SportsEdTV: John Eagleton and Daysi Salazar

July 14, 2022
Written By: Jack Broudy
SportsEdTV: John Eagleton and Daysi Salazar

0:00:09.4 Jack Broudy: I'm Jack Broudy and we're living at the 45. And today, I'm so excited and so happy to be with new friends of mine, it sells and John Eagleton of sports and TV. And I know there's a lot of people out there really looking forward to hearing from them and understanding a little bit more what sports and TV is all about. I'm so happy and proud to be a contributor to the company and have met John and Daisy, and it's really been a lot of fun in the last few months, and I've learned a ton, and I'm just loved watching in a company like this, 'cause I'm such a sports not really take hold and take off the way they are, every single day I read something exciting about sports and TV and what they're doing and who they're adding, and so without any further ado, John day, please say hi to everybody, 'cause it's great to have you

0:01:09.4 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: Jack, thank you for having us. Are very excited to be part of your podcast and be mined and do I also have you as the fire over team.

0:01:18.0 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: That's a... They're very excited to be on a podcast with you. I appreciate it. Onwards, I've got sports it, but let me also congratulate you on the amazing work you're doing and making such a difference, and you deserve a lot of credit for your passion and... And you're at it every day, so I also believe we're on to have you on sportive. Thank you, and I say living at the 45, this is your podcast too, so it's our podcast really together, and I'm honored to answer any questions, but I certainly have a lot for you and I know people out there wanna know, so I'm gonna just get right into it for starters, mingle ask the first dumb question, which is, What is sports ed TV and how can people find it? And how can people get involved? Yes, Sports TV is a global ecosystem of athletes and provides content with some of the best people in the world that in movie Production. Sports TV was actually based on YouTube, but we wanted a great brand that we know is trusted and we can get the best people in the world, get the best information out and help everybody anywhere any time.

0:02:41.1 Jack Broudy: So it's very exciting. Would you say it's really a coach's page for coaches or would you say more parents as well, and players... Players as well. No, it is for cultures because that is the content part, where it also has the... We have the community where parents can communicate, it's really an ecosystem for coaches, parents, players and everybody, and we are literally in every country in the world, so you may wanna also say something about that.

0:03:20.4 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: Yeah, so basically, we're a platform, we exist for many different reasons, but basically... But like you said, we really provide instructional content into sports, and our idea from the beginning, master level the playing field, when this person... One tagline. And now you can play. We bringing all the best coaches from the world together are pretty much as telling the world who is a good coach with Proven experience and basically who not just can not be part of our side, we want to educate parents how to introduce... To keep correctly to the port, to be able to ask questions to coaches and contributors like yourselves, also to be able to find all their parents that I can relate to an ascetic previous experience. The majority of our audience is pretty much the social players, the people that are getting introduced to sports, and also we see a lot of the coaches to where they can refresh their technique in French or knowledge. So basically, that's why we exist, we tried to create a team, and I think to have that product or don't say they can communicate, and we are everywhere, you can find our tips work everywhere.

0:04:39.1 Jack Broudy: Oh yeah, I see on Instagram, I see all over the place. YouTube, basically, you're kind of like the YouTube for sports enthusiast. Well, well, I think we just built the community side, and we're hoping that it goes with sports, only there's 25 billion people in the world that's playing organized sports, and there hasn't really been a place for them where they can actually get together and communicate. So I think the community, which be launching and a sports community only is gonna be great because that's where the parents, the coaches, the players, and everybody can communicate a lariat it like Facebook with people can copy and share videos, and I think athletes globally wanna talk to each other. I think parents globally wanna talk to each other, I think obviously, coaches tend to be international, but the more people we talk through, the better... I learn something every day, so I'm not as good as the people I talk through. So it's really fair to say that you guys are more than a YouTube... You're like a combination. Facebook, YouTube, everything. For the athlete, everything for the

0:05:51.1 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: Wannabe. That's correct, that's correct, Jack. We just like to say we're all in one place, if you wanna call it, that we have the ability to have the videos produced by us, which is the one that we produce with our culture that we buy, and we present to be an income where you can go into the sport and learn them from a... Those able to learn this part from the very basic beginner to gardens, so like you say, they're a YouTube partner, you mentioned, we have built what is called the discovered, were allowed coaches and facilities and products for contribute like yourself to be able to blow your content and like I mentioned before, if you're there is because we know that you are a coach with proven experience, if you wanna call it that, so

