA at an exhibition in Stanford, Connecticut, where I was born and grew up, and I was 15 or something, 16. And one of the lines, men couldn't do it, and so I called the service line and you know I called the Double Fault and his taste said, you couldn't even see that, and he had a ball at me, he hit a ball at me and I show had a kids before curios.

0:21:06.5 Roscoe Tanner: Well, and I remember watching, I was at the, I think it's the American Airlines tennis games in Tucson, Arizona, and the Stasi was playing Rose well in the finals at like 6-42, and I say did something where they defaulted him, which was highly unusual, but he had done more than enough and pulling his pants down and everything else, so... And so with the crowd was screaming not to default him, so they asked Rose, well, well, we got a mess here, just the finals, there's no more masters, can we just... You go ahead and finish. You're up 16, 42. So Roswell said, Yes, this nasty came back and beat him. Then we go to Palm Springs, and in the first round, estate's playing Victor and my ads, calling him names and doing all this stuff, and Maia was ahead of set in the tennis break, ended up losing with NetApp and all this stuff, and then it was Nicky stock and he was calling him Angel and doing all this stuff with him. Then it was Bob less and he came back, all of these guys were upset and ended up losing, so I'm going back to the hotel, I'm in the elevator, Peranakan, the rules where you get three warnings to the fourth when you're defaulted.

0:22:24.0 Jack Broudy: And was terrigen or was he coaching nostalgia then.

0:22:27.9 Roscoe Tanner: And he said, Well, he says, You guys are stupid. He says, If he does the fourth one, you've got to enforce the rules because they turn on... I said, Okay, so I'm playing him and I'm up 6, 2 41. He's already had his rewarding and I told Hardwick, the tournament referee that if he gets the fourth one, you're gonna have to default him or me one of the two, and I'm not standing out here going down like the rest, he pulled his master... The umpire stand with a lady up in the top of the stands, and then he did something else, now, so he's done three. Well, here comes to fourth, and Hardwick is coming down to get him a warning, and he runs up into the stands and Palm Springs, and it's a big bleacher Stadium, and he runs up into the stands and partner was running after... They're running around in the stands. And it's looking silly. And so I went over to the bench, sat Ben, my chair, got the rule book out of my bag, opened it to the... Correct. Patient was sitting there, and when Harvard came back, he goes, No, no, no.

0:23:32.3 Roscoe Tanner: Don't show me anything. I've already declined his SASSI liked me for that because...

0:23:41.6 Jack Broudy: Yeah, had respect for you.

0:23:43.2 Roscoe Tanner: Yeah, he had respect for me, and so he and I got along very well. Very, very well. But he knew that I wasn't gonna be the one to stand up there and watch it all go, you know.

0:23:57.2 Jack Broudy: Those guys are great for the game, even though he did hit a ball at me and kinda yelled at me when I was a kid, he was still my favorite player, I always rooted for him over at borrowers, I just thought he was more fun to watch and that's... Of how I feel today. Maybe I just like bad boys. But I mean, I really like watching curios wind, man, first of all, he's got a game, he's like, NESTA, he's got more talent in his little finger than half these guys you... He really does. So just have, I don't know, for me, it's not about personality, I just love watching a great game, like I said, rias never had got a good wrap, and he was my favorite player for a lot... For the whole time he was in, I'm like, I wanna watch him. That's the guy I want to it. That's who I wanna be like. I wanna look like him when I play it, so I just have appreciation for that kind of talent. I'm gonna show you one thing before I let you go, you really been... This has been unbelievable, Osco. Really, I'm so glad you agreed to this and wish me a happy birthday this...

0:25:00.7 Jack Broudy: I told you, You made my birthday, it was great to hear from you and it's nice you remember guys like Gary, and like I said, I found him, he's still in the same Dunwoody, that Peachtree world of tennis. He's still in that area, it looks like he owns it now, you know, Gary was always a pretty sharp business guy, he was a mover and a shaker. I started with him in Ormond Beach. Remember that tiny little club in that retirement community, and then the next thing you know, he's working for Lamar hunt, and so now I think he owns a place... I saw it has 30 courts in Atlanta and Atlanta. Huge. Did you read that article I sent you?