0:06:47.3 Jack Broudy: You just want to get it, you won't take any fly-by-night person who's not registered with some of the organizations, if they just wanna promote on their stuff on your site, you've got a strict policy to go through them very carefully before they can do that, or you have a check in that day. You're saying that we'd like to vet the people and also the knowledge, we wanna make sure that one of your goals is to be a trusted Brown, we've gotta be trusted, and people can get... They know what they're getting. I'm not dieting you do, I'm just saying that you actually never know who's there and what they're saying and is it really... And so we'd like to look at everybody very closely, it's gotta teach something, it's gotta be some... In the world's looking for Alanna, be educational. There has to be a benefit. And so, yes, it is valid in a safe place where kids can go on right, then they can operate, there's no other place we really... One of a kind in the world of all of the four things that we offer. Okay.

0:07:59.4 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: Yeah, but you say we get questions probably... I don't know if I'm gonna put a number for them is about 10, and the coaches are so... Where, yeah.

0:08:11.6 Jack Broudy: Where people are asking us to her to share something from them or they want to be part of the denomination greeter, how do they upload with our site and basically to answer your question on your main library and our main site, they answers... Now, you either have to be invited or you have to be referred on somebody... Which after that, we had to be approved by the board. We verify you're in your background, and then you are able to be part of it in people... I think people are gonna love that. Especially tennis Paris, because you know how it is, you guys... Tennis parents don't know anything, they drop their kid off a pay that they pray that it's a good Academy or whatever it is, that clinic lesson, and they come back an hour or two later and the kids sweating, but some of the kids don't improve it all and they don't know if they're doing the right thing. So I think people are really gonna like a, you know, it's kind of like the sports, the sports station with no fake news, so to speak, if you know.

0:09:12.3 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: Exactly, and the Discover project, and that same talk, I was barred because he... And the amount of club and that we were gaining from Arica tribute, including yourself, as if you have been the last three, two months and you've been with us, we weren't getting a lot of content from you guys, we were getting a lot of content from authority or so we decided to open what we call now our product discover, now the difference we can discover in Termini is that, yes, anybody can go and open and pay for your account there. Now, we reserve the right to take down any video from there, do not need our policies like Jon side has to teach something and not be just so promoting and have to treat...

0:09:59.0 Jack Broudy: Ethanol discover is so different. I was wondering myself. I see. To discover is quite different, that's sort of your free for all page to what you want on that page, except for if it's a... Sometimes your policy, right? And when we told on the mind side and movie production, we invite people, normally, a coach will come to us and we tend to wanna teach for the pros, but 98% of the people are not a prose for the masses, and we know we allow a coat so his first two videos that he loves to teach, but also we then tell not by the way, the three search in the world for the last two years have been rule, so a lot of what we produce is search-driven, what are the world looking for... And not just what we think the world, we can look at all the data we get the top 100 searches, and then after we produce that video and we can look at the five, we send it out globally to match... People are looking for you. Yeah, that right word. Improve my forehand. Bigger serve. And some of that things can be related to the town...

0:11:07.3 Jack Broudy: Yeah, right, obviously, when it's the friends open, do you see more about the forehand when it's women, then you see more about the series like... So some of it is also driven by desires, watch 5 million people, so a market watching tens. Yeah, well, for the serve yesterday, I saw you have to be 6 foot 86, but now it's 64 as I learned that yesterday in a water University of Georgia and is there a survey and went to take a look at him for the first time. I played at least 20 matches on that number one port in Georgia is not my favorite friendly place, but people literally could not sit in the first row is there were serving in the standard to set up one rugby 'cause they were getting it. You know, I, I, I watched John during the NCAA, I watched him lose in the finals in three sets to that all of the... Right, he was a great little play... I can't remember his name. I think he was in India. I think he was from India, but he was about five foot eight and he took him down, even though that serve was huge.

0:12:20.3 Jack Broudy: I saw that. Do you remember that much? I do think it's interesting, I was just looking... That was some great tennis team and he was a man, that guy was passing him right and left, it was incredible. I used to improve a lot of his skills, his ground strokes are a lot better, and I think that's the surprise Mary found out yesterday, right. Is that actually is not an ally with him now... Yeah, I mean, he did try to force the issue quite a bit with the taking things on the short hop and getting to net 'cause He's awfully tough to pass, but no, it was an interesting match, Andy was something with the drop shots, they certainly worked. It reminds me of King Kong when they try to get him in the mountains 'cause his legs were too big, you know, those drop shots really, that made it quite a brutal match, but that's sort of the end is 42. He's got great touch, and it was so... He's an annoying thing I want played a guy. And he was from you run, and I didn't think it was very good. His name was on several movies on the most famous is now it dropped me rude probably 40 times, and I actually drove three races because I didn't know what was going on, so I think the drop shot, when you get a drop shot and it's a neat...

0:13:38.2 Jack Broudy: It's not good for the confidence, you know... Yeah, I kind of agree, but then on the other hand, when it comes to the grass, you know the SER gets annoying to, you get these huge upsets because the guy who hit 70... As me personally, I'm a big French Open guy, I love the dirt, I love the hard work, the endurance, but I think grass is still really fun and it's... Course, it's Wimbledon. So it is the original championship, you have to have some... Pay some homage to that, if you know what I mean, the points are constructed a little bit different, I think it is breaking up them and not any of those 40 per point rallies. So I'm quite enjoying one of them because I am seeing more of a variety of the game is for that part, I do enjoy in the grass is obviously different in the old days... Yeah, everyone I remember back in the day as open was played on grass, and I played the first US Junior open on the grass at foresters Hall when my margin was one in the world, and... Yeah, that was some fast grass... Yes, to all really relate one day practice on play and then go to the grass...

0:14:52.2 Jack Broudy: That was it. Yeah, I remember that. I remember very well. It used to be so nice. Things were so different back in the 70s, you could walk around, you could go in the locker room and talk to people, it was just so much easier and casual back there, but I guess there was a few billion people less on the planet, so what are you gonna do... Let me ask you something about... Again, about sports ed TV. John here, one of the founders, the original founders. Is that correct? Yeah, I originally just decided that longer dormant, John, probably gonna do something, and if you do it on a large scale, you've gotta prepare to take some criticism, and I said Then is I'm actually a guy that criticize it, but one side I met, I spend time, I realized there was a lot to learn that I probably was the first guy I just sit in a room for 16 months in... Right, and strip an entire coaching system on the modern they gain back then techies, and then we found 40-50 hours of movie production, a complete coaching system, but it's not easy to 10 as well is not easy.

0:16:00.0 John: And you can have a niche, but when you rewrite the system at a company, but it was founded by that, and then one day Robert called me and I said, You gotta come to Miami, and I'm sitting there with a media guy, SaaS, one of your partners, executive digital, Robert was an ad guy and be branded on the was largest ad agency, states and Suisun day, John, videos is everything, but we're gonna create a platform and we just looked at five sports, and there were 250 million searches. And the guy looked at me and said, John, I'm gonna give you a lot of data and a lot of you from, man, you should ask me why, and I said, Why is that... Serving a funny guys. And you said, Because me and you're never gonna do anything bigger, I said, We've never done business where there's nobody in the middle market, there were millions of people at the bottom producing stuff, there was estate top, and Robin was sitting at the meeting and said, on the branding guy, I've never seen any business where there's no second and third year people close to the top, there was nothing in the middle, so we're kind of...

0:17:11.9 John: The only one of its kind being multi-sport is the key, there's a lot of single sport platform, but motions really the key to our success. That's a really brilliant idea. I didn't realize Robert had so much. I guess he was really a partner... I mean, big time. Yes. Well, it started with a forehand, I said, Listen, you hit this bad County for... And if I'm gonna hit you a few on you, come to the ego infer, came, we just fix this for a few, 30 met me, listen up your hips, then I get you a little rotator and some 30 months you could hit the fan and a brand new guy and let Number one at Richland, you may not know that. Oh no, I didn't know that. No, he was a play, it was a dentist guy, and he really... This might be the most expensive for... I never thought in the sense that this is now a big company, it's hard with a bad foreign and Robert, then I'm wanting to write a book and Robert... Nobody writes books anymore. We got you videos. Well, that's so interesting. Very funny, of course, I'm just a tennis guy through it through no, No soccer, no pickle ball, none of that stuff for me, but I can feel you when it comes to and appreciate, I know hundreds of hours behind the camera video and editing and all that, and it really is daunting project, and for you to do it, how many sports do you have now and not even listed, but I think if you look on the blogs and stuff, we include a lot more sports on the blogs in the ECS, we do get a blog every single day from an Olympic cut or a top contributor at Dr.