0:25:41.1 Roscoe Tanner: Yes, yeah, I mean... He's a thing on there.

0:25:45.0 Jack Broudy: Yeah, he must be crushing it, 'cause I know Atlanta has more teams like women's league teams or something more than anywhere else in the country, so he must be crushing it, so I wanted to show you something and see what you thought because... I can't help myself, I don't know if you know, I worked with Sam and query and Stevie Johnson and a couple other people, and I can't help myself. I have to analyze. So I'm watching your tennis tennis tennis serve last night, and I think it goes along with a lot of what I talk about, and I have inventions... You may or may not have seen him, I don't know, but I wanna show it to you and see if you agree with me and have you think... 'cause I see you tennis tennis tennis serve as a type coil like Ceres and all core all hips, you know how they all talk about Elon ping probation, all that crap. I don't know, I really believe that the best players come from the court, and I'm watching your ser and before you hit, if you watch it in super small motion like I knew, your whole body doesn't come through your hips, come through first hand like a slinky, like a sleep on going down a stairs, the rest of your body comes through very nicely, but because you had a quick toss, it was hard for people to see that hip rotation, so...

0:27:00.9 Jack Broudy: Right is, I don't know if you've ever seen these before.

0:27:04.0 Roscoe Tanner: I Bettis about 20 years ago, you ever see these pores with the two swivels... No. Oh, I've seen it. I've never used it or anything, my invention.

0:27:13.8 Jack Broudy: You might like it, 'cause I know you're giving coaching lesson, I know you're coaching people on the serow in Orlando, and the plug for Orozco there, you might wanna go check them out... What's your website over there?

0:27:25.2 Roscoe Tanner: Part, my website is rotten dot com.

0:27:29.5 Jack Broudy: Okay, yeah, you folks wanna check it out if you want a big surf, so this is a great product and might help, I don't know, but it has two swivels, so when you swivel your feet, you see it turns your hips without moving your head, which is key right. And I was watching your server and I have this other one, which is an incline board, see this, it's called the ramp, and it is like a huge door stop, but what it does, it gives you vertically, and that's what you also had on your server, you had this vertical Ty where your hips would quickly rise and fall as the rotating... So when you put these two together is what I was doing, I don't always put them together, but for your tennis tennis tennis serve, I put them together last night and... Tell me if you agree. I became a microphone over here.

0:28:17.7 Roscoe Tanner: Tell me if you agree. So you get on this thing, and you see by turning your hips in and out, you see you get that gratian like that, I heritage that very fluid, quick. But to me, you're sure you're left, but you would just go as the ball Rose, you made this quick hip rotation right back into the served, it's hard to show unless you use something like that, but I've always... I don't know, what do you think of that? 'cause that's what I thought. I think you have a good point because that's what... When I'm talking about me and all it from that point of view, but it's true. One of the things that the hip rotation is turbo charging to tennis tennis tennis serve, you know, your arm gets to a certain point, if you've gotta get your legs into it, the hips into IT, core into it, and one of the things that I don't think about... You're exactly right, when you said that I don't think about probation or any of that stuff, because it's like when you're throwing a baseball, do you think about your elbow...

0:29:24.2 Jack Broudy: No, it's like you're a Facebook... I was just gonna say, it's like you're a picture, you tennis tennis tennis serve like a picture throws the ball, just very fluid, but off from the core, you all there, and then the only thing I'm thinking about is accelerating the racket head, and all of your brain has all those things it's doing.

0:29:44.1 Roscoe Tanner: But I don't know it kind of thing... I mean there, I'm not focusing, I'm focusing on the record head and the ball and accelerating the regulates written, telling them all where to go and how to get there, it's with spent all those things that you're talking about, the hips, the legs, the twist, all those things are true, and they all have... If they're all in there at the same time and time, well, which you can do with the low to... Because if you have a high test, I have to wait to come back down, you have to stop all that, so you don't want to get in the middle and have to stop and wait, you don't wanna hit... You don't wanna hitch? No, 'cause it hits me, you gotta regenerate. And so that's the way when you get used to with people, what I tell them, in order to have a good serial of them will say, You must have a good toss. Then they'll go, Okay, okay, where are you trying to toss it, and they give me the most in general answer in history, and they really don't know where they're trying to toss it, they're trying to throw it up and then go get it.

0:30:56.4 Roscoe Tanner: And what I say is, we wanna put it in an exact spot, and so where do you look when you're tossing the ball on your servant... Will I follow the ball? Are now you don't... What you should do is look to the spot where you're trying to toss the ball... Sure, sure. I was watching, I was in a restaurant on the TV up above a dark contest, and I was watching guys throw a dart, and I use that example when I'm teaching, when you're thrown to dark, you don't lie to the dark, you look at the bull's eye is most tennis players, when they're tossing the ball on their tennis tennis tennis serve, Follow the ball out of their hand up to the target, and what they should be doing is looking at the target and tossing the ball to where their eyes are... Because whether you're Eisner or me, the toss is still about 18 inches, 'cause we're using the same brackets.

0:31:56.4 Jack Broudy: And your area three and your arms about three foot long... Right.

0:32:00.6 Roscoe Tanner: Yeah, yeah. But they're about the same when you go to release the ball, it's about the same as this one where you're gonna be hitting the ball, so the toss needs to be about that high for any of us, it's just whether starts out a whole lot higher, but... So anyway, the test needs to be about that high, and you just lay it there, you can do that consistently. And so when I had my daughter do when she was little, we had a basket on the ground, a bucket, and we were just fastball in it, when they're served tossing her... We have a little contest, we've tossed 10 balls in a reason out of 10, then we back a little farther away a little closer, or the granules with... She got used to tossing the ball with her tennis tennis tennis serve, tossing hand the right hand, and as a result, now or toss is perfect, and if I got it off a little bit, I can say moving a little bit more on the left, he knows how to do that in media, you know.

0:32:57.2 Jack Broudy: What I also noticed about your toss last night was you toss off with your weight on the front foot... Yes, and I think that's a lot of problems in the juniors, I know I had promised because we were told down together up together, and that would keep you on your back leg and then your toss would go behind you, and then you watched some guys like relive and remember John Hayes, member John New England. I played him a few, quite a few times, 'cause I'm from New England, and he would take that step and a lot of players take it last five, six years... He never took a step five, six years ago now, he takes a little step with that right foot... I think when you sort of... You know how when you throw a ball, you know you're gonna wanna step and throw it, so I think the fact that you know you had that quicker toss, you are here to... And I think that helps promote a good case as well, but to me, you were a big guy, you had that fit core, like Miss like Rafa, and I was unusual in tennis, right, 'cause you got all these skinny guys like Stan Smith and John Nukem, and the flying judgment and everyone was skinny, you came out there like a kind of a ball, and you had that heavy...

0:34:17.4 Jack Broudy: That big core, a strong core. Like a doll, I would say very much like an adult and yeah, that's what I noticed was I was actually gonna use you as an example when I get out there, I've got a couple of good players I'm working with and just say, You know, you really want that core, 'cause you're right about racket head speed, but you can't try to make you a go fast, you have to do everything right and internally in the core and hold the perfect coil for that thing is sort of like the tip of the iceberg or the cracking of a whip. It's not gonna wear... You know, you can be slow in the smaller parts of the whip, and then as it gets out to the lighter part of the whip, it speeds up and it cracks, it's sort of the same... You've gotta have your core perfectly together, but that's what I saw, I really saw you... That's how I analyze it. At least I thought it was all from the core. Yeah.

0:35:10.5 Roscoe Tanner: Alright, I think you're right. That you're exactly right.

0:35:14.0 Jack Broudy: Away. Hey, Roscoe, I'm sure you got lots of things due today and I just so much appreciate your time, I enjoyed this so much. I actually love to do it again and ask a bunch of different questions 'cause you're a great guy.

0:35:28.5 Roscoe Tanner: You... How do you want me? Just let me know.