0:18:52.4 Jack Broudy: PhD, receiving that. And that's a big deal for us because that affects us on Google and our position is that we're almost like a new source in the sense that every day you can read in your block on the best people in the world, speaking on better in the world. I read and we'll watch everything you guys put out now, I've noticed you got some soccer star, Why don't you mention the superstars that you've got on board now, 'cause I see them all the time. I can't remember everybody, but who are some of the super stories you have heading up these sports... Well, in every sport, to be a trusted brand, the content, we wanted to have a content director, and that's really my job on the tennis content director, but on the superstar level for basketball, we have... Mark Strickland played for the Atlanta, was Miami Heat, and worked very closely with Tim Hardaway, 50 investor superstar is a superstar in soccer. Our content director is very regal, he played two World Cups for the USA, he was a Chelsea soccer player, and so we have somebody there that's very experience lifting, we have the Olympic coach, Tigano, we have little European and World Champ, that's actually our biggest social media followers we might have about 170000 000s in that, but in the

0:20:31.1 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: Quarter, about 140, yeah, we have combined with in Oliver child over 700000, but I can pray of our 125000 francs.

0:20:44.9 Jack Broudy: The big one dimension that also join your team because I just finished with nannie and is a big believer in us, and we're gonna do content with him is 10 now, anointed superstar in Brazil. And so he's retired now and we're gonna make content, and then interesting Thomas, one of the guys that I was part of my... I was training portion, and he never really hit aspirin his life as Ferrara... One of my former students, absolutely.

0:21:21.9 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: There was just a lot of grant laminitis.

0:21:25.9 Jack Broudy: GMA was the number four in the world in singles and one or two, and doubt, he was actually... You've got a coaching system, he was actually hired to make sure that if I launched a global coaching system that I have somebody to back me up, because when you go out there in the real world, and even though I sat for 18 months in the room scripting in front of nerves and then going on a court, you have to expect that there's gonna be some opposition, but my mind goal was always Robert Road, the reason script from the name for his coaching system, and I felt like they needed to be a new starting point tinplate, that there's just a new base that they can work off, and my idea was to be like, can happen, they can use me and use what they want, but again, when you have a coaching system like you have... You have to be on the top of your game, you... The people will challenge. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, and I knew Denis as well. I think I told you I went out there and met with a million has in Barcelona.

0:22:30.0 Jack Broudy: And yeah, I think from what I've seen, I like the parallels. You talk a lot about the hips, I don't know if you use the word Figure 8, you could probably do, but I know you talk about the hip rotation and center core body as opposed to... We were talking yesterday about one of the players who lost yesterday, I will mention names, and we were talking about how they were just muslin the ball because they were lacking there. You stated that they were getting too low and locking their legs, and then of course, I've stated, yeah, and they muscle evolve with the combination of those two, and not using the core is really... Well, we have a lot of... Taman, I think they call The funny sense Coach always says nemesis is highly in load and leverage, but I'm all about the base and the base is... And then firing the hips, a rotational power, right? That's right, that's right. Right, and there is a point where you can say... Yeah, people say bend your knees, but there's a point where you can over-bend your knees, you look at better... He doesn't look like he's low, and remember McAndrew, he never been his knees unless he was picking up a ball, so...

0:23:43.9 Jack Broudy: No, I think that you have to be elastic, the word is you gotta be a wide enough to your physical... Gotta be wide enough, what can you execute in your own physicality, you know how bigger base and then you have to be elastic, and you have to do a lot of fast is work like rules and that's for some of the Russian. So I think bid out as they just fire much quicker with their hips and retaining the... Just in the area. Here's another player I should have mentioned, I'm missing him. And we Bottas well, I really like watching him play quite a bit as... Let me ask you over there, you're the one who's been helping me quite a bit, John and I became pows, and he brought me in and that was really great, but since then, John, he's been all day all the time. She's been helping me, we talk on the phone at length, and I always have a pretty nice time and... Would you tell us a little bit about your role? 'cause it's huge, it's huge.