0:35:30.1 Jack Broudy: Okay, that's great. Well, I sure appreciate it, and thanks so much for everything and good luck with everything. There was one last question, and if you don't mind... I did read a little bit more and I was interested... And you don't have to talk about this if you don't want to, but I think faith is all of a sudden become a big thing with you, and I just thought, I just... I don't know, kind of an afterthought, I wanted to... I don't know, get your thoughts on that stuff, you've been to the top of the mountain and now you've been down and kind of like the rest of us, you know, we've all had ups and downs. That's for sure. And I was, I was curious 'cause you're a little older than me, but we're both about 70, and I think that's when you start thinking deeper than just the shallow things you thought in your 20s and 30s, and I don't know if you wanted to make any comments about that, but I was interested in.

0:36:26.5 Roscoe Tanner: One of the things that through all my goods and bands, I've been exposed to a certain... And one of the things I always in jail, I read what called The Purpose-Driven Life, and it kind of says that there are no coincidence as all the things are laid in there for a purpose. And what I saw both with Arthur and the njt and how that worked. And when I was in jail, I was writing letters home to some of these guys, moms, because they couldn't write... They were incredible athletes, but they couldn't write, and so I started saying, You know, if these kids had been exposed to tennis, it used to be that Geo Kids put in play tennis, and then the William Sisters kinda blew that away.

0:37:20.1 Jack Broudy: Arthur Ashe helped a little bit to remember. He brought that inner city program to Harlem. He did the njt actually, I helped teach that when I was 16, so I know.

0:37:32.6 Roscoe Tanner: Hard part about that one was that when I went with Arthur to do the different clinics at it might be 200 kids for just a few pros on much personal attention. So when I started feeling that it was maybe my thing was to try to start some academies for these kids that don't have anything, so they can't pay and teach them tennis at a level that's normally reserved for the rich kids. So we've been doing a little bit of that, and I think that's what I feel my purpose is. A, and it's not necessarily to get these kids to become prostitutes good enough or maybe get a college scholarship, education is there taking out of where they are. So that's my goal with I think that I'm supposed to do as well as I have a 16-year-old who's a big tennis with... I think my thing is to culture too...

0:38:33.4 Jack Broudy: What's the name of this organization?

0:38:35.4 Roscoe Tanner: It just all learn to tennis tennis tennis serve. Man is called learn to tennis tennis tennis serve.

0:38:41.2 Jack Broudy: Well, you know, I'd love to... I'm partners with sports ed TV and a couple of other folks. Not many. I use a lot of discretion with who I partner with, but I would love to, if you're interested, to get that on my site where people traffic and get people going over there because I think it sounds like a great thing, 'cause like I said, I remember what the one NJ, the one she did. 'cause I was a young man and my coach had me go... No Grady, I don't know, remember. No grade, but it was GERD, you remember him? Yeah, he... He had me go teach a couple of weekends, he says, Yeah, you should do this. You have to give back, Jack.

0:39:18.1 Roscoe Tanner: Well, see, and that's what... There I was playing doubles with art, there he's doing that stuff, and because we're doubles partners were doing everything together, I'm going doing his appearances at those things and helping out, so I'm seeing things and seeing things that maybe could be done better or worse or whatever, and so I'm being exposed to all these things. So it's like bricks being laid in and finally some people get it with and others have to be hit in the head, I probably had to be hitting it...

0:39:47.0 Jack Broudy: My dad always told me, so the only way you ever learned it the hard way, and that was my thing. Yeah. Hey, well, that's great. Listen, I'll send you an email to remind you, you send me a nice logo and a description and get it on my site so people can start coming on over and helping out however they can...

0:40:06.5 Roscoe Tanner: Perfect, that would be great. I'll send that. And also, if we go to... My partner told me if I go to roster tennis dot com, we do tennis weekends, one and two day camps, and a lot of it is focusing on the service for doubles and different things. So I thought that it would be boring, maybe doing a whole day of serving, but it's just the morning, but it's still three hours, but people have loved it, so... Yeah.

0:40:36.4 Jack Broudy: That's the one thing, the bug-a-boo with most club players, especially the survey, so if people are interested, they can go there and find out more about it. Alright, well, I might have to get a board under your feet one of these days too, I think you'd like having that not everyone can move their hips as well as you all don't know if I still can, but I'll try. Hey, thanks again, Rocco was really a pleasure. Your agent, I really appreciate it. Thank you, enjoy the... Alright, have a good one. Oy.

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