0:24:40.3 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: Well, I'm the Marketing, as you know, and they come in Director for cutaneous and on rackets for some battle sports, and my main goal is to find great contributor to you in this preteen or community, world class instruction. And at the same time, I make sure that I'm providing a curated platform to all great coaches to grow the sport. Also, we create a partnership, a commercial partner like Poland for a court to give the world a more knowledge of other products, to bring a lot of awareness and to create content for them, especially instructional content. So that's kind of my main role, but

0:25:24.7 Jack Broudy: The idea... But of a compliment, he played an luciferase. That person like us, I think he's smart, enosis an Engineering degree. He's a media specialist, but she loves tennis. And the best thing that ever happened to sport a TV is a in... I wanna thank you today, I think. I've had 20 million in printing tenants, you've been hanging around me and I was getting two influence... Yeah, so it does an amazing job with the advertising, the brand is, is in so many different places working, and then with the pickle ball now adding that noise, any some of our growing pains, but he is the machine of machines and the inner grinders. Eternity, I personally wanna thank you days, and you break it down so someone even like me can understand it. So yesterday, we had that long talk and you really... You help me through, and I think I got it wired now, hopefully I got a wired and I'll be a friendly contributor and not someone who could go to John, he Joao bring this guy in for what a pain in a...

0:26:39.8 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: You're having great work with Beanie a Cope like you, and you just make my job so you can lessen because again, this is giving me innovative and besides the method that you have your system, again, a great coach, great person, very Conover responsive, which is what we need, to be able to stay up-to-date and to be able to get in content out Cassie to our audience, other people.

0:27:14.7 Jack Broudy: That's good for the coaches to know out there, because if you're gonna get involved with sports on TV, you gotta put in some work too. You can't just say, Oh, here's my video, I love my video. You gotta write the captions to go with it, right, and you have to... You have to do a little work. There's no question, there's a lot. There's some work involved. If you're a tennis pro and you think you can just throw something out there and throw something on the wall and hope it sticks that not for said To be... Is it...

0:27:46.5 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: No, not at all. We actually... That's why we give you guys... The boys say, You give me the content, you tell me why you wanna put obvious people communicate. And if I have something that to me, since the question a lot, I will discuss it with you before putting it out there, but for sure, every message that goes behind each of orchestrator content is coming from them, I want them to translate their message, we believe that there's not just one right way to teach, obviously there is a foundation that we believe that we have to lease, meet these requirements, but overall, everybody freedmen, which bore for different player from different parents, and that's my ad, if I create every caption of your content, then it will be my idea of what I interpret of your thing, and that's not a first for a... We get the best so they can communicate. And

0:28:33.9 Jack Broudy: Jack, another thing that I think is very important that I now love about my job and having day loves that about her job too, it's not about my coaching system, my job is to find the best people, talk to the best people, get him involved and is really all about you. The coaches, exactly, this is only gonna be as good as the thousands of coaches we work with and the thousands of contributors we have, and so various TV which is a global multi-sport platform in every part of the world, and we can level the global playing field there's 25 million people playing organized for, and most of them don't have access to top coaches, mentors. And by making you guys look better and having a platform that helps all the coaches, the people on a parents around me, we can make a global impact, like I said, I love the whole idea. I was even wondering how to A... We can collaborate one day, 'cause I think you... With your system, hip rotation and all that, I think you'd like a lot of that, like the board, the board I have with the swivel is the Brody board.

0:29:48.3 Jack Broudy: I think you would really enjoy using that and some of the other products that we have, I think you would really enjoy that I attend a few clinics to get... That would be a lot of fun. I don't know if you get to Colorado. I don't know if you get out to Denver, I used to be in Southern Cal until half a year ago, and now I'm here in Colorado, but certainly I might make the trip out to Miami 'cause that would be a lot of fun, I think... Act the last time I walk into the office for Trump to color a wand, Robert was sitting there looking at this guy and he's got such insight, the ad agency look on his face in Victor, looks like the founder of dark fish. And they're saying, John, we need to ask you a favor. I said, I don't like the looks of it. And they said, We're falling pickle ball, the world's largest for more than 900 million on our signs are only gonna be ready on Wednesday, so I'm sitting there and rather... And Vic have that look and Gumi know it wasn't gonna be good.

0:30:48.4 Jack Broudy: And they said, John, we can get our branding, Rotherham were sitting there looking at me and saying, John, we need to get our signs, there were forming the world's largest port were filming volleyball, we have one of the well-stop coaches, and our signs are only ready on the Wednesday, and you're the only guy. Stuff enough to drive. To call it right now. So I said, Well, I picked that up, I did it my way. I felt like Sandra, I drove to LA, Donati went for a swim. I drive Latimer miles, there was five minutes late for a Kansas City stake Nandita rather, and the temperature was minus five, and I just ran the beta 98, I checked into hotel, I delivered this stuff, and after one day I got on a plane and came back, but that was a long drive. So I can't even drive to Colorado. I do hope, I do hope we can collaborate someday, 'cause I like hanging out with you guys, John, and we always have great conversations on the one day, you and I are all business, but we still have fun, yet not to do all day is a lot.

0:31:59.5 Jack Broudy: We talk about the 70s a lot, and ten is way back when... 'cause those days are long, guy, the pasture were Naji, remember when the APT was first found? Then we were playing in Pacific North West, and I was with Golan traveling there, Temescal. And tennis was fun, and then the next year I'll work up and it was the 852 and everything was changed and there was no more funding with whole business in 9975. We were chasing points, and I got my first points by getting to our finals at 25000, getting into Boston, losing neither, but the whole game changed from fun to extremely serious when they added the word points, the sedated shoot, I remember when they had the WCT. Remember the World Championship Tennis healthcare? Lamar Hunt was the man. I was a lot... To me, He put a lot of money into 10 to people and probably give him enough crowd, but they had the win ALS in Dallas, which is the famous lady to Roswell, and then he built you center in Atlanta. But the Moran was the driving force with the sub African guide, open Williams and those two guys changed tennis forever again.

0:33:15.6 Jack Broudy: Yeah, well, John D, I have really enjoyed my time with you all as I do, just on our day-to-day basis, but I really appreciate it, and I think people that are tuning into this are going to appreciate it as well. And if you wanna give a final plug, tell them where to go, folks, STV dot com, is that about right?

0:33:38.5 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: That's correct, they can find it from any device and the and sign in there, and I think they're on a free a-cutter and they can do the membership account as well, and everyone needs in that can reach to you, we're gonna have a... Offer them a complimentary on your member for being on after listeners.

0:33:56.9 Jack Broudy: Just like I said, I couldn't be happier in talking to two other people in the whole world, so thank you so much for your time today, and I look forward to... Any time we talk. Jack, thank you very much. And

0:34:10.2 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: Jack, thank you very much. I say many times, we're always looking for reconstitute like yourself, and the reason you're here of the team is because we are always looking for passionate, professional with proven experience that can translate a message, and we will leave in a person to be that the best leaders, the best teacher are the one that can communicate in a simple way, which is the hardest part of their job to make it look simple to their students so they can understand, and you have proven tools that... You have a lot of passion for your work, and you create the system, a way to explain the natural way their body moves for an athlete, which make almost seems effortless, but there's always something behind it, and the test very much chart about Tina motion. And these are realities that applies to all the score for all levels, it's just a way to make your body behavior, you're supposed to be... You should be natural, and I can learn on anyone when you start correctly, so our goal with you is that you can translate that message to other coaches so they can communicate to their students, because we often find coaches instructed their students to perform an action, to perform a movement, but they tell them to do it, but they do not explain the how to do it in a way that they can understand it, and so basically that we love the way you explain it and I...

0:35:32.4 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: Panels, simple. And is a reality. And so then that what you're here with us, and again, we'd love to have you, we are... We can wait to see more of your beer and discover, and hopefully, like you say in the future, clinician it with John and be part of our library, so again, we're happy to have you inject one more...

0:35:49.8 Jack Broudy: Come on for you. I know you've got to number one college player in the country that is area a few others. Yeah, putting the best thing about your systems that have worked for all levels and we have to think about the masses to get through the one or two stars on... That's the best part. I agree, 100%. I really do because stars that they are born very often, and we want the tennis... I can only speak for tennis, I want it to grow, I think it's the king of sports, and I get so much pleasure playing still, and I know you to do also, I see you post some videos, we love to play, and so I really think it enhances people's lives, and if you're a tennis player, it gives you really such a higher quality of life to be able to go out and hit a good ball with a friend or even against the wall, just to get a good ball and get some exercise and feel like you're a nice player. And it's just not right. Is very nice. Well, thank you very much. I couldn't ask for a nicer coming from you too, it really means something when you say that, so I appreciate that.

0:37:07.9 Jack Broudy: Okay, folks, I have a great head. Hasn't really gone, you know, eye... Yes, sir, you know, I call you just like you do seven in the morning, Saturday morning, whatever. Just to chat. I do too, and maybe we'll chat a little bit more about will, that is pretty interesting so far. I'm gonna start making some more post about what I see out there, 'cause I think it's just interesting. Yeah, very good. Alright, so have a great Fourth of July.

0:37:37.9 John Eagleton/Daysi Salazar: Same friend, you Jack. Have a great day. Thank you.

0:37:41.0 Jack Broudy: Bye

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